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Starting school tips?

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Tailtwister Sun 30-Jun-13 15:54:29

DS1 starts school this Aug and organising his uniform has got me thinking about organisational tips.

Does anyone have any tips for running smooth school week? How many shirts do you need (I have 6), what makes things move smoothly in the morning? How do you make sure all is covered over the weekend (washing, ironing etc), do you have a system to ensure you don't fall behind?

DS1 has already attended the nursery for a year, so we're used to doing the school run. However, P1 will be more complicated as far as uniform, snacks etc, not to mention fitting in homework!

HerbertGistcool Tue 09-Jul-13 11:07:02

We have 3 sets of uniform and do a wash Tuesday and Friday nights.

mameulah Tue 09-Jul-13 16:10:12

Well noble if you're sure, here are a few more...

Pencil cases - not the kind that you have to individual place each item in a piece of elastic.

Does your child know what they are having for lunch? They often have to stand in a line according to what kind of lunch they are having. ie, hot school, cold school, home packed lunch or going home. If they are having hot they should know what choices there are so when it is their turn at the hatch they don't hold the queue up thinking about it. Start practising now. Decide what they are having for lunch or dinner and they have to remember.

Usually you have to buy dinner tickets before the bell. Make sure your child has them BEFORE they arrive in class, and WITH their name on. It can also be helpful to write what kind of lunch and, if they are having a hot lunch, on the back of the ticket.

Don't tell the teacher who takes the classes in in the morning important information about your child. At the beginning of the year it is very likely s/he is not sure of exactly who your child is yet. Even throughout the year it is UNBELIEVABLY annoying that people pass on dentist appointment/holiday/homework/sickness messages. Write them down! Please. By the time the teacher gets a chance to s/he will have met fifty children who will all have also had something to say.

Does your child have a wee loop on the neck of their coat so it easily hangs up on a crushed peg? Hoods are rubbish and the coats fall off. If your child's coat is regularly on the floor it is likely that someone at some point will give them a row for it.

If you go on holiday during term time. Fine. But don't complain if two weeks later they didn't make a certain picture or can't do a certain task.

Be very respectful of classroom assistant type people.

You shouldn't have to go into the cloakroom to help your child get changed. Unless there is a specific reason your child should be able to do this independently.

If your child comes home covered in paint it is your child that needs reminded to put his/her apron on. Not the teacher.

Don't send anything precious to school. If you have an amazing artefact that would be awesome for a school project and it would be a disaster if something happened to it then arrange a time when you can go in and show the class.

If you go in then don't interrupt or contradict the teacher and DON'T discipline the other children.

If another child has an accident, toilet, small cut or whatever. Even if this child is your best friend's child and has been in your house for sleepovers ever since your children were born, you CANNOT assist.

Will keep thinking......if this isn't helpful I am happy to be told to stop.

mameulah Tue 09-Jul-13 16:13:06


Our local authority stopped free fruit a couple of years ago. Even then it was only for three days of the week. I would still send a snack because sometimes (or if you are me, regulary) the teacher forgets and ends up getting it after break.

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