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July's Fledgling Flyers: Summer holidays are on their way and the clutter is going to FLY away

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elliepac Sun 30-Jun-13 20:33:25

Welcome old and new fledglings to the July Fledgling FLYers thread!

Thank you very much to cpmpy for leading us expertly through June- it's been a while since I lead so I can't promise to be as efficient but will do my best grin. This will start by copying and pasting pmpy's original June postgrin

If you're overwhelmed by clutter and general household grub then join us as we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system or languish in the naughty corner hoping to do better tomorrow

As usual, we will be following the Flylady three-pronged approach:

1. Baby-steps (a daily step to establish routines)
2. Then baby-steps + 15 mins daily decluttering
3. (And once decluttered) babysteps + daily missions and maybe even detailed cleaning in the weekly zones

For more information have a look here, although to avoid a cluttered inbox, we advise not signing up to the Flylady emails. The basic principle is little and often and don't worry about perfection (no chance of that here!).

Don't worry if you are behind; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

All the links for the babysteps and missions will be posted here every day and we'll all be here to cheer each other on and chat our way through the month

ToffeeWhirl Sat 27-Jul-13 23:41:23

Just back from loverly evening out with friends (hic). Diet has gone out the window. Much wine has been consumed. Have just insisted that DH let me have a lie in tomorrow.


Steamedcabbage Sat 27-Jul-13 23:45:31

x post

Waves to Asheth

Steamedcabbage Sat 27-Jul-13 23:46:23

[Leads Toffee in direction of huge floor cushion]

PositiveAttitude Sun 28-Jul-13 08:49:35

Good morning ladies.

What a lot going on in all our lives! shock

Have a good holiday, those heading off.

Trazzles ((((hugs)))) and I am thinking of you. I hope today is a better day for you. Forget flying!! Just come here for a chat.

SC that sounds horrendous and just when you could do with life being a bit easier. Don't go running yourself ragged with all that is going on.

Last few days have been a bit manic with a community family fun event, so little to no flying.....just the absolute essential for health and safety! wink 5 hours solid each day of facepainting! Phew, my back hurts!
last day of the event today, but I am less involved, so I hope to get to grips with a bit around here.

Washing already on line


Clean kitchen work surfaces
Start on uncluttering the landing
put clothes away in bedroom
move bedroom furniture from DS room into his new room
Have first skype session with DH wooooooo excited!!! - contact so far has been via facebook messages from him asking what he should do with pork chops that are not fully defrosted, then next day how should he cook pork chops, then saying he had left milk out, would it be ok, then forgot to get the dinner out of freezer how could he defrost it mega quick........running theme here, I think! hmm

Oh shucks, need to go, DS wants the laptop. So I suppose I had better start on that list.......

Have a good day everyone.

BitchytheGreat Sun 28-Jul-13 09:21:15


i got side tracked yesterday with the other three that I was tacking. Managed an early night but have no chance of a lie in so suffering atm. going to used the power of 3 today to.

to do

finish making top
make training kit
folding (time permitted)

elliepac Sun 28-Jul-13 11:04:45

Morning all smile.

Had a lovely evening last night although DH carried on when I left and rocked up at 4am this morning. He is still drunk feeling a little worse for wear this morning.

SC hope the rain has calmed down and you managed to keep water under control last night. Remember to take care of yourself as well, you have had one hell of a month.

toffee glad you had a good night last night

pa enjoy the skype session with DH. My DH would be exactly the same if he had to fend for himself!

Ta da:-
Washing on line
Tidy up downstairs
S/S bathroom
Painting with DD
Dropped DS off at cubs for the day.

To do:-
More washing (tis a good drying day here and rain not forecast until late afternoon so am going to crack on)
Make Sunday Dinner
Lounge around quite a lot - may not have a hangover but am super tired and DH is grouchy so am leaving him well alone!

Waves to everyone!

elliepac Sun 28-Jul-13 11:11:21

Today's babystep is Taking Care of You.

No mission today as it is the weekend.

Today is Renew Your Spirit Day.

Have a good day everyone smile.

BitchytheGreat Sun 28-Jul-13 11:59:37

finish making the top has taken too long. not finished that or done folding but did put an extra load on to wash. will have to see what time i get back tonight.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 28-Jul-13 12:30:58

<staggers out from naughty corner, bleary eyed>

Fell asleep with DS2 when he called for me last night and woke up at 5am, still fully dressed and wearing all my make up. Went back to (my own) bed later after browsing MN for a bit and have only just got up blush. Am still wearing last night's clothes and make up [blushblush. Well, at least I am ahead on the 'getting dressed' part of my daily routine grin.

