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Which hoover?

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hackneybird Mon 29-Jul-13 13:17:32

We've been making do with a cheap hoover for about 14 years and it's finally got to go.

I would rather not buy a Dyson but would lie to invest in something long lasting and high performance. Is there something out there like this but without the pricey Dyson brand name?

wonkylegs Mon 12-Aug-13 07:54:53

Have just bought a Miele cylinder (the quiet one) and it's fab. Its performance was even commented on by the plumber who came to do a small job and asked to borrow it to hoover up the corner he'd been working on... He ended up hoovering almost the whole room whilst commenting how fab it is. blushgrin
It's a revelation after our heavy dyson, light and easy to use and copes with hair too.

PigletJohn Sun 11-Aug-13 21:58:49

upright vacs have a more complex mechanism, and a really good one is more expensive than a really good cylinder. But they are best for carpets, especially downstairs where dirt gets walked in and the powerful beater bars and brushes get it out. A cylinder is not much use on a long pile carpet or rug, or a doormat.

Miele uprights score very high in "Which," but they are expensive. there are several very good brands of cylinders.

We Some people have an upright for downstairs and a cylinder for up. Our Miele is rather old and heavy and may have to change for a newer, lighter one. Our old vacs get relegated to the garage for hoovering out cars.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Sun 11-Aug-13 21:44:02

I've had two Dysons and they were crap. I've had a Miele cat and dog about three years now and it's brilliant. Love it.

GrandPoohBah Sat 10-Aug-13 13:04:37

Having had a Dyson, Henry, Sebo upright and Miele cylinder I would say...

Dyson are an expensive pile of poo. Discount immediately.

Henry is good on very short pile (ie office and industrial) carpet and hardwood floors. Picks up big pieces. Not good with hair at all, or stubborn dust.

The Sebo upright is lovely. Great on carpets, easy to use, easy to manoeuvre.

The Miele cylinder is also great, different settings for carpet and hardwood floors, good attachments.

Get the Miele or the Sebo if you can.

ActualAl Sat 10-Aug-13 11:54:31

We've had a sebo for the past 5 years and up till this summer I loved it. Our old house was mainly lino/ Laminate with only the 2 bedrooms carpeted. Unfortunately we moved to a new house this year which is mainly carpet and I don't think the sebo is as effective on this, it's a cylinder one and the brushes on the carpeted head are run by air so they are not as powerful as the ones on an upright that are run with a separate motor. Our poor wee sebo brushes keep getting clogged with hair and is not powerful enough to keep running. I know you don't want a dyson but I borrowed my mums recently and what a difference it made to my carpets! Thought it was going to pull them up, was fab!
The sebo is still great on the Lino/laminate though so I'd recommend it for that area.

Openyourheart Sat 03-Aug-13 22:52:14

My cleaner says Henrys are the best so I got one and it is pretty good.

PigletJohn Wed 31-Jul-13 23:47:52

Miele if you can afford it. What's your budget?

Yes, an upright is better for carpeted floors especially downstairs which are dirtiest. We have one of each. Uprights are more complicated and have more mechanism so really good ones are more expensive than really good cylinders.

AFAIK all uprights these days have a hose and tube you can use for cylinder-type jobs.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 31-Jul-13 15:41:29

Miele, upright for a carpeted house, cylinder for mainly hard floors.

The cat & dog one has a special head with a rotating brush for carpets.

DTisMYdoctor Tue 30-Jul-13 23:39:58

I replaced our Dyson with a Miele. It's far superior.

Serafinaaa Tue 30-Jul-13 20:36:59

Another vote here for Miele! My old one lasted over 10 years and I now have the cat dog version.

we have recently got a Vax. It's fabulous, easy to clean you just take the bit of that all the dust gets in and tip it in the outside bin. does a great job on carpets and tile floors.
here is a link if you want to have a

Youhaventseenme Tue 30-Jul-13 16:05:18

We have a Sebo upstairs and Dyson animal 25 downstairs, both are fab.

hackneybird Tue 30-Jul-13 16:02:38

Thanks everyone! Off to persuade DH - he's set on a Dyson.

NotAnotherPackedLunch Tue 30-Jul-13 09:53:28

I've had a Mile cat dog for years and it's still brilliant when I get round to using it

Alwayscheerful Tue 30-Jul-13 09:49:18

I am undecided between a Miele and a Sebo, I prefer an upright, i love the retro look of the Sebo, any thoughts?

GiraffesAndButterflies Tue 30-Jul-13 09:47:41

Miele. Just got an ecoline (I think that was it) cylinder and it's amazing, vacuuming is so much easier after our cheap crappy one!

IHeartKingThistle Tue 30-Jul-13 09:43:55

I love my sebo

NanTheWiser Tue 30-Jul-13 09:42:18

Sebo! One of the best vacuums on the market, only rivalled by the Miele.

MultumInParvo Mon 29-Jul-13 22:58:31

They suck up everything. Literally.

MultumInParvo Mon 29-Jul-13 22:57:44

I've had lots 4 vacuum cleaners and by far the best is a good old Henry.

fromheretomaternity Mon 29-Jul-13 22:51:32

Miele miele miele! Fab quality hoovers.

notso Mon 29-Jul-13 22:50:41

I recently replaced my much hated but once coveted upright Dyson with a cylinder Miele.
It is so much better, my front room carpet looked like it had been cleaned.

gaggiagirl Mon 29-Jul-13 22:38:16

Listening in and taking note.

Quodlibet Mon 29-Jul-13 22:37:59

My MIL gave us a Miele Cat and Dog and it is incredible. A million times better than a dyson. Almost makes hoovering fun.

mejypoo Mon 29-Jul-13 22:36:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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