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Stepping through August, shall we?

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AdoraBell Wed 31-Jul-13 17:37:08

As the other one is so two months ago.

Ta Dahs

Up and breakfast plonk on table, we all over slept
Made sandwiches for packed lunches
Chopped and acidated apples for packed lunch, they won't eat them if the go brown
Shooed family out the door
WM on
Cleared breakfast things away
My breakfast in peace
Dressed for Pilates
Second breakfast for OH
Swapped loads in washing machine
Went to Pilates, survived grin
Back home and collapsed in a warm bath
Caught up on MN

Need to

Cook pasta for tomorrow's packed lunches
Decide what to eat for lunch
Pop out for errands
General tidy up and whizz round
Collect DDs at 6
Eat out
Attend meetings at school at 7.30
Come home and go to bed.

Ghostsgowoooh Wed 31-Jul-13 23:03:48

Um where do I start.

My house is a complete tip and the holidays don't help what with kids traipsing in and out and their friends too. Today I have only managed too

CLean the kitchen
Tidy front and back room which now is upside down again.
Go food shopping.

Need to..

Catch up with washing
Blitz girls room
Put clothes up in loft
Tidy porch
Sort socks (mammoth job, I have 2 binbag fulls
Tax car

There's loads more!

AdoraBell Thu 01-Aug-13 00:05:35

Just take in in small steps.

I've almost cleared the laundry, had a sunny day here, 5 loads plus some hand washing.

Cleared kitchen so that I can cook, which I'm just about to start.
Collected DDs
Corralled the dogs when we got home, one keeps escaping
DDs have had a snack
DD2 is making fresh lemonade and DD1 has sloped off to watch TV

AdoraBell Thu 01-Aug-13 00:08:04

I also have a sock mountain, two laundry baskets, which DDs and OH will have to go through under duress as they are old enough to sort their own sockswink

Rummikub Thu 01-Aug-13 00:13:27

I want to join in but need to think about the many many things that need doing. blush

AdoraBell Thu 01-Aug-13 02:47:50

Dinner's finished and DW is on. DDs are supposed to be in bed but I can here them nattering.

Kitchen has been cleared, still need to put some pasta in the fridge, I'd forgotten about that blush.
Dogs have been fed
Tomorrow's packed lunch is planned, just need to assemble it in the morning
Washing has been piled up ready for ironing, I have someone who does that for usgrin

Is it Saturday yet? do I really have to get up in the morning?

AdoraBell Sat 03-Aug-13 04:15:26

Not been doing much the last couple of days but we have people viewing the house in the morning so this afternoon/evening I have;

Cleaned kitchen
Cleaned bath rooms
Put new loo rolls in bath rooms
Vacuumed upstairs
Prepped an Apple crumble To pop in the oven in the morning
Mopped kitchen floor
Set dinning table
Put DW on

Currently waiting for DW so I can put missing cutlery on dinning table, but I'm getting too tired.

In the morning I need To vacuum downstairs and wipe kitchen surfaces again, very dusty here.

Hercy Sat 03-Aug-13 14:31:38

So far today I've:

Dusted and polished living room
Washed and dried bedding
Washed towels
Hoovered and shampooed living room carpet and stairs
Wiped skirting boards and walls on ground and first floor

Still to do:
Hoover and shampoo ground and second floor carpets and second set of stairs
Dust/polish second floor
Ironing bedding and make bed
Clean downstairs loo
Clean bathroom
Towel dry and put away
Go through fridge/freezer and wipe down*
Go through kitchen cupboards and wipe out*
Clean kitchen
Clear out spare room*
Clear out garage*
A few hours of work

Never all going to happen today, some will get done tomorrow.

The ones with the *s have been on my list for months and I never seem to get round to thm!

AdoraBell Sun 04-Aug-13 04:11:43

Hercy I also have a very long term list of To Do's that never seem to get done. I'd say tackle one job at a time and larger ones like spare room and garage break down into smaller sections.

This morning OH cleaned up outside prior to people viewing the house, that went well but we are trying not to get our hopes up.

I vacuumed downstairs
Cleaned bathrooms again, just a swish and swipe
Cleaned kitchen surfaces and dusted light fittings, pictures frames, grandfather clock, all the fiddle bits than get forgotten
Picked up detritus left by DDs
Put that apple crumble in the oven

Then after they'd viewed the house we collected DD2 from a sleepover and headed into town.

