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educatingarti Sun 02-Jun-13 15:47:55

This is the new minimalist/decluttering thread! I hope everyone likes the minimal title!

fuzzpig Fri 28-Jun-13 09:19:08

Although as I've just realised that the end of August is only 2 months away, that doesn't seem quite so realistic! shock

buildingmycorestrength Fri 28-Jun-13 09:26:23

fuzz just wanted to say that although limiting screen time is laudable, there is a reason people use the TV as a babysitter. When you have serious health issues and no nanny, you want to keep the kids safe and not too frustrated. I understand and just don't want you to give yourself a hard time if the screen time thing isn't easy to implement. Your youngest is still v young too.

Also, I have recently started saying,' Shall we play with x toy you haven't seen months?' instead of doing toy rotation boxes. After 5 min they are settled into enjoying it and I can get on again (or rest).

wendybird77 Fri 28-Jun-13 09:32:48

Ha ha Fuzz - I was just thinking that. I originally gave myself 9 months (until September) to get the house finished and now that we're only weeks away from September I'm realising I've got to get a move on with all the little bits of painting, etc that are still left. There isn't too much left, but I am totally out of energy and enthusiasm for it! And I still have a giant stack of pallets to sort out - they are becoming my nemesis.

On a positive note I've got a wooden baby walker, a box of excess duplo and a floor polisher being picked up today from a freecycler. It will feel great to have them gone to good use and out from underfoot!

harrietspy Fri 28-Jun-13 09:56:36

I think I still operate on 6 year old time as far as the summer months are concerned. Remember when the 6 week summer holiday seemed to stretch forever? I'm 41 now but in my head summer is still this unending flexible space that everything will fit

fuzzpig Fri 28-Jun-13 10:02:50

Thanks building I do know what you mean. That's why we pretty much gave the DCs free reign for so long, especially when DH had his operation etc.

It is just that now I think that TV is adding to our problems rather than easing them, if that makes sense? I know it has had an impact on their attention span for a start.

In terms of babysitting - we agreed that their iPad time will stay. My very generous friend gave us his old one and the DCs play on it, and are much more engrossed in that than any DVD. They will still be allowed 30 mins a day each during the week (but usually sit together and take turns so basically they both play/watch it for an hour) which is useful if we need to get stuff done.

I really hope we can at least make a big impact on the decluttering in two months. It is literally just getting rid of stuff, I'm not including any DIY etc (we rent anyway). Our house is tiny - two bedrooms, living room, tiny kitchen and tiny bathroom, two storage cupboards, so not loads of big rooms to declutter. <clutches at straws>

harrietspy Fri 28-Jun-13 10:19:57

Forgot to say congratulations to arti on approaching your target! And fuzz it sounds like you've got sooooo much accomplished these past

IWillDoItInAMinute Fri 28-Jun-13 10:41:39

Congrats to arti flowers

fuzzpig Fri 28-Jun-13 16:01:56

I just wanted to post, even though my mum isn't an MNer, that she has made progress too. She phoned me earlier to ask if I wanted something she no longer uses. I said no and she just said "ok I'll get rid of it then" <falls over>

grin In the past she would've tried persuading me - not in a horrible way obviously but because she would hate to get rid of it. It's amazing how simply being in her new flat has helped her turn things around. I'm glad she's really happy there. I was actually supposed to be staying there this weekend and enjoying the spaciousness but I am too ill so hopefully I'll get over there soon and get some more inspiration!

harrietspy Fri 28-Jun-13 18:50:19

Hope you feel better soon Fuzz.

I binned a load of ancient plastic stuff today and moved the recycling boxes from the top of the tumble dryer so I can fold laundry there. Can't tell you how good that feels! Little things like that can make such a huge difference.

I was also (in slightly bigger news) floored by getting a job interview when I didn't expect to get shortlisted... If I get the job I'll need to fast-track the house stuff, because I'll have to actually go to work instead of being here fart-arsing around and then rushing madly to meet writing deadlines. smile

IWillDoItInAMinute Fri 28-Jun-13 19:08:32

Well done Harriet, hope the interview goes well smile

I should clear the space above my dryer to fold laundry. There is a huge bag of chicken food up there. I need to put it somewhere where the dog can't eat it.

