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Life changing products or habits?

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evelynj Mon 24-Jun-13 11:27:06

hi all

Just wondering if you have discovered something that has made your life easier, better or more efficient & if you'd kindly be willing to share?

My items that I can think of are

1. ettore window cleaning kit (a 12 inch 'mop' & squeegee - same as pro's use). About £20 off eBay & is such a quick and great job I've bought it for presents for everyone since. I will try to use it on the tiled bathroom later & confirm if it's a good job.

2. Latex pillows-like memory foam but better. Not as heavy & faster bounce-back-ability, (bit pricey tho but worth it).

3. Tweezerman tweezers. Just really good tweezers, ( also bought as presents for friends who didn't have them & they were appreciated)

Recent idea is to buy a years worth of birthday cards for all family-I'm off to do this at the cheap card shop today after a recent run of birthdays meaning wasting an extra 15 minutes here and there constantly getting cards.

Any tips from any areas greatly appreciated!

oohdaddypig Wed 24-Jul-13 21:00:20

Shamelessly marking...with nothing to add but picking up a loads of tips.

Beancounters Wed 24-Jul-13 20:56:03

Hob brite is brilliant on halogen hobs, but I use it to clean just about everything, it's like a much improved version of jif cream. 3 things in life are the answer to everything hob brite, gaffer tape and chocolate cake.

Dontwanttobeyourmonkeywrench Tue 23-Jul-13 22:05:01

My steam mop and Persil's stain eraser ball. With a teen and a 6yr old, both are in constant use!

flipflopper Tue 23-Jul-13 22:03:39

Paintwork that should say. Bloody phone

flipflopper Tue 23-Jul-13 22:03:05

Magic eraser sponges.
They really are magic! Great for wiping down painter, kitchen cupboard doors et. No scrubbing needed, just warm water.
I buy them from the cheap shop. £1for four.

flipflopper Tue 23-Jul-13 22:02:44

Magic eraser sponges.
They really are magic! Great for wiping down painter, kitchen cupboard doors et. No scrubbing needed, just warm water.
I buy them from the cheap shop. £1for four.

PigletJohn Tue 23-Jul-13 21:51:44

I would be reluctan to use steam on wood.

Two things that upset timber are moisture and heat.

ChillieJeanie Mon 22-Jul-13 19:55:31

I've got my birthday card reminders set up on - I like their sense of humour so when a reminder pops up I usually personalise one of their card designs as well.

I have been wondering about getting something like that heated airer. I'm in a flat with no outdoor space and no room for a tumble drier, so while it's not too bad in the hot weather, in the winter it feels like my clothes take two days to dry on the ordinary airer.

sudointellectual Mon 15-Jul-13 07:30:27

On birthdays etc

When I see something good recommended (often on here), I clip it and save it to Evernote tagged with the name (or names) and the tag present. I have everyone's birthday listed in a Google calendar, which emails me 7 days beforehand (with a link to my Evernote tag). I buy the present and send the card if doing that, or if not the calendar emails me again on the day and I email/FB them.

This only took me about half an hour to set up one day a few years ago and I've never missed a birthday since. It was so useful as well to just be able to share the Family Dates subcalendar to my dad's phone after my mum died and he was suddenly responsible for knowing things like birthdays. Have since shared the family calendar with my sibs and we can add in stuff and everyone updates automagically.

AlohaMama Mon 15-Jul-13 07:12:03

Wow I'm behind the times, never heard of steam cleaners or heated drying racks, but they sound great. Shamelessly lurking for more good ideas!

TheRedRabbit Mon 15-Jul-13 06:42:21

Can you use a steam cleaner on engineered wood floors?

BikeRunSki Mon 15-Jul-13 06:41:50

I do one load of washing everyday, seems to keep on top of it.

AlohaMama Mon 15-Jul-13 06:26:12

Wow I'm behind the times, never heard of steam cleaners or heated drying racks, but they sound great. Shamelessly lurking for more good ideas!

evelynj Sun 14-Jul-13 21:37:04

Ooh, thanks-I might check the Lakeland airer when I can get to the shop & look at it.

Belated-Have tasked dh with looking into steam mops-will get him to check this one out, cheers!

belatedmaybe Sun 14-Jul-13 16:31:12

It is this and this that I usesmile

zebrafinch Sun 14-Jul-13 10:38:05

I have the lakeland heated clothes. drier. I would recommend it. It has made a difference, house is tidier. it folds flat when not in use. I have a washer drier but do not use the drier part

evelynj Sat 13-Jul-13 23:03:46

Belated-I've never even heard of a window dryer-have you a make&model of this combo I could look up on amazon? Does sound great as long as it doesn't take up too much space and money!