Tomorrow we, me and DDs, need to get laundry done ready for school on Monday. They do their own because of pre-teen attitude problems. Also need to check the garden fence as dogs escaped and one isn't big enough to have gone over the wall. Sort some of the boxes in the garage. Meal plan for next week, might cheat and copy one of Sainsbo's ones as I'm struggling to get my head around things ATM.

AdoraBell Tue 06-Aug-13 03:14:48

Started a post yesterday and don't know what happened to it confused

Anyway, had people back for a second viewing today so after pilates I -vacuumed and dusted again,
S&S's bathrooms,
did 4 loads of laundry, 3 of towels and one hand washing, I have no idea how we manage to use so many towels.
Cleared garden,
wiped garden furniture,
cleaned kitchen,
baked apples,
did pm school run,
dropped freind's DCs home,
back home,
brought dry things in and put away,
did dinner,
cooked tomorrow's packed lunches,
snack for DD who had been at a classamte's working, she got home just after 9pm.
Put DW on,
made tea and collapsed.

Still need to do tooth fairy duty before I go to bed.

Scout19075 Tue 06-Aug-13 09:16:05



bessie26 Tue 06-Aug-13 18:47:10

<marks place>

AdoraBell Tue 06-Aug-13 22:15:00

Phew, had a day off! other than morning routine and emptying DW to reload and flick the switch I've done diddly squat, and shall continue to do so as we're going out. DDs will have pizza with the baby sitter, leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and I'll actually do something tomorrow.

Hi Scout sorry you're still feeling bad, hope that improves soon.

Scout19075 Wed 07-Aug-13 08:13:30

For those who were on the old thread and may (or may not) remember my boiler problems.... well, they're about to be sorted. New boiler and parts delivered yesterday and plumbers will be here today & tomorrow to install. They need to rip up flooring and reroute pipes. They need to get to all nine (yes, NINE!) radiators. MrScout, is, as you know, a hoarder. He has been sorting through, pitching stuff, boxing up other bits. It's no where near perfect but it's a major start. And I think he sees how happy it makes me. Fingers crossed it can/will continue. I've told him what boxes/storage I want, which new bookcases to store books/DVDs/SB's toys, how I want to arrange the closet (how does a house only have one closet?!?!) and the dresser. He's given the "okay" to get rid of baby things that we don't need/want/use that are only taking up space and collecting clutter.

MrScout's staying home today & tomorrow to deal with the plumbers and so I can keep SmallBoy out of the way (otherwise he'll want to be in the boiler closet and in the tub to watch the men pull up the floor and pipes in the bathroom). I'm taking advantage of the car and going to the tip and to donate stuff (though I've been taking stuff by foot into town with SB and no stroller so hauling it all myself).

I'm frustrated but elated at the same time. WAHOO!

We're away this coming weekend for my FiL's birthday. We're away next weekend for my birthday (EEK! and WAHOO! in equal measure). The following weekend, August Bank Holiday weekend, we're off for our annual holiday to the south coast. I hope to kick ass between now and then.

Someone asked on the other thread how's SmallBoy. SmallBoy is wonderful. He's so big now (3.9). He toilet trained in under a week, all himself with very few accidents (mostly poo ones, so easy to clean up). He's also 99.99% dry at night (he had a little accident last night but I think something's going through him because he had a very unlike-him daytime accident, too) so is in "big boy daytime pants" at night, too. We've been enjoying the weather and have spent days just at the park/playground having picnics, playing Pooh Sticks and playing on the playground. He grew potatoes, marigolds, cat grass, lavender and sunflowers this summer and thoroughly loved it, going outside to check his plants and water them every day.

I went through a bout of serious homesickness at the start of the summer. It's still there but faded a bit (the clearing has helped, to be honest). I can't wait to go home again in November. I had a biopsy back in the late spring and the results were really good but because of the awesome results means I'm on the bottom of the list to start my treatment again and won't be starting until the first quarter of 2015. Oh well, at least I know when it will start and can plan accordingly. We're still planning on HE SmallBoy so knowing when I'm due to start I can plan that accordingly as well. He's so grown up when he goes along to the hospital with me (for all my medical stuff).

Right, best crack on -- plumbers due in less than two hours and still have stuff I want to do before I take SB out for the day. I've promised him the far-away park that we need the car for -- the one with a playground, paths and ducks & swans & geese to feed. He's very excited about it.

AdoraBell Wed 07-Aug-13 18:44:48

Hope you and Small Boy have a good time at the park Scout and well done for getting MrScout to relinquish crapula things, that's not easy. Also well done the Small Boy for his self training.