Today I am getting clothes etc ready for next week, which is looking very busy. Why did I book swimming lessons for 9am every day (wails> <kicks self>.

SC - really sorry to hear about the leak. That's all you need with everything else that's been going on! I hope it doesn't get any worse and the rabbits don't need life rafts (lovely image though smile).

PA - grin at your DH having to learn how to manage on his own. This will be good for him! I hope you enjoy your Skype later.

Ellie - glad you had a lovely night out.

Asheth - I like the sound of your fledgling flyers. Did you know Flylady does a daily challenge for children too? I know what you mean about Minecraft. Twenty minutes is about the most I can tolerate!

Bitchy - am impressed by your sewing skills. Found an old school report the other day that said, "NWK is not Toffee's strong point" grin.

saturn - it sounds as if you are doing brilliantly with the babysteps. I find laying the clothes out the night before invaluable.

Trazzles - I agree with PA - forget flying, just come and chat.

Still feeling a little <ahem> tired after last night, so will use the power of three:

Sort clothes for next week
Put washing on
Take DSs to the playground

Trazzletoes Sun 28-Jul-13 15:44:28

No flying from me this morning (makes a change grin ) as the lovely Mr Trazzle arrived at the hospital at 11pm straight from the Anniversary Games to relieve me and I went home and slept til 10am at which point I had to come back to take over again!!!

I have that woozy feeling you get after a good nights sleep after a long period of poor sleep, but I also feel like a new Trazzle and one that can perhaps face whatever this week is going to throw at me.

swan hope the bunnies are ok.

Those who went out last night, glad you enjoyed yourselves!!!

ToffeeWhirl Sun 28-Jul-13 17:13:19

Hurray for sleep, Trazzles grin. I hope this week is kinder to you and Joe.

ToffeeWhirl Sun 28-Jul-13 17:21:27

Done :

Swimming stuff sorted for tomorrow
Playground trip (ended up playing hide and seek with about six children, as well as my own shock)
Washing done and dried
Put loads of dry washing away (sod the ironing)
DH tidied our bedroom
Helped DS2 with some English and Maths homework
Tried - and failed - to get the boys to read something
Gave up and read book on my own
Nodded off on DS2's bed and woke up to find DS1 back on the computer and DS2 watching telly

Is it wine o'clock yet?

saturn Sun 28-Jul-13 17:24:39

Asheth - congrats with your fledgling flyers

SC - congrats on getting through last night...sounds quite the ordeal! Hope tonight is better for you

Toffee - glad you had a good night out...getting dressed the night before, wonder if Flylady has thought of that one, you should suggest it grin

PA - hope you had an enjoyable Skype session, which involved more than food dilemmas!

Waves to Ellie and bitchy and everyone else

New Trazzle - glad you had a good nights sleep, think you needed it and yes, will definitely help with whatever this week throws at you

Feeling unmotivated to fly, not that I have so much to do - just can't be bothered now...but as only my day 7 should make the effort, so here goes:

Ta da
Dressed to shoes
(Though I have done a six mile walk today, which was thoroughly enjoyable smile)

To do
Hot spot
Lay clothes out for tomorrow
Read Flylady e-mails
Negative voices
Shine sink

saturn Sun 28-Jul-13 18:33:33

So as I said didn't really have that much to do and when it was written down wondered why I was procrastinating over it, therefore:

Ta da
Dressed to shoes
Hot spot done
Sink shined
Flylady e-mails read
Negative voices
Both mine and DDs clothes laid out or tomorrow (whether she will actually put on what is laid out is another matter hmm)

Tomorrow I need to start control journal...what does everyone use for this? Notebook? Ring binder?

Trazzletoes Sun 28-Jul-13 18:56:30

saturn I have the much-lauded (by me!) family life book which suits me perfectly but I think someone last month did try to set up a proper control journal with an actual ring binder...

Not everyone has one though, I think, much like not getting dressed to shoes.

elliepac Sun 28-Jul-13 19:19:48

Aaaaaaaghangry. DH is a twunt.

As you weregrin.

PositiveAttitude Sun 28-Jul-13 19:25:25

Good day here.

Skype was lovely, although we spent a good part of it "discussing" how to make a bolognese sauce! hmm (me giving him instructions and him writing it all down) He cooks very differently to me. I never measure out, guess at timings and generally do it all by instinct. He needs measurements, timings to the minute for every stage and step by step basic instructions. I am persuading him to get the cleaner/cook sorted out as soon as possible!

