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Milk in shoe

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BoffinMum Sun 30-Jun-13 23:04:23

You can give them a quick wash with soapy water if you need to, and stuff them with newspaper so they don't shrink while they are drying.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sun 30-Jun-13 00:41:25

Shake bicarbonate of soda in them and leave them over night...put plenty in....then hoover it all out. If there's any smell might take a few go's.

greenhill Sat 29-Jun-13 17:36:31

My DD has accidentally dropped a glass of milk into a leather lined pair of shoes (Russell and Bromley flats)
I have removed the milk with kitchen towel, but they don't smell right. What can I use to clean the leather?
The milk has gone underneath the insole.

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