Cleared another bag of rubbish from playroom, mostly drawings that the DCs like to scatter. DH has agreed to take the spare sofa to the recycling place and a few other bits which should make a big difference, yay!!!

wendybird77 Sat 29-Jun-13 10:23:04

Well done Harriet!

Well freecycler collected the items yesterday - hurrah! Have just listed some cloth nappies on ebay and relisted some stuff on another local freecycle page. Now if I can get DH to sort / trash the random cords and wires I'll feel quite good about progress for today.

Tomorrow we are celebrating DS2's b-day and have another ride-on to add to the collection. I really really need a shed to store these things - they are taking over the house!

harrietspy Sat 29-Jun-13 10:43:35

wendybird I've just bought a tidytent bike cave to keep our bikes in outside (as an alternative to spending £££ on a shed) but you can keep anything in them. It costs £35. I'm just about to tidy up outside so I can erect

fuzzpig Sat 29-Jun-13 18:44:08

It seems really quiet on MN today! And yet I have still achieved nothing.

Well, I did manage about 90 mins outside with the DCs despite not feeling very well still (I think the antibiotics have kicked in fast, though, as I certainly am improving quite quickly) and met our new neighbours who are very nice and have DCs of similar ages.

I then unpacked the shopping delivery, and it's reminded me I've been meaning to ask you all about food. I am really disorganised and for months now we've been meaning to switch to a twice weekly (but obviously smaller) delivery, to avoid the weekly feast-famine cycle and wasted/gone-off food towards the end of the week. But I never seem to get around to actually switching over!

I think we need to declutter the kitchen more too. There is just too much stuff. Problem is we have only 4 of us here in the week but often 5 or 6 on weekends as my DSDs stay - so on those days we do need more crockery/cutlery, and therefore can't just pare it down quite so much.

educatingarti Sat 29-Jun-13 19:17:51

Hi there fuzzpig. It has been quiet on here today! I have done some teaching, some sleeping, some work and <whispers> decluttering! Getting the little chest of drawers out of the cupboard has really provided easy pickings! I have whittled my torches down to 4(!). Binned one that didn't work and put one that is very similar to another one I have in the chazzer bag. I found this hard though! What is it with torches? I blame it on reading too much Famous Five when I was little. (Disclaimer - camping trip coming up so a torch ( or 4??!!) not unreasonable to keep! They are now all in a little fabric bag hanging in my hall cupboard next to the fuseboard! Also got rid of a charger/mains adaptor that I have not used in over 3 years and I'm not actually sure I can remember now what it was for!!

buildingmycorestrength Sat 29-Jun-13 19:58:52

I have had a fabulous session decluttering children's outdoor toys today. My mum came over to help with the garden as I can' physically manage much anymore, and my husband did jobs while I emptied out the kids playhouse.

I chucked about a quarter of their toys, put a quarter towards their car boot sale, and the others stored in a new place.

Their playhouse now holds just a table and chairs, and I put up some bits of fabric as curtains and my daughter decided to decorate it 'romantically' with a vase and flowers. grin. Soooo cute.

I'm so delighted as their dad worked so hard on building it all from scrap wood last year, totally by hand and not to a plan or anything, and then it just became a toy storage unit.

No more! Hurrah!

Am shattered now though.

Well done fuzz and arti and everyone. We will get there.

fuzzpig Sat 29-Jun-13 21:15:14

We only have one torch. An awesome wind up one grin

(I share your childhood love of Famous Five - can't wait to brainwash read them to my DCs!)

harrietspy Sat 29-Jun-13 21:43:23

I too loved the Famous Five, particularly the bits when Anne made a home in a cave/boat/shed. I wanted to be George so badly.

Only a tiny bit of decluttering today because there was loads of other stuff going on - collecting up random bits of stuff from garden and clearing out some old packaging.

I love the sound of that play house! smile

PolkadotRosa Sun 30-Jun-13 10:24:44

Hi all. Just been catching up on your posts - great work!
I've been sorting the never-ending clothes hills (former mountains) and seem to be getting somewhere.

What does one do with a drawer full of pre-baby/pre-b/f good condition, mostly underwired bras?? Been holding onto them in the hope my bosoms may spring back to their former 32b'ers - but not looking likely. Plus I've got DD nursing & maternity bras that are now worn to death & not right either I really need to get measured

I'm wading through a pile of paperwork too, which is quite nice to get shredded and no longer hanging around. Just need to set up a system now for organising it and keeping as little as possible.

