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Houseplants that clean the air in the home?

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docket Mon 05-Jun-06 13:31:38

I've decided I need to detox my house, does anyone know what type of plants are particularly good for keeping the air in the home clean? I know I've read that some are better than others but but can't remember any more than that.

JackieNo Mon 05-Jun-06 13:33:29

Some suggestions here .

JackieNo Mon 05-Jun-06 13:35:08

And more here (you need to click on the pics to the right of the text, though it wasn't immediately obvious to me!).

docket Mon 05-Jun-06 13:38:20

Wow, lightening quick, thanks JN!

JackieNo Mon 05-Jun-06 13:38:41


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