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Is June the new January? - the Fledgling Flyers are doing their flaming best

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pushmepullyou Fri 31-May-13 21:32:02

Welcome old and new fledglings to the June Fledgling FLYers thread! smile

Thank you very much to castlelough for leading us expertly through May - I shall try not to be too haphazard with June, although I make no promises wink

If you're overwhelmed by clutter and general household grub then join us as we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system or languish in the naughty corner hoping to do better tomorrow grin

As usual, we will be following the Flylady three-pronged approach:

1. Baby-steps (a daily step to establish routines)
2. Then baby-steps + 15 mins daily decluttering
3. (And once decluttered) babysteps + daily missions and maybe even detailed cleaning in the weekly zones

For more information have a look here, although to avoid a cluttered inbox, we advise not signing up to the Flylady emails. The basic principle is little and often and don't worry about perfection (no chance of that here!).

Don't worry if you are behind; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

All the links for the babysteps and missions will be posted here every day and we'll all be here to cheer each other on and chat our way through the month.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Jun-13 10:39:26

<Slopes in late>

Good morning all.

Quiet day for me as heading out to work in an hour, but flat looks tidy and laundry basket is almost empty.

Congratulations Mercury

Good idea Bitchy wine cheers! <fluffs cushions and plonks arse down>

Excellent decluttering Trazzles, agree that craft stuff can pile up, would Jo be happy if you task photos of his work and made a folder of it? Then he would still have something physical but it would take up less space. I can get away with keeping photos of DD's paintings on the iPad, but there's a rocket and a horse spacesuit(!) that is starting to disintegrate and she's still keen on them.

Waves to everyone else.

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 11:02:35

I'm the problem, not Joe!!! I think it's because he's sick I really struggle emotionally to get rid of anything to do with him. I guess because there's a real possibility that he's not going to be here filling the house up with his projects for the next 15 years or so.

MercuryRising Sat 01-Jun-13 11:23:04

Good Morning lovely ladies grin

Big wing flaps to castle,trazzle*,*goth*,*pmpy and silvery

Im going to be doing a SCITT course engels, which I think is like the old gtp. Im really really excited but also very nervous about the workload. To be honest I just want to get started now.

Wow silvery your lists are still amazingly long! Im very envious! At the moment I think even if I manage to keep up with the routines it will be a massive improvement as I have done so little for so long blush

It sounds like Joe is doing really well Trazzle. I am really pleased for you all.

Im going to try to get some more sleep as I didn't get in from work until 6 and Im back in tonight but when I get up I plan to:
S and S
Wash load in
Sheets off line
Iron dcs uniforms (that is how rubbish I have become - they have been off for a week and I havent managed this!)
Run the hoover round
Post Office
Visit Dmum
Go to work

I hope everybody enjoys the sunshine bbl.

MercuryRising Sat 01-Jun-13 11:50:03

Trazzle we x posted I was refering to Joe learning to walk with his frame. Having just read your post I feel like a completely insensitive bitch I am really sorry if my careless comment offended you.

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 11:59:54


Can't get motivated whilst dh is still here. He leaves at about 3.15pm for work so will get going then.

The boys are currently tidying their rooms and putting away laundry and dd is being really well behaved for a change. smile

So a list might help...

Empty dw
And refill it blush not a great start huh?
Put mine, dh and dds laundry away
Make lunch
Dd to pick up toys- she has covered the sitting room
Put up curtain pole (have 3 to do but don't get carried away)
Put up curtains (again three lots but won't hold my breath)

Waves to you all. BBL.

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 12:22:06

There might be fuck all flying going on here today <sits in corner very very quietly>

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 12:22:46

And HQ lied!!! They said that stupid ad was only here until the 31st! It's still sodding here!

CaptChaos Sat 01-Jun-13 12:35:16

May I join in? I used to FLY a while back, and it really helped me to get rid of all the rubbish I seem to clutter the house with.

Having people to cheer on (and hopefully cheer me on) might help. DH and I will be working together on this.

