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Stepping into June, tentatively

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AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 01:03:53

Cats, Zoo, Arti, Bessie, Scout, anyone else?

How are things going, Sinks shiny?

Plodding along here at Chez Adora, sinks have remained shiny, laundry under control, most rooms still presentable, garden battered by a storm but house remained dry. My back is giving me gip and estate agents are bringing the hoards at the weekend, open house.

educatingarti Sun 21-Jul-13 16:24:37

Not abandoned but trying not to spend too much time on MN grin

liveinazoo Mon 22-Jul-13 14:46:22

<<heaves sigh of relief that my billy no mates had passedgrin>

I was up early today as its guna be hot again and I have a friend coming today!

todays tadahs
cleaned bathroom
washing on
fed cats
cleaned front room<sometimes I hate having laminate-everything rolls under the sofashmm>
wiped kitchen surfaces
fed kids
packed lunches
school run
made beds
hovered stairs
washed hall,living room and kitchen floors

scrabblefest with a friend-I won 2 games to 1grin

I shall trundle off slowly to collect zoolets shortly.a man came today and sorted my back garden.its gone from waist high grass to a space the zoolets can enjoy from Wednesday<if weathermen are wrong and the thunderstorms aren't raginghmm>grin

dd2 has trampolining tonight to its a quick tea<pizza and salad> as she has to go out ealy.i shall then do precious little else tonight!hee hee

educatingarti Mon 22-Jul-13 16:45:52

A weird day today - not a normal routine for several reasons but still done 2 1/2 hours work and just off to teach!

AdoraBell Mon 22-Jul-13 19:53:47

We're back from our trip to the wilderness grin

After a 9 hour drive yesterday we all slept in today, OH went out for provisions and we had brunch around middayblush

2 loads in WM are done and drying, DDs have helped OH clean the car, they vacuum and he washes and inspects. Looks like off roading has chewed up the tyres.
DW has been loaded but need to get the detergent for it. OH was lead by his stomach this morning so we have loads of bread and cheese but not much else.

We all had fun but I got nervous on our second go at whizzing through the trees when OH made me feel that I was going to fall, note to self "do not go before OH again" angry

Hope Zoolets enjoy the new found garden Zoo

Off to meal plan for the week.

educatingarti Wed 24-Jul-13 10:22:01

Morning all. I really need to get going with some 20:10 today! I feel rubbish and really lacking in motivation! sad
Off to pray and plan my day a bit and see if that helps!

I have already dyed my hair this morning ( only semi-permanent stuff that takes 20 mins) set the dishwasher off, put a load of washing out to dry and got some more in the machine and caught up on MN so not actually so bad!

AdoraBell Fri 26-Jul-13 22:13:30

Not much going on chez Adora this week, tons of loads in the WM, DW has seen daily action despite lot's of meals being eaten out. Had two days running round with DDs for Dr checkups etc so "a quick flick" is all anything has had.

Tonight OH and I are out and I'm trying to get washing done and dry but it's a damp grey day here, not the best day to be washing duvets DD1.

Just been to the shops for packed lunch food, they get to choose on the first and last days of term and both want spag bol for Monday, although DD1 wants fetuccini and DD2 wants fusili.

Hope all is well with everyone

Scout19075 Fri 26-Jul-13 22:14:55

I lost you all and couldn't find you!!! I found you!!!!

AdoraBell Fri 26-Jul-13 22:23:02

Hi Scout how are things chez you? I'm having a short skive while DDs google box upstairs for a few mins.

educatingarti Fri 26-Jul-13 22:26:23

Yay Scout!

liveinazoo Sat 27-Jul-13 07:21:30

<<hugs scout and passes chocolate>>
hows smallboy?

its been utter carnage here-last day of term<tues>ds dropped with runny bum and wasmadly trying to find someone to drop/pick up the girls and take in teacher presents<thatl teach us to leave it to last dayhmm>

after that it just went tits up frankly kids wrecking havoc and leaving a trail of toys and mess in their wakesad

I threw them all out in the garden Thursday for a bit<ds was feeling a bit better> just to escape the noise!

