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August is when the fledglings party, and perhaps do a bit of flying, maybe.

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BitchytheGreat Thu 01-Aug-13 00:54:37

Roll up, roll up to this special birthday month for the fledglings...

We are going to attempt to keep the dc happy, whilst flying. No mean feat in the month of holidays and adventures.

Rule 1. yes even in a birthday month we have rules
It is not about perfection. A little is enough, no really.
Rule 2.
You are aloud to spend time doing fun things, don't regret them or feel guilty.
Rule 3. This one is a fat fairy rule.
you are never behind, jump in where you are

So newbies if you are reading this you are probably thinking wtf?! This is a wonderful system designed by the fly lady. in days gone olde one fledgling had a dream about the fly lady in which she was a fat fairy, thus the thread nickname fat fairy was born. Just so we don't confuse you like wink
Anyhows, this month it is Bitchy's turn to lead, and perhaps this should come with a warning. She has her own unique style of leading but don't let that scare you off, the fledglings are luffsly and generally far more sane then the bitchy one grin just be aware of bitchy's special brew. Terribly high in caffine and can sometimes be found in the naughty corner. Which reminds me, the naughty corner if for those who are struggling for whatever reason or those just in need of a stiff drink.

So this flying thing. It has three stages:
stage one: the babysteps. these build a routine. some of them are contriversial, and some a little wishy washy seem a little less significant. But most are really good.
Stage two: babysteps and missions one the routines are in place the missions are designed to help you tackle tasks room by room. These room by room approach is helpfully referred to as zones.
stage three: the mythical deep cleaning stage yeah lets just ignore that, none of us have got to the point where we have not only decluttered but got in control of the chaos grin

Oh yeah CHAOS - what the fat fairy calls "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome"

That clear as mud? good. Let's Begin....

saturn Thu 01-Aug-13 18:28:33

Anyone any inspiration they can send my way? I know I'm always unmotivated when I get home from work, but so hot tonight I just want to collapse!


Ta da
Dressed to shoes

To do
Read Flylady e-mails
Negative voices
Hot spot
5 minute room rescue
Shine sink
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Another hot spot
15 minutes decluttering
Inspirational page

Ok, will try this power of three three things then 15 minutes collapse etc. will report back later smile

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-Aug-13 19:46:31

<wafts inspiration and cool air towards saturn>

Sorry to hear our thread leader is poorly sad. Hope ice does the trick, Bitchy.

Have had a busy and lovely day. Spent the morning out with DS2 (swimming, library, cafe), then took DS1 to his OT appointment. He has weak muscles in his right hand, poor hand-eye co-ordination and something to do with proprioception (which I don't understand), so OT will send us a report with some recommendations. I have already ordered the putty she recommended and will start daily strengthening exercises. It would have been good to have had this information several years ago, but hey ho!

Spent the afternoon meeting the bearded dragons. DS1 was wonderful with them. I am definitely letting him deal with the poo and live crickets <eek>.

Have done bugger all flying. Sorry thread leader blush.

elliepac Thu 01-Aug-13 21:46:21

Evening all. After a busy week, have bobbed up to the caravan for a couple of days for some r and r. Had a lovely afternoon at the beach and the dc's have been positively delighfulconfusedgrin.

One of my old uni housemates is staying on the same park for her holiday and am meeting up with her and her DH (who i also went to uni with) and dc's tomorrow night so am looking forward to that. Only seen her twice since I left uni 15 years ago. Plus a work friend is also here so meeting her for coffee tomorrow.

No flying whatsoever but lots of family fun time!

saturn Thu 01-Aug-13 21:46:23

Thanks for that really helped as I am now done!

Glad you had a lovely day smile

Sorry didn't get caught up with everyone else blush hope everyone is ok! will do better tomorrow...

ToffeeWhirl Thu 01-Aug-13 22:21:38

Sounds like you are having a lovely time, ellie smile.

saturn - happy to help. Well done on achieving your list.

Am aiming to get to bed at a decent time tonight, as I have been failing dismally at that recently and drinking coffee to get me through the day with the DC. So I will switch off from MN shortly (I will, I will....).

Night all.

Asheth Thu 01-Aug-13 23:13:53

Not a huge amount of flying today. Mission completed, 15 mins decluttering and washing done. But had a lovely day out with the DC in the sunshine! Flying can wait until it rains!

Bitchy hope your ankle is better tomorrow!

