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July's Fledgling Flyers: Summer holidays are on their way and the clutter is going to FLY away

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elliepac Sun 30-Jun-13 20:33:25

Welcome old and new fledglings to the July Fledgling FLYers thread!

Thank you very much to cpmpy for leading us expertly through June- it's been a while since I lead so I can't promise to be as efficient but will do my best grin. This will start by copying and pasting pmpy's original June postgrin

If you're overwhelmed by clutter and general household grub then join us as we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system or languish in the naughty corner hoping to do better tomorrow

As usual, we will be following the Flylady three-pronged approach:

1. Baby-steps (a daily step to establish routines)
2. Then baby-steps + 15 mins daily decluttering
3. (And once decluttered) babysteps + daily missions and maybe even detailed cleaning in the weekly zones

For more information have a look here, although to avoid a cluttered inbox, we advise not signing up to the Flylady emails. The basic principle is little and often and don't worry about perfection (no chance of that here!).

Don't worry if you are behind; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

All the links for the babysteps and missions will be posted here every day and we'll all be here to cheer each other on and chat our way through the month

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 01-Jul-13 20:27:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 20:43:57

Evening all smile.

Ta da:-
Washing x 2
Washing on line x 2
washing away x 2
Hoovered downstairs
Morning routine
Evening routine
Packed lunches made
DS to cubs and back

Had DD's parents evening where once again we are utterly confounded by the child they see in school as opposed to the child we see here confused. She is adorable at school, kind, helpful, chatty, clever etc. They did say in her report that her top strength is leadership. This reassured me that they do know my daughter as I spy teacher speak for 'bossy' which is what we see here grin.

Back in a sec with round-up and links.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 01-Jul-13 20:56:21

Updated list

Lie in
Laundry in
Dry laundry folded and away
Washing up
Wipe down kitchen sides
Clean microwave
Trip to library (unsuccessful as it is FULL of baby song time)
Refuse & recycling out
Wait for showers to stop & hang out laundry
Fresh trip to library
Stick up DD's posters (again)
Take DD out on her 'new' bike twice

Dd came in from playing with her friends saying that she had wet herself but that it wasn't her fault, because and I quote, she "didn't know she could come in" angry (they are always running in and out) She wasn't at all impressed when she was stripped off and stuck in the bath and told she couldn't go out again tonight (it was 7 o'clock)
I'm putting my foot down straight away on this one, she has past history of not bothering to go to the loo when she's 'too busy'. I've told her that if it happens again, there will be no more playing outside, too much? She is almost 9.

Rant over.

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:03:18

I think that sounds fair Goth I'd do similar with ds if he did that or just pee outside in the garden which used to be his favourite trick

grin at DD's report and parent's evening

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Jul-13 21:04:31

Good luck tomorrow ToffeeDS and happy holidays to many of you.

I have achieved nothing today as I haven't been home. Brought DS to hospital this morning (still strictly speaking not well enough but no one else would take over the responsibility so I'm dis-infecting myself at every available opportunity) and will be here til tomorrow evening.

Had massive rage at loveliest nurse in the world when he told me that Joe's medicine chart AND medicine had not been delivered. The nurses were too busy to have checked... Eventually they turned up in the (closed) out-patient clinic where they had received the chart and the meds and processed them while ignoring the fact that Joe is a patient on the ward.


Medicine now administered.

Nothing has changed since last night. Yes, I do think DH was probably fed up with me being ill. But it's hardly my fault that I've caught something. The very least he could do would be to apologise for bullying me until I got up. For then expecting me to be fine. For not once asking me yesterday or today how I'm feeling.

I am rarely ill. I don't tend to milk it when I am. I am extremely angry with him. He was happy as long as I wasn't. That's the upshot of it. I'm so angry I don't even know how to address it now.

Tomorrow I'll be getting home, cooking eating exercising if I feel better, so unlikely to get much flying done esp as sleep will be limited to tonight.

God I'm wringing so much!!! Sorry sad

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Jul-13 21:04:53


elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:13:47

So here is your round-up for the first day of the month. I have limited myself to 15 minutes so if I don't get round to you please don't be offended but I have reports to write and will get spanked at work tomorrow if I don't get them done. If I haven't mentioned you by name, I am sure you have been amazing at flying today grin

ohhelpitsnota joined ussmile. She immediately made us all (or at least me ) look inferior by having done 10 hours of decluttering. Well Done, that sounds like a massive job well done. She also hasn't cleaned her door yet...don't worry neither have I....for 6 months blush grin.

engels is off to New Zealand envy. She is stressing about packing but at the same time not stressing about packing because that is not the fat fairy way. Have a fabulous time smile.