Oh and ickle pairs of my little girl's outgrown tights and socks too - just recycle/charity shop? Some are ok, some a bit bobbly/well washed and a few pairs look like they haven't been worn. What do you do?

cleverbit Sun 30-Jun-13 12:30:40

fuzzpig - I have been thinking the same thing but am not nearly organized enough. do you have weekly meal plans? I find myself searching for recipes every time I do a shop (aka every week) which was time consuming when I had one dc but is nearly impossible now that I have two and can no longer do my online shopping at work

buildingmycorestrength Sun 30-Jun-13 15:29:25


I know this won't work for everyone, but my husband offered to do the food shopping when I was very low and it is a brilliant solution.

It just isn't so emotional for him, and he just makes a plan, buys online for the plan, and I cook. Brilliant.

educatingarti Sun 30-Jun-13 16:36:47

Hello everyone! Building - I love the sound of the play house. (Do they need a torch?!!) I would have soooo loved something like that. Just right for Famous Five/Secret Seven meetings etc. I used to try and convince my parents they wanted to buy a garden shed that I could use as a clubhouse. I saved up and bought a really cheap little cotton tent that I slept out in with a friend, but a play house would have been so much better and would not have been so vulnerable when one of the boys next door shot at it with a homemade bow and arrow!

Harriet I think I wanted to be a mixture of George and Anne. I loved the "home-making" bits too but also wanted to do the real adventuring. I remember wandering round the garden (aged about 6 probably) with an old rucksack on my back ( had belonged to one of my grandparents so was 1930's steel frame and khaki canvas - just right for FF but also very heavy!!) and hoping an adventure would happen! I was so disappointed that it never did! I also started to write my own FF adventure (again aged 5 or 6) which I still have. It starts off:
Julian Anne gorge Dick and timmy were having Breakfast at Kirrin cotige Suddenly Julian said lets go on a biycling tore. Ante fanny wud not mind. you no thouse adventuers we'll get into wone of thorse and we'll enjoy it.
I was a fairly precocious reader but spelling and punctuation not so!

fuzzpig Sun 30-Jun-13 17:08:25

Oh no I was all George. I still have my grandfather's binoculars smile

I wrote an adventure story when I was about 9, and met EB's daughter at a local event (she lived in my hometown) - she asked me to send her my 'novel' (it was 7 chapters grin) so I did and she wrote me a letter back. smile One day I really want to write an adventure book for children... One day never comes though grin

Building I'm afraid I don't like it when DH does the food shopping. He pretty much runs the house due to my health but I like choosing food myself. We don't really have a meal plan but at the moment we are just having really basic food anyway.

I have been thinking about having a standard list of things that are ordered on every shop (ie twice a week - stuff like fruit, salad stuff, milk), and then stuff that is weekly etc.

educatingarti Sun 30-Jun-13 17:16:32

fuzzpig " One day I really want to write an adventure book for children... " You and me both! I even have a setting and plot worked out - I think I just lack the pot of glue to stick me to the seat while I do it! Perhaps Harriet can help!!! grin

Sadly my six-year old epic never reached its final conclusion. I never got past Chapter 4 - "things begin to hapen". Chapter 3 was entitled "strage tings in the night" . where "the five went to sleep but not for long because timmy grolde and then they wocke up"

fuzzpig Sun 30-Jun-13 17:45:56

Aww arti that's so sweet. My DD just turned 6 and I just love reading what she comes up with. She writes and draws in a notebook in bed (when she should be sleeping, but oh well). Her latest was a whole page about Buzz Lightyear rescuing Cinderella confused

I am annoyed at my rubbish health today. I hate the fact I've stalled and the house is a mess. I managed to grab a few books to add to the charity pile, and that was all I could handle sad

IWillDoItInAMinute Sun 30-Jun-13 19:03:03

Polka can you take your bras to Oxfam? My local one loves bras!!

Re tights, good ones to charity, bobbly ones to recycling ? Do you have an older child? Mine love to make 'pets' and 'monsters' out of stuffing tights and socks grin

Well done with the clothes hills !!

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