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Hoover just broke! Should I get a dyson?

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scabbysnake Fri 31-May-13 09:17:08

Any recommendations other than a dyson?

LastButOneSplash Fri 31-May-13 09:19:13

I've just got a Henry after a dyson. Much prefer it. The other one people recommend is the Miele cat and dog but they cost a lot more.

10storeylovesong Fri 31-May-13 09:29:26

I swapped from a Henry to a Dyson. I used to love my Henry but was disgusted how much stuff came up in the Dyson just after hoovering with the Henry. Definitely worth the money (and if you get the ball one, they're so much easier to use)

bigbuttons Fri 31-May-13 09:32:03

I have a henry after having had a dyson. I really hate the henry. Bloody useless thing. I miss my dyson so much

barebranches Fri 31-May-13 09:33:01

i got a vax... half the price of a dyson and does the job.

ZolaBuddleia Fri 31-May-13 09:35:34

Sebo! Sebo! Sebo!

Unfortunatelyanxious Fri 31-May-13 09:35:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lioninthesun Fri 31-May-13 09:37:48

Get a Henry. My Dyson broke twice after a long haired flat mate's hair got tangled in it and broke the elastic band inside. It never worked as well after that and sounded like a jet engine taking off. Tbf, it wasn't great to start with. Plus nasty having to get your hands in to prize chunks of fluff and hair out of the bagless bit.

musickeepsmesane Fri 31-May-13 09:37:55

Another Sebo fan here. I have tried Dyson. They never seem to do what they claim. Had my Sebo for years and it is was a great investment

pooka Fri 31-May-13 09:39:51

No! Loathe our dyson. So much that I saved and bought another Miele. The dyson was a replacement for our 10 year old Miele when it finally gave up the ghost. It's crap. You have to practically coax debris into it. The Miele practically lifts the carpet up as we go.

MrsLettuce Fri 31-May-13 09:39:53

Dysons are a bit marmite. I love mine and would certainly get another if it died (heaven forbid). I nearly went with Miele but being able to see any playmobile / lego /money / whatever DP has hoovered up is great. Not having to shell out for bags every 5 minutes is nice too, pretty sure I've eared the price difference between Miele and Dyson back by now.

That said, when I bought mine Miele didn't do a bagless, if they do now then it almost certainly worth serious ocnsideration.

notso Fri 31-May-13 09:39:57

Recently swapped my Dyson for a Miele.
I thought the Dyson was good but the Miele is brilliant.
I was going to keep the Dyson upstairs as we have a 3 story house but I gave it to MIL the Miele is just so powerful. I love having bags again and not having to get covered in dust or pull manky clumps of hair out of the Dyson bin.

NanTheWiser Fri 31-May-13 09:40:40

Yet another Sebo lover - FAR better than Dyson.

FriedSprout Fri 31-May-13 09:40:44

Miele, without shadow of a doubt. Had it for years, and copes with everything thrown at it. Animal hairs, building works, dropping down stairs, the lot.

Yonihadtoask Fri 31-May-13 09:46:21

I posted recently on this topic, and decided on a Sebo.

I love it smile

Never had a Dyson, so can't comment but have worked my way through many other brands of vacuum cleaner.

ChablisLover Fri 31-May-13 09:46:38

I had a dyson and it was crap - never lifted anything

Bought a henry and Im in love with him

So much better

EugenesAxe Fri 31-May-13 10:06:02

Agree totally with UnfortunatelyAnxious - too delicate and the attachments on the uprights are pants and too restictive. Having said that; I recently visited my sis who has a tiny cylinder Dyson that I thought performed very well for its size. But if you want a household, not-pushed-for-space type vacuum I wouldn't get a Dyson.

I still love my Nilfisk Extreme X300. It bloody rocks. An electrician visited recently and borrowed it to save himself a trip to the car, and he commented that it was really good for a non-industrial vacuum. Downsides are that its quite heavy but if you don't have any delicate muscles/joints it will be OK. Make sure you change the filter (not the HEPA - a general one) every four bags (there's one included with every 4 x vacuum bags set) or it can overheat.

I used a Henry when I worked in a shop and thought it was very good. Miele are a very dependable brand.

TerrysNo2 Fri 31-May-13 10:07:31

HENRY all the way! grin

TSSDNCOP Fri 31-May-13 10:08:36

Miele. My cleaner's belting away with it as we speak grin. It was her own choice after she battered the life out of the Dyson mysteriously broke.

EauRouge Fri 31-May-13 10:13:17

I had a Henry and hated it. It had absolutely no suction so it took hours to hoover a room and it kept bloody falling over.

Varya Fri 31-May-13 10:14:11

Sebo! XXX

scabbysnake Fri 31-May-13 10:28:20

wow lots of suggestions, thanks. just googling them all. i would prefer an upright so henery is out. just looking at the sebo, do they stand up on their own ok? they look like they will fall over as soon as i pull the hose out.

NanTheWiser Fri 31-May-13 21:54:48

You need to either support the Sebo, or lay it flat when you use the hose scabby - otherwise it is likely to topple - I've never found it a problem.

Abra1d Fri 31-May-13 21:56:13

My Dyson has lasted for 14 years and has never broken down. I do now also have a Bosch, but the Dyson i still going.

bigbuttons Fri 31-May-13 22:38:08

I suppose our dyson did break quite alot, but we had an extended warranty and the repair man always came quickly. At the time I lived in a very large 9 bed rectory, had 6 young kids so it took a bashing every day.
i still miss it and curse the day I replaced it with a bloody henry.

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