Steamedcabbage Thu 01-Aug-13 23:43:17

Too hot to sleep here ...

Big Fat Flying fail as well.

However, resolved issue of horse-riding with dd (turns out she was worried about one rather particular unpredictable four legged friend) so at least she will be doing something a bit more productive next week (and hopefully so will I).

A belated "happy birthday" to your dd Mercury!! Sounds as if you had a lovely day!

Asheth congrats on being the perfect Fledgling Flyer today: doing the minimum housework in as little time as poss leaving you time for the far more important priority of playing in the sun!! smile

Enjoy your weekend away Ellie!

Toffee glad OT appt was helpful (albeit a couple of years late!)

Ouch re: ankle Bitchy HOpe you recover soon.

Well done for ploughing on through Saturn

Big feathery wing flaps to eveyrone else!!

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 00:21:47

Oh shit forgot i was supposed to be posting the links. err one mo....

Right babystep 2 is contriversial. there are many ways to interrupt this one. Some interrupt this literally and then either follow or ignore it depending on their opinion on shoes in the house. Others interrupt it more losely and take it to mean get up straight away and get everything done (clothes, hair, make up) so you are ready to go out/recieve visitors straight away. Tbh i take it to mean the more lose version and then ignore it anyway, naughty bitchy Anyhows babystep 2 is get dressed to your lace up shoes

It is friday which means it is Ellies' favourite day. Friday is clear out your car and purse day. It also used to be date night day but the fat fairy has got all politically correct and dropped this as to not offend those without partners. Meh. Date night can be as simple as being in the same room and watching a film together.

Still in zone one and your mission is at the bottom of this link should you be arsed to find it

Err round up will wait as i had hoped for a pre midnight bedtime. and well clearly that is not going to happen if i even attempt to round up this chit chat. i'd like to say flying but you know, not much of that going on really

<attempts the timer on the pot of special brew in the naughty corner again>
<leaves instructions on which switch to push and where to hit coffee machine should timer fail again>

Holy shit the fat fairy has got all miltant about babystep 2 Well clearly she is not as cutesy and fluffy as we had all imagined. err ....

<goes to sit in th naughty corner for 5mins before bed to recover from the shock >

Castlelough Fri 02-Aug-13 03:50:03

Sorry about the late crash landing, but I'm finally here.

Thanks for leading in July Ellie and apologies for my absence lately - my dear Dad passed away suddenly. (I always seem to be turning up with bad news, don't I?! Sorry!)

Anyway I'm ready for a bit of distraction motivation. I'm still staying with my mother and the house is in dire need of a gentle declutter.

Hope everyone has been having a lovely summer. Hope I didn't miss too much in July?

Castlelough Fri 02-Aug-13 03:51:45

By the way - wonderful intro Bitchy! Looking forward to you leading the thread this month! :-)

Engelsemama Fri 02-Aug-13 05:03:28

Oh castle so sorry to hear your news.

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 09:05:56

So in the first day we can safely say that moods are mostly high.

Ellie has stuck two fingers up at flying and gone to play at the caravan. She is clearly having a blast.

Engles has returned from holiday and is in high spirits

Poor Mercury has discovered the office worker's tan

Toffee has been focusing on swimming lessons and OT appointments. Both very important things. Although it sounds suspiciously like she is considering getting a beared dragon. They are lovely envy although their dinner can have a habit of escaping soo much fun grin

SC has dealt with the emotions of a pre-teen when faced with harsh life realities. Glad to hear DH is doing better. x

Pinches line from SC Asheth congrats on being the perfect Fledgling Flyer today: doing the minimum housework in as little time as poss leaving you time for the far more important priority of playing in the sun!

Saturn has been focused and determined to make sure she has her basic routines in place. perhaps i need to follow her example?

goth has been pottering away quietly succeeding at flying. Although the resevoirs needed the recent rain and i suffer hayfever so I have been glad of the recent rain. glad to see the sun back though. but not the 30C temp

feetheart rejoined us and is attempting to fly whilst undertaking building work. <reserves a permeant spot in the naughty corner for feetheart

Poor castles has popped back in with the sad news of a family death adn requiring some distraction. With the lack of flying and high amount of chit chat this lot are doing you may well be in luck. <hug>

Bitchy got reminded she can't spell and learnt the heard way that jumping the cracks in the pavement might not be such a good idea anymore blush and has also clearly ignored the babystep whilst writing this

Time to move. May you all have productive days... be it flying or otherwise

saturn Fri 02-Aug-13 09:28:58

Morning all!