Asheth Sat 01-Jun-13 13:01:22

Can I join? I seriously need to take control of my house! Will try to get the DC to help as well! So today -
Washing - lots of (got back from holiday yesterday)
15 mins decluttering in DS2's room - done!
Clean toilet
2 min hot spot work
Empty and put away things from the holiday, currantly piled up in the hall.
Will be back tomorrow to (hopefully!) tell you I've done it all!

IsSpringSprangedYet Sat 01-Jun-13 13:02:07

Can I join too? I have about three of these threads in my watch list, but taking the plunge this time. I need to get cracking though as the house is a tip. So much stuff everywhere.

To do:
Fold and pack clean washing, new load in
Strip beds and new bedding on
Sweep through hall
Start clearing dining room table (shock at state of dining room table!!)

I have emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, and general clearing away

Best get on then!

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Jun-13 13:19:33

Trazzle <hug> sorry didn't think of it like that.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Jun-13 13:24:31

Welcome Newbies <mwah ha ha ha>

Capt like the idea of your DH being involved from the start, mine just went "you're shining the what?" Although he is used to the flat being tidier now.

Asheth if you can face the Flylady site there are missions for Flykids, my DD will occasionally do them, although she does love the 15 minute timer.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 01-Jun-13 13:27:49

IsSpring whoops hit post too soon blush, you've got a great 1st day list.

Sounds like you've got a good idea of the baby steps and routines, just take it steady, as it's easy to overdo it in the first lot of enthusiasm.

Must go do something now.....

CiderwithBuda Sat 01-Jun-13 13:58:39

Hello. Can I join in too please? I have tried to fly in the past but get side tracked.

We are in midst of having most of the white gloss paintwork redone at the moment as it all yellowed really badly so Dulux are kindly paying to have it done again. So upstairs is a mess as we have even moving in and out of bedrooms as they are being done. So I am decluttering bedrooms as we go. Porch and dining room desperately need attention too though!

So far this morning I have emptied the dishwasher although not yet started to reload.
Done three loads of washing including DSs uniform which I didn't get done during the week
Washed down the shelves in the walk in wardrobe
Put some of my clothes back in wardrobe
Tried on some clothes and sorted into lose half a stone, lose a stone and charity shop piles!
Helped DH dismantle the old bed in preparation for new bed coming on Wednesday.

Still to do today - continue putting clothes away
Hang final load of washing to dry
Hang out dogs towels
Load dishwasher
Wipe down kitchen worktops
Vacuum kitchen/dining area
Remind DH to brush dogs
Put dry washing away
Put DSs sports kit in his bag

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 14:33:47

<hides from the scary list and brews a very large batch of Bitchy's special brew>
<takes a deep breath>

right you horrible lot!!!!!! LISTEN UP VERY CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU are ALL doing this WRONG let me explain the ethos behind this and you NEED TO LISTEN!

The fat fairy designed this system to:
1. Build in little steps that make the stuff that builds up cos it is ignored just done
2. To build up SLOWLY as it takes over 28 days to make a new habit
3. To create days which the focus is on spending time doing fun things with the family

Today is FAMILY FUN DAY that means you don't do long lists. YOU spend the day doing stuff with the family that is FUN. make a model, make mud pies in the garden, whatever. But really if you are not getting this principle then you really do need to go read sink reflections and enter the sodding big tent to read the testimonials and her explanation on this!!!

I know I don't always stick to this but I don't have ds every weekend and chose to do chores so that I can spend the evening during the week doing something with ds. And I do still try to take time out at the weekend to do something fun for me.

This system is not about only doing housework and chores

Get a fucking grip people. There is more to life then house work!!!!!!

<wanders off muttering clutching a very large VAT sized cup of special brew coffee>

elliepac Sat 01-Jun-13 14:43:24

Is it June already. Another month of signing in, another month of abject failure.

And chb, way too much family fun been going on here to fly recentlywinkgrin.

Going to catch up. Might not be back today as am currently debating whether to go to school reunion tonight. My BF from school (the only one I am in rl contact with) is not going but there are some lovely ladies who I have seen on and off since school who I would like to see who are. Can't decide. I know I will go and realise why I haven't kept in touch with these people (because they are twats) but have promised to go and see these ladies. Hmmmmmmm.

