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Cleaning/Tidying for going on holiday - what is acceptable to leave?

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DorisShutt Tue 25-Jun-13 16:58:32

Long story short, thanks to my late SAHM DM (lovely but a bit crackers!) I have what my DH thinks is an unreasonable level of expectation of cleanliness/tidiness before going away on holiday.

I was brought up to believe that the house should be tidied, cleaned, dusted and hoovered before we leave. There should be no dishes needing washed or clothing in the washing basket. Towels should also be clean as should bedding.

DH thinks I'm bonkers. He wants to come in from work, get into casual clothes, have a shower, stick his work clothes in the laundry basket and go. I'm twitching at the thought!

So what should and shouldn't be left? What's normal for you in terms of:
- tidying
- cleaning/dusting/hoovering
- washing bedding
- washing towels
- clothes left in the laundry basket?

spacegoat Tue 25-Jun-13 17:04:28

I have everything as clean as I can. Beds changed, washing all done, house immaculate. But it is bonkers. I am a sahm though.

justmuddlingalong Tue 25-Jun-13 17:05:41

No dirty dishes left, sod everything else. You'll have to dust and do laundry etc when you get home, so just get yourselves ready and go. Bon voyage!

DramaAlpaca Tue 25-Jun-13 17:08:03

I must admit I like to come home to a clean, tidy house, because it normally is neither blush.

So I run myself ragged trying to do everything you've listed above, as well as packing & getting organised - and I work full time as well so I end up so stressed that I really need a holiday!

valiumredhead Tue 25-Jun-13 17:10:17

Why make more work for yourself? Bin emptied, no dirty dishes and that's it!

ilovepowerhoop Tue 25-Jun-13 17:11:44

toilets cleaned, dishes done, towels clean, hoovered. Washing basket has dirty stuff in but fairly empty but dont mind as it will be much fuller when we get back. Emptied fridge/veg trolley of stuff that will go out of date too. Am a sahm but don't particularly like cleaning.

ilovepowerhoop Tue 25-Jun-13 17:13:23

p.s didnt dust though and house is now tidier than it normally is!

Princessdivaaa Tue 25-Jun-13 17:16:53

I'm with you.. Whole house is cleaned before we go.. I love coming home to a clean house (only the holiday laundry to do on the return).

May09Bump Tue 25-Jun-13 17:24:44

As long as you have time to do it before you go and doesn't stress you, I would clean and do the normal laundry - it's nice to come back to it tidy.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Tue 25-Jun-13 17:27:51

Basics are

Bins emptied
Fridge cleared
Dishes all done and put away
Kitchen wiped down
Rooms tidy

If we are away for a week then our cleaner will be in while we're gone so she will have it sparkly for when we get back. If we are just away for a weekend then I like to have hoovered the downstairs floors too.

I normally change the towels and bedding a day or two before we go so that they are still fresh when we get back and I'm not having to launder them as well as suitcases full of dirty clothes - but I wouldn't do it on the day we leave otherwise how do you get it all washed?

There is nothing wrong with leaving dirty clothes in the laundry baskets, although I prefer them to be towards empty simply so that I've not got an even bigger mountain when we get back!

munchkinmaster Tue 25-Jun-13 17:31:12

Pre kids = house sparkling but maybe some washing drying
Post kids = throw out the milk and remember to lock the door

(in all honesty coming home to a dirty house with all your cleaning to do plus a new shop and holiday laundry is a real downer)

Parisbanana Tue 25-Jun-13 17:38:35

Washing up done, kitchen clean and fridge emptied of perishables.
Bins empty.
As little washing n the basket as possible.
Beds and towels done in the day or 2 beforehand.
Dusting and vacuuming done.
"stuff" put away

In my opinion, coming back from holiday all refreshed and relaxed, this feeling can last an awful lot longer if you aren't confronted by the usual mess and chores of everyday life the minute you step in the door.

valiumredhead Tue 25-Jun-13 18:06:23

I don't really have 'usual mess' <smug>wink

MaureenMLove Tue 25-Jun-13 18:12:11

All of the above. I also treat myself to one of those air fresheners where the liquid is soaked up the sticks, so the house smells less stale when we get back! I am a bit OCD about a tidy house though and do run myself into the ground getting ready for holiday, but it means I can sleep my way through the flight and get on holiday quicker ! grin

valiumredhead Tue 25-Jun-13 18:12:12

That was a massive joke btw!

Bonsoir Tue 25-Jun-13 18:14:33

I leave it all clean as possible and get a cleaner in to do the floors, bathrooms etc while I am gone!

I like to change the beds, hoover, empty the bin, have very little laundry in the basket, and empty things that will go manky out of the fridge.

I usually come home to a house that is tidier than we usually keep it. It's a nice surprise every time grin

Wolfiefan Tue 25-Jun-13 18:19:44

I don't dust or Hoover as we leave.
I like to come home (with piles of washing) knowing washing baskets at home empty and there are clean towels and sheets. I would never leave dirty dishes or a general mess. Cleaned out fridge a must too. Who wants to battle their way home through traffic to a tip?!?!

PoppyWearer Tue 25-Jun-13 18:21:56

I do as much as is humanly possible - tidy, clean, dishwasher on (preferably through and emptied), laundry and ironing done including towels (I don't iron them).

Will leave a few things in the laundry basket if absolutely necessary.

Finallygotaroundtoit Tue 25-Jun-13 18:26:21

Everyone knows you have to leave it clean enough that the burglars don't judge

dashoflime Tue 25-Jun-13 18:31:30

Finnallygotaroundtoit: grin

Just take out or wash anything that might go mouldy

AdoraBell Tue 25-Jun-13 18:31:35

I think about what I want when I return.

So, clean bed to crawl into, clean towels for a pre bed shower and nothing lurking in the fridge/ bread bin. I don't ever want to see what greeted me after one 3 week holiday. We'd absent mindedly put our breakfast things in the dishwasher. There was probably enough mold to start up a penicillin factory.

Also, a couple of week's maturing in a sealed house/Flat will make laundry rather erm, aromatic.

munchkinmaster Tue 25-Jun-13 18:42:15

I always mean to schedule a tesco delivery for when I come home but am so not organised.

Startail Tue 25-Jun-13 18:46:41

The house gets left in whatever state it gets left in, packing stressful enough without worrying about cleaning.

attheendoftheday Tue 25-Jun-13 19:32:26

If neighbours are in to feed the animals then I leave it clean enough that they don't judge. Otherwise it depends how busy I am.

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