Toffee - I'm struggling with going to bed at the moment too, don't know if it is the caffeine I'm drinking to keep me going during the day that's keeping me awake...but then need the caffeine as haven't had enough sleep hmm

Asheth - agree, make the most of the sun whilst it lasts grin

SC - glad horse riding issue now resolved, will be nice for you both next week!

Thanks for the links bitchy, hope your ankle is better today

Haven't clicked on the link for militant babystep no. 2 - will do that next...

So sorry to hear about your dad Castle...hope you are ok flowers

As usual...

Ta da
Dressed to shoes

To do
Everything else!

Although the dressing to shoes is becoming a habit now despite my initial moaning about it, it's kind of becoming automatic and DD is just doing it now as well and we have been at holiday club/work on time since we started it and relatively stress free shock

Anyway, will be back later...can't guarantee any flying will have been done though!!!

Steamedcabbage Fri 02-Aug-13 09:50:59

Oh Castle it's so lovely to have you back but I'm so terribly sorry to hear of your very sad loss. Sending prayers xxxx

GoingGoingGoth Fri 02-Aug-13 11:00:10

Morning all, happy as I managed yesterday's list AND finished buying DD's school clothes. (just have to check her shoes)

We're due a dry day today, only one until Monday, so it's going to be a focussed day.

Today's list
Beds -done
Laundry hung out -done
Another load of laundry in machine - done
Litter tray
Washing up
Bins & recycling emptied
Hang out 2nd load of laundry
Consider 3rd load
Paperwork & website
15 min room rescue in lounge (as I missed the earlier missions this weekblush)
Today's mission
Wash up & SS

That's all do-able, especially as DD is in her bedroom reading.

saturn Fri 02-Aug-13 11:30:30

Well done on school clothes goth - only 2nd August - very organised grin

I'm supposed to be going on this lunch thing and someone will be there whom I'm not sure I want to see and have been dithering all morning as to whether to just not turn up. Had finally decided on the just not turn up option, but now have just had a call to confirm I am going...was going to not turn up and pretend I obviously can't do that now. Can't think of any way to get out of it's in half an hour! confused

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-Aug-13 11:45:49

Castle - I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. What a dreadful shock. You have had such a tough time lately ((hugs)).

Bitchy - that piece about getting dressed to shoes is quite scary. Maybe the Fat Fairy's fame is going to her head and she's becoming a bit power crazed. She'll be running for president next.

Am just back from DS2's final group swimming lesson, but might get a couple of private lessons for him from the instructor next week, if we're lucky. Had another lovely long walk back, stopping off at the park on the way.

Have to take DS1 out to practise some CBT tasks today, then have to blitz the house. Am feeling exhausted now, though, in spite of a proper night's sleep last night. Think I might be fighting something off. I guarantee that as soon as I put my feet up for five minutes, DH will come home and it will look as if I haven't done anything all morning. He is making me jumpy at the moment because he is working hard and I think he thinks I'm not doing much. It's making me jumpy.

Will report back later. Hope you all have a good day.

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 12:18:56

Maybe the site's fluffiness is finally getting to her too? grin

I have done precisely fuck all. well not exactly fuck all but you know. nothing productive.

Need to get cracking with something, anything, everything. c.b.a. Anyone seen my motivation? confused

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-Aug-13 12:41:09

And I have done FA Flying since my last post too, Bitchy. Am going to shift my backside off this sofa now, make a coffee and get started.

Power of three:

Unload and reload d/w (or is that two?)
Put washing in tumbledryer (quicker than hanging it up outside)
Persuade DS1 to come out and practise his CBT task. This is going to be tricky because it's stressful for him.

Steamedcabbage Fri 02-Aug-13 13:55:32

Bitchy I think your motivation and mine have gone off on a jolly!wink (Meant to say earlier that I loved the round-up btw!)

I was full of good intentions this morning but gosh it's hot here - 34°C outside and nearer 40° in the upstairs rooms where I am trying to declutter. Went out to buy another fan but they've all sold out! It will be cooler tomorrow thank heavens.