Friday I decided I cant live in this mess for 6 weeks and retain last shreds of sanity<plus cats have fleas and ive been bitten few times and want to de flea the housesadsad>

Fridays ta dahs
frontline 2 very indignant animals<scoutcat was like why are you doing this im very offended at the mere suggestion I might have fleas!grin>
feed cats
feed kids<then lob out in the garden>
attacked front room<flea spray says they can "hide in clutter" so I have no alternative but to be ruthless
-pulled out sofas<cleaned under,behind and under sofa cushions>
-pulled out all other furniture and cleaned behind
-washed floor

lunch<in the garden so no crumbs in the housegrin>
-my room
-under the bed<retrieved a carrier bag of paper recycyling,a treasured book that's been missing in over 6months and lots odd socks!>-its very hard to get under it as its low and dominates my room as I switched with the girls to givethem some room
-tidied all way round edge of bed<yes I can now walk all the way around<just>-first time in well over 4 onthsblush>
-wiped all skirting boards
-cleaned windows

-made kids tea
-collapsed in an exhausted heap!

liveinazoo Sat 27-Jul-13 07:31:14

<was having trouble with my message so thought best post it before it was eaten by cyberspace and then continue!>

adora how was the trip?
arti-are you feeling anymore motivated<sharpens pointy stick in anticipationgrin>

I forgot to mention the zoolets have been very excited by the birth of a future king.cant resist the crownsmile

todays the day I exterminate the fleas!!!!!!
I need all rooms clear and then I can spray liberally round tidy skirting boards<hurrah for no carpets>,quick flick over floors,the stairs<carpeted> and beds/sofas etc...then have evacuate for 30minshmm

so todays tadahs <so far>
up early
-fed cats
-emptied litter tray<scout comes IN to use ithmm>
-cleared and bleached kitchen surfaces<he likes laying on themangry>
wiped all tiling in kitchen
-rinsed surfaces thoroughly,dried and returned wiped items<toaster/kettle etc>
-cleared window sills,wiped and returned plants<I have a jalepino pepper plant and a tomoato plant basking on them along with my herbsgrin

I am now about to feed zooloets then we are going to flybaby til their rooms are ready crosses fingers they really did make a start yesterday when asked
wish me luck!!!

AdoraBell Sun 28-Jul-13 02:37:30

Hope the baby flying went well Zoo, our trip was lovely but f f freezinggrin

Had peeps viewing the house today, clients of OH in fact, so much clearing, wiping and nagging done this am. Viewing turned into afternoon tea, cake brought by visitors. Then we headed out for errands, dinner and a little fun for DDs, they did elastic tight rope stylee thing. Back to school on Monday.

Scout19075 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:44:37


bessie26 Mon 05-Aug-13 22:08:02

Hello! <lays out breakfast cookies & strawberry smoothies ready for the morning>

Sorry for not popping by much, too much RL getting in the way of my MNing these days! Hope you are all well (*scout*???!!!)

We are spending every moment we can outside atm. DH & I are attempting to make some of our wide borders narrower (by turfing) so they are easier to maintain. I have been partially distracted by helping DD1 learn to ride her bike without stabilisers.... Balance is going well. Starting & Stopping need some work. grin

I am almost keeping on top of the house stuff. S&S and weekly home blessing are doing the trick. Am trying to declutter a bin bag a week. Haven't deep cleaned anything for yonks. <shrugs> I have started doing exercise classes again though, so am feeling much better in myself. grin

AdoraBell Tue 06-Aug-13 02:56:24

Good to see you Bessie and glad to see that DD1 is doing well on the bike. I started a new thread as thought the 'June' title was a bit old wink.

We've had people view the house on Sat, Sun, and again today so I've been doing everything everyday for the last 3 days, I'm exhausted! People like the house but want to pay much less than the market price.

<nabs a cookie before going off to bed>

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