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How can you get your kitchen floor to look so clean it looks new?

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bummer Fri 26-May-06 15:48:26

Knew I should have paid more attention to those house cleaning programmes!

cadbury Fri 26-May-06 15:50:37

Have a new one laid

sorry, would like to know the answer as well.

KristinaM Fri 26-May-06 15:56:47

sell your kids

FillyjonktheSnibbet Fri 26-May-06 23:30:33

take off your glasses.

scienceteacher Mon 29-May-06 15:05:39

Keep it clean...

dublindee Mon 29-May-06 15:10:05

Em - sweep, then mop, then use disinfectant floor wipes. We don't wear our shoes indoors either.
Helps that DS isn't at the horribly messy stage yet!

Mercy Mon 29-May-06 15:13:47

Use hot water when mopping

mousiemousie Mon 29-May-06 15:50:44

lick it

Enid Wed 31-May-06 14:48:57

get down on hands and knees and scrub it with an Ecloth and hot water, changing the water frequently so it stays hot and clean. Then dry it with another e cloth (also a hands and knees job)

suzywong Wed 31-May-06 14:55:10

SNORT@ mousie mousie

you know there is a rumour amongst some quarters of MN that this topic is a prank

Enid Wed 31-May-06 14:56:00

at prank

more sensible than g and t IMO

suzywong Wed 31-May-06 14:57:13

yes but what about camping and taxidermy? Hmmm what about them?

JackieNo Wed 31-May-06 15:14:58

I so want to say 'well they can just get stuffed', suzywong. Did you set that up so that someone could say it?

hana Wed 31-May-06 15:26:16

i agree with enid
hands and knees and an ecloth or microfibre ones from supermarkets
hurts the knees though

suzywong Wed 31-May-06 15:28:58

no I didn't but I sure wish I had

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 31-May-06 15:42:28

Let it get really dirty and then when you clean it you'll be amazed at the difference.

Works for me!

UCM Mon 05-Jun-06 10:34:17

Knees, scrubbing bruch, cream cleaner, scrub, then rinse with J cloth, dry with old tea towel. Do in bits.

I only do this about every 6 months, the rest of the time, I hoover it, then mop with bleach. I have a ceramic floor though.

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