Dh has come home for a sleep so it would be really inconsiderate if I carried on hoovering wouldn't it? grin Unfortunatley, that still means I can descend to the bowels and do the laundry hmm instead of watching channel 4 racing from Goodwood

Bitchy/Toffee Arf at “Well I don’t wear shoes in my house.” "Well you do now, sister!" grin The Fat Fairy will be recommending that we wear lace up shoes to bed soon! (Although confessed to being seduced by blister argument.)

Saturn/Toffee sympathies over tiredness (I feel exhausted for absolutely no reason) Think eveyrone is struggling with sleep in this weather. Take it steady both of you.

Saturn hope you survived the lunch!

Toffee well if it's any consolation I'm very impressed by all the exercise your boys are getting and by the energy/commitment on your part that takes even if your dh isn't

Castle Toffee is right, you have been through a lot this year. Take it steady flowers xxx

Very impressed by early uniform organisation/purchase Goth I've so far only done winter coat/gloves/hat + some winter mufty items. Still need to do pinafores, shoes, and blouses as dd growing like a weed. Must cross it off the list before everyone gets back from their holidays and its bun-struggle time.

Waves to Engels Asheth PA Feetheart Ellie¨and everyone else I've missed!

[Leaves out bowls of ice and pitchers of home-made ice tea with mint on naughty corner bar]

BitchytheGreat Fri 02-Aug-13 16:05:07

That ice tea sounds marvelous SC currently in the middle of cleaning books and playing guess how ds wants his books arranged. he is very particular about the arrangement of his books. And apparently i just don't understand it. So clearly my work this afternoon will not be appreciated <sigh> but at least it will be dust free!

MercuryRising Fri 02-Aug-13 16:24:21

Thank you for the ice cream sc it is very needed at the moment.

Im very sorry about your dad castle Please take care of yourself.

Dp was at home today and we had a very productive morning. We decluttered dds toys in the conservatory and I sorted out all of the toys in her bedroom. We also completed the morning routines and hoovered downstairs.

We then rewarded our efforts by taking the dcs for a pub lunch smile

Dd and I bought the food and party bag stuff for her party tomorrow which she is extremely excited about.

Im at work now until midnight, but I will bbl to catch up on everybodys news.

I hope it cools down where you are tomorrow sc 40c is far too hot!

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-Aug-13 16:28:17

<swigs iced tea> (thanks, SC)

SC - Thank you for your positive words. I really have been working hard to get the boys out and busy this week and it's discouraging when DH only notices what hasn't been done instead of what has. I have spoken to him about it before, but I really don't think he knows he does it. Am thinking of listing all the discouraging remarks he says to me and presenting him with it.

By the way, it really does sound much too hot to Fly where you are today. I'm sure Bitchy would grant you exemption wink.

Right, I have a 'ta da' list. Failed miserably on the one-hour house 'blessing/bleugh'. I spent over an hour and didn't even manage to get further than the kitchen blush.

Unloaded/reloaded d/w
Put washing on again
CBT homework with DS1. Difficult for him, but he did it.
Stewed apples and plums for pudding at dinnertime
Practised times tables with DS2
Put towels in tumbledryer
Stripped DS2's bed
Suggested bored DS2 tidied his room
Hung rest of washing on line
Unloaded and reloaded d/w again
Put another wash on
Suggested DS2 tidy his room again
Tidied kitchen hotspot
Wiped down cooker and kitchen surfaces
Washed up saucepans, dried and put away
Persuaded DS2 to read a book for half an hour
Tidied second kitchen hotspot
Emptied kitchen bin
Cleaned kitchen bin with bleach
Put recycling out
Allowed DS2 to look up Reading Challenge website
Emptied and washed out vegetable basket
Wiped down cupboard
Hoovered kitchen floor
Cleaned kitchen sink
Mopped kitchen floor

Would love to have a nap now, but I have promised to take the boys to the playground next. It's the only exercise DS1 gets at present, because he finds going out too anxiety-provoking, so I'm trying to do it once a day. There are so many things he'd love to do if he could overcome his issues - swimming and cycling to name just two.

MercuryRising Fri 02-Aug-13 16:30:10

I have just reread your message sc and realised it was ice tea not ice cream you left out, which is equally welcome.

Gothyou have just reminded me I should get organised and make a list of uniform that the dcs need. I am very impressed you have managed to get it all done so early.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 02-Aug-13 17:39:43

Ta da :

Playground - hide and seek, rope swinging, scooter, sibling scraps

Cooking dinner now. Must be time for a drink...

<opens bottle of wine and leaves in naughty corner>

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