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Serious Housework day - anyone else?

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pecka Sat 03-Jun-06 08:52:43

Im gutting my house top to bottom today. Anyone up for some serious graft?

Have just stripped all beds and bedding in washing machine.

CADS Sat 03-Jun-06 09:08:19

ME too. My folks arrive from SA next saturday so have to make the place look like it has been cleaned on a regular basis. Typically, its a lovely day here, would be alot happier if it was pissing down with rain.

FrannyandZooey Sat 03-Jun-06 09:17:56

Are you mad? It is the first sunny day for about 4 squillion years and you are up and planning to do housework?

CADS Sat 03-Jun-06 09:20:47

yes, completely insane and we will most probably have weeks of shitty weather from tomorrow.

MarsLady Sat 03-Jun-06 09:23:34

I'm going to do one room. I have my lovely french girl's parents arriving this evening so I ought to make the dining room look fit for eating in lol

Then the only other "work" I intend to do involves sitting in the garden contemplating the growth of the roses.

FrannyandZooey Sat 03-Jun-06 09:24:19

Yes, CADS, and you know who we will be blaming, don't you

Marne Sat 03-Jun-06 09:26:41

I'm doing the garden, far too nice to be doing house work!

LadyTophamHatt Sat 03-Jun-06 09:33:22

For the first time in my life I would LOVE to join in and do the whole house but while this bloody dog is still here it really is a pointless exercise.

I'd enjoy every second of housework if I could join in because it would mean he's gone and my house would be nice a clean again.

all4girlz Sat 03-Jun-06 09:35:10

me too when I get off the net
girls room-- my room stairs and landing
we went to a big park yesterday smothered the kids with factor 50 ---burnt my neck

sunny day = good day for drying

CADS Sat 03-Jun-06 09:49:51

LOL franny. Shouldn't you be thanking me for the nice whether instead. Trying to get my bunch out the door so I can get started. Got to clean the oven [cries in despair]

FrannyandZooey Sat 03-Jun-06 09:51:42


<gives comforting pats on the back>

That is a bit drastic, you know. You could just buy a new oven, maybe?

CADS Sat 03-Jun-06 09:53:06

Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees around here

FrannyandZooey Sat 03-Jun-06 09:54:58

Well cook on big hot stones or something, then. You can't just clean it, woman, how will it make the rest of us look

CADS Sat 03-Jun-06 10:04:07

Don't worry it is so bad it could possible make anyone look bad. We rent and the previous tenants didn't do any cleaning whatsoever in the 6 mnths they were here.

Right, need to push my lot out the door. DH has never been out with the kids on his own so he is dragging his feet. Of course, he is running off to his mom's.

Adorabelle Sat 03-Jun-06 10:04:54

Had great plans about today being the day that I
was finally going to do the house Top2Bottom. Then got up & realised that the sun was shining!

Scraped all plans bout the house, off to the park
for a picnic lunch instead

pecka Sat 03-Jun-06 11:42:07

Right I have thoroughly done bathroom. Washed all bedding. Got a towel wash in now.

Going to do playroom next.

We are missing the sun anyway as DD has bad case of chicken pox and the heat is irritating her

CADS Sat 03-Jun-06 15:43:04

Oh feck, why did i even start.

Does anyone know if you can put the stove bits in the dishwasher?

sparkler1 Sat 03-Jun-06 15:47:44

No housework here today - not even going to bother doing it until Monday when the kids are back at school - no point when they will only mess it up again.
I have tidied up the back garden though - cut the hedges back and mowed the lawn.
Going to get the BBQ out in a minute for tea.

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