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Can I/should I use a Calgon tablet thing in my dishwasher ???

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bizzey Wed 10-Jul-13 19:53:58

Dishwasher had been chucking up dirt into the mugs/cups on top...I bought a D/W cleaning thing ....but thought calgon every wash would be good ??

Ds (aged8!) has pointed out that the picture is of a washing machine ....and not a dishwasher in sight confused

Oh and why do you need to add the salt stuff run out and not put it in for this bad !


ilovepowerhoop Thu 11-Jul-13 17:50:21

clean out the filters i,e, remove and clean them in the sink and clean the spray arms too (I can remove mine for cleaning). Salt helps soften the washing water and gives better cleaning results so I would top that back up too, especially if you are in a hard water area

fresh Thu 11-Jul-13 17:58:04

Calgon is a water softener for use in a washing machine. As long as you have the salt properly topped up, the water in the dishwasher will already be softened. Adding more softener may harm some glassware and turn it cloudy.

The salt allows the little resin balls in your water softener to work properly, by ion exchange. The incoming water is passed through the resin balls, which are coated in salt water, and the calcium (hard water) ions are exchanged for sodium ions from the salt (giving soft water). When all the sodium ions are used up the salt indicator should come on and you top it up.

Disclaimer: it's years since I had to explain this so it may be a bit sketchy!

Do what ilovepowerhoop said - your dishwasher is recycling mucky water because the filters are clogged. Ew.

specialsubject Thu 11-Jul-13 19:38:26

exactly what mine was doing until we unblocked the filters and spray arms. Dig out the instructions, do the honours and all will be well.

bizzey Thu 11-Jul-13 20:26:38

Oh Thank you for your replies ! 2 Filter bits are now soaking and arm is off......but filter bit has water in it ?? Have i got a blockage somewhere ???

I am going to have to go back to the "old fashioned way" of washing up now !!

ilovepowerhoop Thu 11-Jul-13 20:28:53

can you soak up the water with a cloth or sponge and have a poke about to see if there are any bits of food stuck? It could just be some residual water rather than a problem

imtheonlyone Thu 11-Jul-13 20:32:06

Defo keep the salt and the rinse agent regularly topped up and filters cleaned! Ours comes out dirty esp when the salt runs out!

PigletJohn Thu 11-Jul-13 21:59:08

......but filter bit has water in it ?? Have i got a blockage somewhere ???

if you mean the sump, it is normal to have a mugful of clean water in it. If the water is dirty, or if it increases after you pull out the sink plug, you have a drain plumbing problem, not an appliance problem.

hy are you soaking the filters? It should be enough to squirt them clean under the sink tap.

It is very very very important to keep the salt vessel topped up with granular dishwasher salt. The brand does not matter.

You can tell us the make and model of the machine if you like.

kamkamkam Thu 01-Sep-16 13:59:43

I noticed you are quite knowledgeable in the art of the dishwasher. My dishwasher is also leaving food residue on the tops of mugs etc, (just bits and I thought it was normal). After reading your advice I have checked the sump and there is a mug of water there but it's really dirty. Our machine is Bosch SMV50C00GB/28 and it tells us when to top up the salt and rinse aid... and we do so when needed. Any ideas

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