castle has inspired list envy in others, her DH brought hay in and she has used a facepack. She has also spent 3 hours decluttering the bedroom all that and she still hasn't been to see the MIL wink

bitchy God I love her but seriously wtf? winkgrin. The car, I mean, cleaning the bloody car, I can take her lists they don't scare me anymore since I realised she writes down every little thing she does but the moment she mentioned she was going to clean out her car that is taking it all a little too far.

swan wrote a very wise post re: the mindset of chaos and has an awesomely clever DD. I love the fact she took her arty stuff instead of writing, she sounds like one smart cookie. She is trying to inspire DH to cook something other than fish and chips by cooking spinakottia <elliepac whispers to everyone else wondering what the hell it actually is but doesn't say it loud so as not to seem a phillistine> Count yourself lucky, fish and chips would be a la carte chez elliepacs DH. I asked him to cook tea for him and DS tonight....the tasty morsel he managed to put together? Hot dogs...from a fucking tin grin.

sc had an inspired name change. She also posted 60 squillion times about random stuff just to pee me off but offered G and T in compensation so all is forgiven winkgrin. I luffs her and her posting, it's like chatting. Her and DD shredded stuff and were planning on baking and sock pairing. Oh and she fainted once at squat challenge and another time at 10 hours decluttering <passes smelling salts for when she realises bitchy threatened to clean a car>

jdub had list envy looking at castle's plans. I have list envy most days, in that other people actually manage to do something and I just faff about pretending to have done something grin.

mercury apologised for list posting..the silly billy. I think that's what we are actually supposed to do. List to your hearts content because that shows the system is working for you smile

toffee had a really positive day for DS1 which is lovely to hear and we all wish him luck for tomorrow. You do such a fabulous job of supporting him that I am sure it will be fine smile

just posted the to do list to end all to do lists. My favourite item was 'throw skanky people in the shower'. I bloody love the word skanky, encompasses so many things. I hope skanky people are now non-skanky people

doris is another stressed fledgling re packing. It is not stupid at all. I was going to write a sage and wise answer but shall just point you in the direction of swan's post. She says it far better than I could smile

goinggoth popped by to say hello at the beginning of the month and was unsuccessful at the library due to baby song time. No-one can be successful at anything at baby-song time. Cute it may be I suppose, educational, developmental, yes. Conducive to a

Special mention to trazzles. You are amazing...fact. I can only echo what everyone else has said. We are all thinking of you. Hope you managed to get to the hospital and are feeling a little better.

Bollocks.......11 minutes over...spanking at work for me tomorrow wink. Back with links in a mo!

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:16:58

Ellie you will be pleased to hear the internet side tracked me and the car still looks like a skip on wheels. grin

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:17:36

x-posts with trazzles. PLease don't EVER apologise for whinging on here. We are a safe place where you can do just that and won't ever be judged for it.

Fwiw, I think you have every right to whinge. But that doesn't help really does it? DH sounds like he needs to consider you much more than he has in this situation but I know this isn't a typical situation.

I don't think that made much sense, was any help at all but we get it....we all get it (((hugs)))

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:18:07

chb thank fuck for that grin.

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:23:31

Here are your links for Tuesday.

The babystep is getting dressed to shoes. An ever controversial babystep, you either love it or hate it.

The mission for Tuesday is here.

The zone is front porch, hallway and dining room

And our habit of the month is Swish and Swipe.

Have a good day everyone!

Trazzletoes Mon 01-Jul-13 21:24:01

Thanks ellie no doubt he does love me, he just has a bloody funny way of showing it.

I am DEFINITELY having list envy but living in hope DM can give me a day off this week so I can actually achieve something. My list would be EPIC!!!!!!

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:30:30

Just don't be cleaning out your car on your epic list trazzles, chb nearly did it today and it brought me out in a cold sweat winkgrin

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:40:38

Ellie that car will be tidied out one day. It is really getting on my nerves the state it is in.

I also realised tonight that as it stands I have no laundry to put on tomo morning. Can't wash ds' bedding when he is asleep in bed and definitely won't be waking him up at the time I will be leaving. Though I still have folding, ironing and the putting away of clothes to do tomo.

