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Cleaning/Tidying for going on holiday - what is acceptable to leave?

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DorisShutt Tue 25-Jun-13 16:58:32

Long story short, thanks to my late SAHM DM (lovely but a bit crackers!) I have what my DH thinks is an unreasonable level of expectation of cleanliness/tidiness before going away on holiday.

I was brought up to believe that the house should be tidied, cleaned, dusted and hoovered before we leave. There should be no dishes needing washed or clothing in the washing basket. Towels should also be clean as should bedding.

DH thinks I'm bonkers. He wants to come in from work, get into casual clothes, have a shower, stick his work clothes in the laundry basket and go. I'm twitching at the thought!

So what should and shouldn't be left? What's normal for you in terms of:
- tidying
- cleaning/dusting/hoovering
- washing bedding
- washing towels
- clothes left in the laundry basket?

chickensaladagain Tue 25-Jun-13 19:38:14

I was looking after a friend's cat once when she went away for a fortnight

She left curry pan and a couple of plates festering in 2 inches of water in the sink

I had to wash them up, I couldn't leave them for a fortnight!

hotbot Tue 25-Jun-13 19:46:32

We are also an everything done house.

HerrenaHarridan Tue 25-Jun-13 20:04:29

I like to leave it so I will be pleased to come back to it.


Anything that will go mouldy, dishes, empty fridge, wipe sides

clean toilet.

Empty bin

Hoover (other wise it will stink of dog)


Above and stuff away, Washing done (and put away dammit!)

whatsonyourplate Tue 25-Jun-13 20:16:50

My theory is if you leave the house looking like it's already been burgled the burglars won't bother. I usually do the dishes though.

WandaDoff Wed 26-Jun-13 10:39:41

I always intend to leave a clean tidy house, but fail as I'm lazy.

Usually manage to empty the bin & throw out any perishables though.

OnTheNingNangNong Wed 26-Jun-13 10:44:00

I try and clean everything before we go. There's nothing worse than coming home to a dishevelled house when you've had a lovely holiday.

BiddyPop Wed 26-Jun-13 11:06:26

Dirty dishes done, bins emptied and no perishable food in fridge.
Try to leave laundry basket empty and change sheets/towels the day before (so I have a half a chance to wash those too).
Try to have main bins (purple and green ones outside) collected in that week's collection (we pay by lift, so we generally only get them collected every 4-6 weeks, but I like to have it empty while we're away in summer).
General clean done - bathrooms, hoovering etc
Worst of the clutter piles dealt with.
IF I have time, I will tackle dusting, and windows.
And spend some time properly sorting the clutter piles.
Even less likely, but if by a miracle I have a few spare minutes, I will sort the paperwork basket.

But as DH and I both work FT, and we don't have a cleaner, once the dishes, fridge and bins are done, then the rest are all bonuses.

Oh, and I always make DH set up the sprinkler system on the timer and move all the pots to within the sprinkler range, so that I will still have veggies when I get home.

ShoeWhore Wed 26-Jun-13 15:07:45

Empty bins. Wash dishes. Wipe kitchen surfaces. Chuck any food likely to go off. Check dcs have flushed toilet. Clean path from front door to kitchen for cat-feeding neighbour grin

There's not usually much dirty washing hanging about as I always end up doing last minute loads of things I need to pack. But I'm not going to stress about a few things left in the dirty laundry basket.

toolittletimetoomuchtodo Wed 26-Jun-13 20:27:28

I do a general tidy - beds, bathroom, etc. we do leave a couple of clean cups and a plate with some crumbs on the kitchen table more as a deterrent to anybody who happened to hop over the back fence and had a casual gander in the window in addition to leaving the lights and radio on a timer. As long as they are clean easy to dump in the dishwasher when we get back and no smells!

Jan49 Wed 26-Jun-13 22:36:06

I would always wash up and dry up before leaving. Ideally I do a machine load of washing that I can hang up to dry so they are dry when we get back.

I can't think of any reason for doing the other things.confused You'll be using things like clothing and towels up to when you leave the house so how can you leave it all clean? I just leave whatever towels and bedding we're using at the time and there will always be some washing in the laundry baskets. I definitely wouldn't do any cleaning or hovering just because of going on holiday. I just do it as usual. I'm more concerned about safety (fire, leaks, burglary) so I unplug things, turn off the water and hide items like laptop computers. But our holidays are very short, usually up to 4 nights, so I'd probably be fussier if they were longer.

DorisShutt Thu 27-Jun-13 07:01:54

Okay thanks people! thanks

I'm now feeling a little less stressed about DH coming home and leaving his work trousers and shirt in the laundry - that'll be the only things left really - towels and bedding plus any random clothes will all have been done that day. A few things will be drying, but that's not a bad thing for burglars I think! smile

Thanks again! thanks

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