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Safe key storage versus toddler

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Spikeinhiscoat Thu 30-May-13 18:19:34

I'm not really sure where to post this, but I need advice on home safety with an exploring toddler. Ds2 is 17 months and into everything. He's started climbing on the furniture. All the big stuff (wardrobes, bookcases, etc.) are fixed to the wall, TV secured, etc., but his new trick today was climbing up on a storage chest, and playing with the window handles. He managed to turn the key on one of them and unlocked it. Thankfully he didn't open the window, and I've since removed the keys and put them on top of some nearby shelves.

Obviously the safest thing would be to stop him climbing there, but that is easier said than done. I would normally keep the keys in the window locks (from a fire-safety point of view, I thought it best to be able to open the windows immediately), but I now need to temper this with ds2's exploring. Some of the rooms in the house don't have a handy high shelf close to the window (it's no use putting keys in a drawer as he's likely to empty those), and I'd like to keep the keys accessible to ds1 in case of an emergency. Any ideas?

AMumInScotland Thu 30-May-13 18:22:22

How about a hook at the side of the window? They can be covered by the side of the curtains but still nice and handy.

Spikeinhiscoat Thu 30-May-13 18:55:11

Thanks, do you know if you can get tiny hooks? I don't want anything took big (like the adhesive hooks on the back of the door for dressing gowns).

OnTheNingNangNong Thu 30-May-13 19:24:30

3M command strips do tiny adhesive hooks that would be safe in case of toddlers finding them. They're plastic and would be ideal.

Spikeinhiscoat Thu 30-May-13 19:36:44

Thanks, I'll have a look for them.

Panzee Thu 30-May-13 19:41:25

You can get small picture hooks that screw into the wall.

specialsubject Thu 30-May-13 20:02:20

you can also get latches for drawers, bit of a PITA but will defend some drawers against him until this phase passes.

you can indeed get tiny hooks for keys - my house insurer said not to keep the window keys in the locks for security, although this baffles me with modern double glazing.

also just to check for any looped blind cords, especially if you have vertical blinds - clip them well out of the way.

Spikeinhiscoat Fri 31-May-13 06:53:06

Blind cords are all short (I cut those down when ds1 was little), but now you've got me wondering about curtain tie-backs as well.

nancerama Fri 31-May-13 08:03:55

Special, double glazing is very easily smashed by a determined thief. They just smash twice, rather than once hmm Then they reach in, unlock the window and climb in. I was under the mistaken impression it was virtually indestructible until it happened to me.

Police advise not leaving keys in locks. Fire brigade recommend you do. I had 2 separate leaflets through my door the same week with that helpful advice.

janek Fri 31-May-13 08:16:49

I have the key for my dds' bedroom window (the fire escape...) blutacked to my bedroom door frame, out of reach of prying fingers, that way if i do need to use it in an emergency i have to walk past it to rescue the girls.

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