Beginning, just beginning to feel like I might be getting on top of things. and slightly worried that my mind has been messed with in order to achieve this

elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:45:57

Just give me a couple of days warning so I don't hyperventilate or sneak it on one of these massive lists in little bits chb

Like this:-
putting away
cleaned out drivers side of car
swish and swipe
decluttered draw in bedroom
hoovered out crisp crumbs in motor vehicle

and so on....grin

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:49:30

No promises. but it will be more like:

Put biohazard suit on
move car seat
remove items for which you couldn't get a licence to work with
fill skip


elliepac Mon 01-Jul-13 21:52:11

gringrin grin

MercuryRising Mon 01-Jul-13 22:30:57

Evening ladies. Im shattered after actually flying for the first time in ages but my house looks so much better for it smile

As ellie has reassured me I am supposed to be posting lots of lists. Here is my ta da list for this evening:
Collect dc from school
De-dog poo the garden
Cut the grass which was beginning to resemble a jungle
Water plants
Bring in washing
Dinner for dcs and wash up
Meal plan for the week
Food shop
Make dds bed
Flop on to sofa feeling good that I have achieved
something for a change grin

Bitchy I love cleaning the car out it's lovely transforming it from a skip on wheels to something I enjoy driving. Is that a bit strange???

Trazzles I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight, you need it if you are still feeling unwell. I hope you feel much better soon.

Im off for a bath and an early night. I'm in school tomorrow but I am setting my alarm for 15mins early in the hope that if I manage to conplete the morning routine before I go out my day will run smoother - I live in hope!

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 22:37:33

Mercury it is not strange at all. would you like to work magic on my skip for me? knows what is in the car and why it would need a biohazard suit

MercuryRising Mon 01-Jul-13 22:49:08

I would rather clean your bio-hazardous car than tackle the three mountains of ironing piled up in my conservatory bitchy!!

Asheth Mon 01-Jul-13 22:50:23

A good day today!
Washing done, hung out and put away
Kitchen floor swept and mopped
Ditto for bathroom
Downstairs toilet cleaned
DS1's bed changed
Hall decluttered (incuding the shoe heap!)
Hall hoovered
mission completed (easy as we don't have a front porch!)
Plants watered.

Monday tends to be a productive day, as I don't have anything on and DSs are in an after school club so I get longer to fly!

Ellie I have unrecognisable children and parents evening too! How can they behave so well at school and so badly at home?!

flowers for Trazzles. Hope you feel better soon. And that Joe's time in hospital is as easy as possible for you both.

CHBitchy Mon 01-Jul-13 22:51:59

I don't mind ironing, Mercury. this might just work.

ToffeeWhirl Mon 01-Jul-13 23:01:16

Trazzle - I'm so sorry your DH is being such an arse. I'm not surprised you are so angry. I hope Joe's treatment went ok today (apart from the hospital losing stuff angry).

Thank you, Ellie and all for the good wishes for DS1 tomorrow. He is in such a state of anxiety tonight. We all know why, but we're not allowed to mention it or he starts groaning and wailing histrionically <sigh>. I am sitting with him until he goes to sleep. Luckily, he finds the noise of me typing quite soothing, so it gives me an excuse to go on Mumsnet.

Am feeling so apprehensive about tomorrow. You never know, with DS1, whether his anxiety will overwhelm him or not and the uncertainty is hard to live with. Ah well. Will just hope for the best.

Sleep well, fledglings.

Swanhilda Mon 01-Jul-13 23:11:26

Today has been a strain.

Dh is being a pain. And stroppy with it.
Ds1 is not doing most of his homework and in denial about it and there are enormous gaps in his work and in his understanding of the work sad All the teachers say he needs to work harder, and he does need to, but I can't say that is especially motivating. His defences go up and he shuts down. Maybe he will do better/feel more confident in lower sets, but that is where he is heading, alas.
Twins are fine. But insisted on putting up a tent upside down in back garden. If there is one thing Dh hates, it is a tent being put up wrong and bendy tent pegs. Why do men get so silly about tents? It is only for fun, it is not as if we are actually moving in and need it to be waterproof...

And worse of all, despite buying 10 compass sets through year 7 and 8, there is still no compass when you need one for Art homework!!!!! I can feel a massive declutter of the stationery drawer coming on.

balm on tent situation
balm on late night snacking children situation
balm on Art situation
balm on what time ds2's Induction Day tomorrow is (another strop from DH)
arranged a lift for dd tomorrow for her Induction Day
felt extremely fed up with Dh, and no doubt he feels the same about me [I hope so - neh neh]
tidied kitchen and swept floor
cooked delicious supper, though not the Spinach filo treat I had intended grin, gammon/pineapple and broccoli and boiled potatoes with parsley sauce

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, and I will be feel more pro-active. First stop the stationery cupboard.

Swanhilda Mon 01-Jul-13 23:17:18

Toffee one of the successful ways I defuse ds1 when he is having a crisis of confidence (over homework for example) is to tell him stories about when I had crises over my homework in High School of the storm in a teacup type, and how I resolved them. He loves all tales of me behaving badly and problem solving, I think it makes him feel more grownup and masterful. Good luck tomorrwo

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