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Is June the new January? - the Fledgling Flyers are doing their flaming best

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pushmepullyou Fri 31-May-13 21:32:02

Welcome old and new fledglings to the June Fledgling FLYers thread! smile

Thank you very much to castlelough for leading us expertly through May - I shall try not to be too haphazard with June, although I make no promises wink

If you're overwhelmed by clutter and general household grub then join us as we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system or languish in the naughty corner hoping to do better tomorrow grin

As usual, we will be following the Flylady three-pronged approach:

1. Baby-steps (a daily step to establish routines)
2. Then baby-steps + 15 mins daily decluttering
3. (And once decluttered) babysteps + daily missions and maybe even detailed cleaning in the weekly zones

For more information have a look here, although to avoid a cluttered inbox, we advise not signing up to the Flylady emails. The basic principle is little and often and don't worry about perfection (no chance of that here!).

Don't worry if you are behind; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again anyway!

All the links for the babysteps and missions will be posted here every day and we'll all be here to cheer each other on and chat our way through the month.

NarkyNamechanger Fri 31-May-13 21:42:30


Hi pmpy ( am I the only person who reads Pumpy when I see that appreciation?) smile

NarkyNamechanger Fri 31-May-13 21:43:09

Damn you autocorrect! Abreviation!

pushmepullyou Fri 31-May-13 21:46:22

Right then - with mere hours to spare before the first of June here are the links...

We start the month with babystep No 1 shine your sink . For anyone unfamiliar with the Flylady system an explanation of the babysteps is here

As it's the start of the month we're in zone 1, which is the entrance, front porch and dining room.

Every day the steps and missions are all set out in the Flight Plan, which (hopefully) should update automatically.

The habit for the month is drinking water. Personally I'm a bit dubious as to the scientific basis for recommending that people drink 4 pints of water a day, but heigh ho, if it works for you....

Saturday is Family Fun Day, always a favourite!

No missions as it's the weekend so get out and have fun with your families whether you want to or not grin

pushmepullyou Fri 31-May-13 21:47:25

Hi Narky - that's better than Pimpy, which has been mentioned before!

Castlelough Fri 31-May-13 22:03:52

Thanks * pmpy* !
Loving the thread name btw - of course June is the new January!!! grin
gringrin at 'pumpy' and 'pimpy'!

pushmepullyou Fri 31-May-13 22:13:10

They don't really get better when you write them next to each other grin blush

BlueEyeshadow Fri 31-May-13 22:20:22

Marking spot for tomorrow.

More thanks all round.

MercuryRising Fri 31-May-13 22:41:02

Hi all!

I know I have been awol for months but I need to return to the fledgling fold. My house is definitely suffering with CHAOS and my ironing pile is as tall as me blush

I have been accepted for teacher training and start in September grin but now Im worried how I will manage to keep the house tidy whilst training when I can't even manage it now!

So I really, really hope I can make June the new January and hope this thread and you lovely ladies can help me get organised!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Jun-13 00:10:34

Thanks for thread leading this month, PMPY.

Have already shined my sink today <smug smile>.

Welcome back, Mercury, and well done for being accepted onto teacher training.

MercuryRising Sat 01-Jun-13 00:27:02

Hi Toffee

Im looking forward to catching up with you all.

I can't believe how easy it is to slip back in to bad habits but I will definitely be shining my sink tomorrow!

CHBitchy Sat 01-Jun-13 03:12:33

<dances into the thread singing>
<decides to reopen the naughty corner bar for a little party>
Any one else still awake is welcome to join.
Just do not expect much life before lunch.

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 04:46:15

<stumbles in half asleep>
Just making place. Thanks pmpy

SilveryMoon Sat 01-Jun-13 08:05:51

Up and make beds done
Get breakfast done
feed cats done
laundry done
clear breakfast
bath and dress
swish and swipe
clean litter trays
rubbish out
bit of ironing (20 items a time)
wrap present for party ds2 is going to
menu plan and write shopping list
online food shop
take ds2 to party
what's for dinner?
pop to tesco for bits needed today
hang washing out
sort dry clothes
non iron away
change bedsheets
glass shelves
windows/mirrors/tv stand etc
washing machine drawer
bleach plugs
hoover cat beds
stray items away
lay out clothes
shine sink
quick clear of car
clean fridge
make next weeks sandwiches for packed lunch
babysit at friends house

Anything that doesn't get done today will roll over to tomorrow. List in no particular order.
Better get a move on. Catch you all later smile

DorisShutt Sat 01-Jun-13 08:13:22

Morning all!

