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B*ll*cks!!! HAve just burnt ANOTHER saucepan!! HElp

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Jessajam Fri 26-May-06 22:43:01

Arse! Was being good mummy and stewing apples for ds distracted ( I always do!!! ) and now the kitchen is full of smoke, the apples are black and the pan is looking very unwell...I KEEP burning pans...any ideas for getting rid of the burnt on stuff (DH will not be I said, this isn't the 1st time and he is the cook so I am ruining his pans! Over andover again!!!

WideWebWitch Fri 26-May-06 22:44:00

don't get distracted or
buy decent non stick pans
ooh we have a housekeeping topic!

Jessajam Fri 26-May-06 22:45:39

non-stick - bah, they are nothing against my powers of uselessness in all things culinary!! I have burnt one of them before!!!

FillyjonktheSnibbet Fri 26-May-06 22:46:07

there is only one way to stop burning pans

get rid of the children

soak them (pans) in washing power and hot water.

or if that doesn't work, chuck them.

oooh, aren't I helpful

twocatsonthebed Fri 26-May-06 23:02:56

ooh I 've done this loads! what does sometimes work (depends on the pan and the sugariness of what you burn) is to boil it up again...but this time with loads of water and a good dose of washing up liquid. Scrub, then repeat and it does eventually come off...

I think it's easier to get off non-non-stick pans [?confused emoticon] as then you can scrub really hard with one of those metal things

YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 23:05:39

Put some Coca Cola in the pan and leave it to boil for a few seconds, take it off and scrub with a brush and keep swilling round.

That will get it off (Kim and Aggie special )

Jessajam Fri 26-May-06 23:05:47

okay so the offending item is soaking in v hot water with good dose of washing powder.
It was just apple and water so only as much sugar as in 2 apples...but it doesn't look good!
Just don't want to have to go through the mixture of piss-taking and irritation from DH that I have, yet again, burnt fucking water <and yet also laughing at self, strangely!>

Jessajam Fri 26-May-06 23:07:47

CocaCola now on shopping list for crazed dash to corner shop in morning! Will try to hide extent of burn from DH until have given good scrub/boiled the coke (hmmmm, sounds decidedly dodgy)

YellowFeathers Fri 26-May-06 23:11:39

I watched them do it on a revolting pan in a revolting mans revolting house the other day and to my suprise it does work and that burnt stuff had been on alot longer than a day [bork]

Good luck!

Jessajam Fri 26-May-06 23:13:32

Thanks to all!! Am now off around house to open all windows to try to get rid of lovely aroma <cough! cough cough!> <rubs eyes>

FillyjonktheSnibbet Fri 26-May-06 23:23:25

god yeah, cocacola would probably work. tis vile stuff.

its also a good insecticide apparently, diluted 1/10. mmmmm.

JellyNump Sun 28-May-06 22:38:04

Kim and Aggie are great

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