Can believe another tip I forgot-for kids clothes, sort clothes into full outfits & store a days clothes all together in sections of one of those wardrobe hanging shoe storage things-about 15 holes in each. If you roll tops & bottoms they don't crease with underwear in middle if needs be, (this is good for me as my dh can't seem to assemble a half decent outfit for DS if left to his own devices).

belatedmaybe Fri 12-Jul-13 03:40:12

2in1 steam cleaner and a good window dryer (rechargeable type) steam first then use the window dryer straight after and everything is clean and dry in no time. Use for floors, tiles, kitchen cupboards, ovens, windows, shower screens. ... and on and on! I can deep clean and dry a full bathroom (floor to ceiling tiles) in under 15 minutes. Honestly the best cleaning combination I have ever owned.

Like the duvets in pillowcases idea and washing in pillowcases!

evelynj Fri 12-Jul-13 01:38:32

Have started trying to instil the mantra 'don't put it down, putt it away' to DS & he's actually learning quickly & becoming tidier so I'm quite delighted. Shame if I turn my back he causes havoc & mess again in 30 seconds.....ho hum.

Another thing I do is if I have a baby wipe that has run over a face or hands, look around for a grubby bit to wipe with it, work or cooker top usually - I do notice more dirt in kitchen cupboards this way but they get cleaned over the course of a week or so.

confusedofengland Thu 04-Jul-13 15:17:32

One thing that has helped me recently is, rather than try & do everything when DC are not around, to actually encourage them to 'help'. They are 4.6 & 2.2 and absolutely love to help and it means that I have more times when I can do things smile

redwellybluewelly Wed 03-Jul-13 23:18:36

On that note of presents being fit for purpose I keep a page in my diary for when I think of a present for someone or they mention something they like. I can't always get it but it does make Christmas and birthdays easier. I also keep an Amazon wishlist for books and for gifts for my DC, my mother refuses to use this as a resource but my very generous MIL always looks there first.

evelynj Wed 03-Jul-13 23:09:59

Notso-bedding sets in pillowcase is a good one for me too-I have about 6 duvet sets for our Sks bed though-just no need! Like the idea of putting them under the allotted beds they fit though, may start that & make more room in the airing cupboard.

I reuse and add the colour run sheets to a wash (always seem to pick up a little but not much 'dirt' but thinking I'll start doing underwear in one wash with baby clothes so anything small and fiddly is separate-I may turn to the tumble drier in winter so this would help organise faster, will have to work out how much it would cost per load.

Also going to add steam mop to my wish list on amazon. Actually that is another thing I think useful-if you have a wish list, it's fun to add to and then you can talk about it often and instead of getting rubbish presents, actually get stuff you want-just have a variety of priced goods-I've had books, tangle teezer brush, filing boxes, kitchen paraphenalia & bits that I'd really like but can't justify buying myself. Always such a nice surprise to get something you really want. When someone asks me if there anything I want for birthday I never remember theses things off the top of my head....

redwellybluewelly Wed 03-Jul-13 14:20:49

Meal plan and batch cook are long standing time savers

I store a clean set of bedding in a tub under each bed, we have a cot, a single, a double and a king and after some late night instances of needing sheets in a hurry and they are mostly light coloured this helps

Repack nursery bags and changing bags night before, I'm liking the tip about keeping swim and PE bags in laundry room (mine are a bit small at the moment!)

Keep double up or unwanted gifts to one side for regifting (but I do note who gave them to me!)

Always have a charity bag on the go for decluttering

Never leave a room without taking something which doesn't belong in it

My favourite don't put it down put it away

notso Wed 03-Jul-13 10:12:57

Keeping bedding sets in a pillowcase is a massive one for me, my airing cupboard is always sorted now thanks to that and learning how to fold a fitted sheet properly.

Having a couple of cooking days a month where I batch cook and freeze. I also peel and chop veg in bulk and freeze it then just take out what I need. I know I could buy frozen and I have but always find bad bits or find it's not chopped the way I would like it.

Keeping swimming and sports kit bags in the utility room so they get repacked straight from the dryer/line rather than lost in the clean washing piles.

TheFallenNinja Wed 03-Jul-13 09:57:54

Steam mop

Food processor.

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