Well, my sink was shiny when I woke this morning as DH returned from GP with a "textbook" case of tonsillitis so he's on drugs to sort it as it's been over a week. (I'm a little concerned as it can be contagious and I now have a sore throat <sigh>) anyway, as a result of the drugs he was comatose on the sofa at 8pm grin so I got the TV to myself and was able to tidy up the kitchen.

Today we're off out to get DS a hair cut, and then the local fair to wander round. I'm also going to try to get up to the local Argos to buy storage boxes for DS room so I can start moving things out of the living room to his room.

pushmepullyou Sat 01-Jun-13 08:18:26

Morning, morning lovely fledglings smile

Welcome back mercury smile

Quick to do list for today...

Shine sink
Dye hair
Washing x 2
Fold and put away laundry
Top up shop
Sort DS' clothes
Go to tip
Weed top border
Go to garden centre

NarkyNamechanger Sat 01-Jun-13 08:23:07

Holy cow that's a long list silvery

I'm still in bed watching Friends. Will get up in a minute and write a list. Once DH has gone to work, I really want to crack out the paint and start on the hallway. smile Am I crazy? Yes.

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 08:33:41


ComradeJing Sat 01-Jun-13 08:42:11

Marking place. I'm GOING to get stuck in.

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 08:42:30

Not expecting to do much flying today but I have finally got my head in a place to do some decluttering. Our hallway looks so much better now (managed to free cycle DH's guitar and accessories which have been sitting there since the Great Storage Evacuation in September...). The only thing left is a set of golf clubs to move to the garage.

We have a little porch as well and that's where all (well a lot of) the post sits. And sits. And sits. I sorted through a huge pile last night while watching Les Mis and so that area looks much better too.

I need to get back on board with the baby steps this month and I have to confess to not usually bothering too much about zones and missions... So what am I doing here? No idea!!!!

I am really excited to be seeing rubbish go out the door and I'm really hoping some of it will rub off on DM who is a hoarder. She keeps trying to cling on to stuff and stop me from throwing it out. I will not be defeated by her hoarding ways!!!

Engelsemama Sat 01-Jun-13 08:49:31

New month, new start! Morning all!

Thanks for leading us in May Castle thanks

Great news on teacher training mercury - well done. Are you doing PGCE or GTP?

You're very right sc - the end of the school year is in sight. Only one month to go and I'll be packing our bags for our trip to NZ grin

Managed to get a fair bit done yesterday. Today is a mix of house, school and me!

Ta da
DS and I up and dressed
Long chat with my best friend in NZ

To do
Put away yesterday's washing
Wash on
Washing up
Shine sink
Take DS over to nursery for and hour or 2 - it's Circus day apparently!
Set of marking while DS is asleep
Spend 15 mins on school emails
Hotspot (dining room table) is driving me nuts. Today is the day!
Work out how to use my fancy new tablet/order cover/case
Get outside - gardening or walk to play park
Sign up for 15k in November and maybe a trail running day next weekend if I can find someone to go with me
Digital decluttering (my inbox and school files need some culling)

Engelsemama Sat 01-Jun-13 08:51:46


Great decluttering trazzles Our hallway is FULL of rubbish - a broken toddler chair, drill, shoes/boots, bags of disorganised school stuff, play mat, shredder, box of toys we got given my BIL, washing basket. It's frightening me to even look at it, but maybe now it's the start a new month it's time to tackle it!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 01-Jun-13 09:09:00

Well done on the decluttering, Trazzle! I am just like you with the post. I hate dealing with it - it's so boring - so it tends to pile up in the kitchen hotspot blush.

Went through my kitchen cupboards yesterday evening and listed what's in there, so I can menu plan accordingly. Have also been reading through threads in the Food section to get some ideas for saving money on food.

We are going to the local farmer's market this morning (hmm, that won't save us money) and then taking DS2 to the hairdressers as his curls are out of control.

Hope you all have a good day.

Castlelough Sat 01-Jun-13 09:53:05

Good morning!
Everyone is very motivated today! smile

To Do

-Ironing (5 items)
-shower, hair, makeup
-pack bag
-abandon DH until Monday evening (am going home grin) : 3 hr drive!
-buy a bday and an engagement card
-celebrate my sister's engagement with her without her noticing that I am not actually drinking any of the champagne myself. .... hmm

Trazzletoes Sat 01-Jun-13 10:03:28

Haha I have been purposefully avoiding the playroom though... Joe is so massively spoilt at the moment. Plus he makes loads of craft at the hospital. I don't know where to start with it all!

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