I've completed my morning routine
Been out to pilates
Back home and changed
Emptied DW and refilled
T'internet research
More coffee

I'm feeling a bit sore from the Pilates so am going to do the minimum today, which includes grocery shopping before school run this afternoon.

Scout19075 Fri 09-Aug-13 12:54:22

There is heat coming from the radiators and pressured hot water flowing from the taps. Plumber still here but I could kiss the very grumpy man.

AdoraBell Fri 09-Aug-13 16:26:04

Nooooo don't kiss a grumpy man -eeuuuwwwww!

Glad the boiler is working again.

Morning routine
Made sandwiches for school lunch
Coffee stop

All done so far, still To Do -

Sort dogs
Empty DW
Plan snack for hockey match in the morning
General tidying and cleaning
School run

AdoraBell Sun 11-Aug-13 03:01:40

Early start today, DDs played hockey at 8.30

Made their breakfast, cheese on toast, inhaled my coffee while getting ready to leave.
Drove to school
Watched from the car,mt'was freezing
Got petrol, back home
My p
Made lunch
Cleared away
Sat down with a coffee
Fed dogs
Messed around with DDs, ended with DD2 and I bumping heads- ouch
Put a movie on and brought cheese and biscuits upstairs

Sent DDs to bed, sill need to put DW on. DDs ignored me telling them to get their washing done and I am not going to engage with tantrums come Monday morning if they have no uniform.

Need an early in methinks, eyes are aching.

liveinazoo Mon 12-Aug-13 06:55:22

sorry for my absence-internet crashed then my MHsad
scout yay for plumbers and a sticker for mr scouts efforts<has he earned a shiny one?grin>glad youre doing ok.small boy sounds like he amazing-so grown up now!

adora a 2nd viewing-fingers crossed for you honey!

so the place can only be described as a total shithole and with zoolets maurauding its total chaos<sobs>.I have to start reclaiming or I will never get depression in check as the mess is now getting to me.i did 2 loads washing yesterday,bins are still overflowing so that's a project thts gune take at least a week to reboot but its a I am just guna put out the recycling I failed to put out last week<and is overflowing everywhere>
if I don't check in tomorrow I shall def return Wednesday as I need some encouragement and company to get well and get tidy<sharpen your pointy stick please!!!!>

<waves to Bessie-bin stalking your blog --and thieving ideas--wink>

hello to the new faces too<hope you stick with us!>

bessie26 Mon 12-Aug-13 13:56:06

Hi all,

Great news on mrScout's decluttering, and on SB's toilet training!

Hope your head is ok adora - I smacked my head on a climbing frame yesterday & i have a bruise!

zoo can you lock them all outside in the garden while you have a clear out? I'm loving this nice weather & the reduced mess indoors!

We went round a friend's to play this morning, just got DD2 down for her nap, so I had better go see what DD1 is upto downstairs & do something useful.... Mopping the kitchen floor is quite high on the list!

AdoraBell Mon 12-Aug-13 18:02:01

Thanks Bessie we both have small sore bumps.

Zoo well done on the washing, that's a good start.

Done my morning routine
Assembled packed lunches
Had breakfast in peace
More t'internet research
Back home
Put shopping away, only frozen veg and a norty mid morning treat for megrin
Brought dogs into kitchen as I could see rabbits practically strutting around on the empty plot next to us.
Had a coffe and my snack

Need to have a shower, I feel the breakfast things looking at me from atop the DW, I'll get round to it in a minute. Raining today so no point washing anything.

These peeps who like the house are being put under pressure by their adult DS to invest in a new business venture of his rather than buy a house of their choice, so they still haven't made a decision.

Scout19075 Mon 12-Aug-13 23:05:48

We have hot water. WAHOO!

Home for two days and hope to kick ass. Wish me luck.

AdoraBell Mon 12-Aug-13 23:34:25

Good luck Scout, it's always nice when the hot water comes back!

DW has been emptied and reloaded but not much more done, I definitely have a cold now, as does DD2. I'm not making any grand promises for tomorrow.

<goes away to sharpen pointy stick and prepare chocolate IV for Zoo>

Scout19075 Tue 13-Aug-13 08:54:38

I am a failure. I didn't go to Tesco last night and so we have run out of cereal, we have no yogurt and the bananas are "messy" so I have one VERY unhappy three year old.


Scout19075 Tue 13-Aug-13 15:47:51

I'm very tired. It doesn't look like it but I have attacked today.

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