BlueEyeshadow Sat 01-Jun-13 14:55:44

Noo! It's June and the Karcher ad is still there!

PositiveAttitude Sat 01-Jun-13 15:07:56

Hate that ad!!!! angry

Oh and Hi everyone!! Too busy in the local pub having family time for any list from me today! grin <missionary halo has most definitely slipped!>

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 15:12:24

Afternoon. Not much done on the list as of yet. Been at a birthday party with ds2 this morning and now dp wants to go to the park which is nice, but God forbid he does anything with them without me. Which means we'll all go to a park and have a really stressful afternoon because he'll be whinning at them which stresses me out so I start shouting. Much better if we do things with them separately, which is quite sad.

Very quickly, before I catch up properly, Trazzles Great job on the decluttering.
Mercury Congrats on the teacher training, fab news
Welcome to this months newbies <waves> grin

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 15:13:42

Chb we've just had half term- nothing but family fun!

Just marking spot, we've been away with patchy wifi, just got back. I haven't read through this thread, hope to catch up properly tonight.

Unfortunately DS broke his arm yesterday sad. Other than that we had a great week. smile

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 15:36:13

Wtf? Did I miss the point of this thread becoming a judgemental bitch-fest?
Isn't the point of this system to find a way to keep on top of the things we want to do to keep our homes the way we want them?????
We don't know the ins and outs of each others situations so I don't think anyone else should judge on what we as individuals aim to achieve.

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 16:03:25

But the whole point is that FLY LADY is supposed to combat perfectionism. That it doesn't actually matter if you have a bad day or not. You don't beat yourself up about having a bad day. you just move on and jump in exactly where you are. You are never behind always moving forwards. That you didn't take 1 day, 1 month or even 1 year to get into the state/situation it is. It won't take that to get out of it.

So many people on this thread are coming on saying I only I haven't done much perhaps not but you HAVE done something. And that is fly.

FLY actually stands for FIRST LOVE YOURSELF and those wishy washy baby steps are actually part of trying to change the ethos from perfectionism at all costs to progress is progress.

FLY is not about a list system to ensure life gets controlled it is about finding a system that enables life to be enjoyed and not a chore. It is supposed to be fun. It is not supposed to take all day. It is a little bit here and a little bit there. It is about understanding that Perfectionism is actually the greatest harm there is to success. Simply because too many people fall into the Perfectionism or nothing frame of mind.

That is what this thread is about. That is why we have a naughty corner bar. Why it doesn't matter if you have done a lot or nothing at all if you want to pop by for a chat. And why this was never an intense flying thread at the beginning. You want perfectionism then perhaps you have the wrong attitude for the thread because even the laws of science state there is no such thing as perfect and it goes against the very nature of existence.

As for a bitch fest. Nah that it is not. But equally sometimes a reality check is needed before we all sink too far into the perfectionism at all costs mind frame. We can all be guilty of it and then give up. Most of us have failed at flying at one point or another for exactly this reason. And we want to stop falling of the fly wagon, so thus need to remember this.

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 16:06:35

Oh and if you don't like swearing then you most definitely on the wrong fucking thread. Cos I can and will swear. I do in real life and ain't changing it for anyone. my username does serve as a warning but perhaps I need to swap back to it's full version for a bit. Just so you fully understand.

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 16:12:25

Tbh we do welcome all and we are very supportive but some of us have been here from the beginning of time the start of the thread 4 or 5 years ago. we have seen posters come and go. we have seen the reasons for falling off the thread/fly lady and generally they are the same reasons again and again and again. The others would probably saying it in a less bull in china shop approach but as harsh as it seems the points I have raised about forgetting fun stuff, and perfectionism are the reasons again and again that people fail. The system has built into an understanding that life gets in the way. Fly lady's motto is "You are never behind, jump in where you are" is evident of this. But it is habit to feel guilty about it, and guilt is heading towards perfectionism. And perfectionism can kill motivation. Really is that simply.

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