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So, how DO I get my whites whiter, then?

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FrayedKnot Thu 25-May-06 20:29:23

I have two laundry problems, oh good housekeepers.

Firstly, I would like to get my white bedlinen a bit whiter again instead of the slight yellow tinge it seems to have acquired.

Secondly, I use supermarket brand non-bio washing tablets, & wash everything on 60, but DS' t-shirts always seem to come out with grease marks still on them.

Any tips?

SenoraPostrophe Thu 25-May-06 20:33:50

grease: rub with washing up liquid before washing (and rinse before putting in machine).

whiter whites: do you dry them in the sun? that helps a lot.

bonkerz Thu 25-May-06 20:39:22

I soak whites in MILTON and it turns the whites WHITE!!!!!! i then wash on a normal hot wash!

expatinscotland Thu 25-May-06 20:41:29

add soda crystals to the wash and dry them in the sun.

FrayedKnot Thu 25-May-06 20:48:20

Ah. Well, sun, what's that

Maybe we're due a bit more soon.

I have some soda crystals so will give that a go.

Washing up liquid sounds like a sensible thing for the grease spots.

gscrym Thu 25-May-06 20:51:59

According to Kim of Kim and Aggie, washing any stain in anything hotter than 40 deg C can set it. Try a cool wash with an oxy-stain thing and then hot wash.

Twinkie1 Thu 25-May-06 20:53:11

Wash tings at 40 not 60 and use glo white sachets or vanish oxy in wash powder.

bubbles4 Thu 25-May-06 20:55:57

buy somewashing tablets called maxitrat from lidll(not the coloured variety but the biological ones in the green pack) and wash on 60 degrees, gets out most fat stains

FlameBoo Tue 30-May-06 08:27:27

I use biological powders (shock horror) - persil or ariel, and try and dry on the line inside out as much as possible (they go less yellowy).

Milton can help, but will damage the fabric over time because of the bleach in it.

For grease... its hard to get hold of, but there is a yellow spray called "elbow grease" (meant for work surfaces) - if you spray that on (and wash immediately if it is colours), it seems to tackle most grease (except one of my tops <sob>).

I always wash at 40 too, unless it is a nappy wash.

SSSandy Tue 30-May-06 09:41:09

whites - I add a packet of baking soda to the washing powder

Marina Tue 30-May-06 09:45:22

Vanish pink spray on grease stains works well for us and agree about washing on 40 not 60 and line drying.
We use napisan in white washes occasionally as well.

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