I went to the outdoor church service at the community family event which sort of freaked me out slightly as I was confronted with lots of people I had not seen for a year and they all wanted to talk to me. I feel so overwhelmed and just want to hide away and not speak to anyone. <miserable git> I escaped as soon as I could!
Lazy afternoon with DD1 then....
Took DS to work,
blitzed the landing
Blitzed my bedroom and put away most of my clothes
Started to sort out DS new bedroom - rest will need to be done with DS around
Quite pleased with a fairly productive day

I hope you all have a good week. Swimming lessons early in the morning during the holidays is crazy dedicated, Toffee - good luck with that one! heck, you will need it! wink
No more storms I hope SC
Trazzles I hope this week is better for you.
Saturn I did try a control journey when I was keen and eager in my early days too many years ago and used a ringbinder. I seem to remember it being good, but have to confess that now I dont use one and I have NEVER dressed to shoes! Shoes are banned in the house, always have been, but after living in Cambodia for a year where NOBODY wears shoes inside - even take them off to go into restaurants, shops etc. I really dont think I will EVER wear shoes anywhere other than outside ever again.
Waves to everyone else.

PositiveAttitude Sun 28-Jul-13 19:28:55

Oh dear Ellie Deep breath and a wine

saturn Sun 28-Jul-13 20:51:19

Thanks Trazzles - do you use a calendar as well? Do you take it out and about with you, or do you just keep it in the house? Does it have somewhere to write out your routines?

Sorry, twenty questions blush thinking of ordering one tonight...but can't seem to be able to look inside it on the Internet!

saturn Sun 28-Jul-13 20:57:05

Cross posts...

Ellie - hope you are ok!!! Have another wine

PA - thanks, I'm still in keen and eager stage grin

Trazzletoes Sun 28-Jul-13 20:59:28

This year I haven't used a calendar, but have just bought one for the next 16 months from the same company so I'm not the only one responsible for knowing what we are all doing

Yes, it comes most places with me as my memory is appalling and I'm depressingly well-known amongst my friends for either double-booking myself or not responding to invitations because I don't know what I'm doing.

It actually has 3 double page spreads for routines - I'll try to take a pic... Though the space for each bit is pretty small and they're more weekly routines, I guess clubs etc

Ok other than that there are a couple of other pages you could use... Notes, thoughts and plans for the year etc.

I've found the budgeting pages helpful as well as Christmas planning (they also have summer holiday planning but my DCs aren't at school yet) and the detachable shopping lists.

It really works for me but I can see why it wouldn't necessarily work for everyone.

GoingGoingGoth Sun 28-Jul-13 22:32:22

Evening all, not much flying done as I'm in the middle of my 4 days at work. But at least I'm back to 4 on, 4 off so hopefully be back on track. Speaking of which also be back to MFP (& possibly 5:2)

On the plus side, walked back from work last night, walked there with a slight detour (an extra mile and half-got lost!) this morning and back again tonight with the proper detour (extra half mile, but pretty) so done about 11 miles.

Will I be the first to ask if August is the new January? grin

BitchytheGreat Sun 28-Jul-13 22:34:58

I looked at it it, it was too cutesy for me. I have an academic diary, a training diary, a training log, a file and half a dosen calendars. It works for me. I would not recommend this system for anyone else though. And i have been known to make cross referencing errors. grin

See this thing called life? i like it complicated! I have just volunteered myself for complicated sewing things. I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut!!!

Asheth Sun 28-Jul-13 22:42:40

I don't have a cntrol journal. In fact I think I ignore rather a lot of the baby steps blush We have a calandar for events, appointments, special dates etc. And somewhere I have an old notebook which I make lists in for Christmas!

So today I did a major overhaul of my bookshelf, being very ruthless and removing anything that hasn't been read in the last few 10 years. So nice neat book shelf now and lots of books that did live on the floor now on the shelf! The DS's both did their their ten minutes and are being similarly ruthless! Not sure what DH makes of this, as he's the one who hates clutter but he's also the one who has a tendancy to want to keep all sorts of strange things as 'memorabilia'! I'll have to look up the kids missions once they've finished decluttering their rooms!

PositiveAttitude Mon 29-Jul-13 07:59:27

Good morning!! smile

I forgot to share with you last night about the best invention ever!! I was accused of being a saddo (by DS) when I bought one of those clothes folder things al la Sheldon (Big Bang Theory). I bought it a s a joke thing to leave in the house last year before I left. It is amazing!! Every t-shirt and shirt in this house is now folded amazingly with no hassle. I have even been keeping up with the ironing just so that I can use it. shock Brilliant!!!!

Rather a busy day today running round like headless chicken so not too sure how much flying I am going to get done, so no list, so that anything done will be a bonus.

Have a good day everyone.

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