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Stepping into June, tentatively

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AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 01:03:53

Cats, Zoo, Arti, Bessie, Scout, anyone else?

How are things going, Sinks shiny?

Plodding along here at Chez Adora, sinks have remained shiny, laundry under control, most rooms still presentable, garden battered by a storm but house remained dry. My back is giving me gip and estate agents are bringing the hoards at the weekend, open house.

AdoraBell Sun 30-Jun-13 03:19:27

Can you trick them by being creative with fruit Zoo?

Not much done here Today as we went out, but I have managed to make a dent in Montt Washmore, Two small landslides into the WM, outside and now back inside. There'll be moré Tomorrow if the dry weather stays.

I have also decluttered an aged pack of cooked sausages I'd forgotten outblush - the dogs love treats like that. Currently decluttering red wine with OHgrin

AdoraBell Sun 30-Jun-13 19:29:11

5th load just about to come out of WM
I've showered and washed hair
Decided next week's meal plan, cheating and copying off t'internet
DW has been Emptied by DDs
DD2 was very pleased with herself, did her own scrambled eggs
Cleared breakfast things
Lunch is under way but will be a late one
DD1 is doing carpentry with daddy, rebuilding the front of the dog kennels where puppies have chewed.

Still to do, dinner and Tomorrow's packed lunches
Get all the dry stuff in
Declutter some moré vino.

AdoraBell Mon 01-Jul-13 02:56:02

6th load washed, all dry and almost dry stuff brought in
Food eaten
DD2's toe attened to, ingrown nail
My boots sprayed with waterproofer
Movie watched
Vino decluttered
DW emptied, again
DDs shooed off to bed

Still more laundry for tomorrow, but I'm not thinking about that yet.

educatingarti Mon 01-Jul-13 11:41:43

Morning all - struggling to get going today!
Just making coffee!

Top priorities today
1. Do 6 hours work
2.Hang washing on airer
3. Eat healthily at lunchtime
4. Either vacuum hall or do more ironing
5. Do some back exercises ( back and hip really painful at the moment!)

AdoraBell Mon 01-Jul-13 17:15:15

Hope you get your back and hip feeling better Arti

Morning routine completed
2nd load of washing has just finished
DW is ready to go on
Browsed a few recipes but no money for shopping until tomorrow

I think I need a snooze, limbs feel a bit achy, after I've put the towels on the line, and another wash on.

educatingarti Mon 01-Jul-13 21:39:29

1. Do 6 hours work Did 7!
2.--Hang washing on airer--
3. Eat healthily at lunchtime
4. Either vacuum hall or do more ironing
5. Do some back exercises ( back and hip really painful at the moment!)

Can I go and play now!

AdoraBell Tue 02-Jul-13 02:41:56

Yes Arti, off you gogrin

Had a nice long snooze
Ate lunch, after a fashion hmm yesterday's left over spuds with cheese grated over and nuked.
Brought dry things in and put yet moré washing on the línea
Got a little shopping before school run
School, dropped freind's DCs at home
Time with DDs
Straightened DD1's hair
Currently decluttering the last of the vino, only so I can put the bottle in recyclingwink

educatingarti Tue 02-Jul-13 10:34:18

Morning all.

Top 5 priorities for today:
1. Do at least 6 hours work
2. Empty dishwasher and hang out washing to dry when it has finished in machine.
3. Find some time to pray
4. Back exercises
5. Either more ironing or vacuum hall.

AdoraBell Wed 03-Jul-13 03:21:59

Reporting rather late_blush

Morning routine
Assembled packed lunches before OH whisked DDs off to school
My breakfast in peace
Toast for OH post school run
Decided not to put WM on as needed to Go out
Actually got some errada done Today grin
Paíd money into bank
Call in at pilates studio but was too late, will call
Zipped into town to Get replacement turtle tank
Lunch with OH
Grocery shopping
School run
Picked a couple of forgotten ítems
Back home
Helped DD2 sort out her in grown toe nail
Made dinner
Cleared away and put DW on
'fridged food for packed lunches
Made tea/coffee
Caught up on MN

No vino tonight, it's all been declutteredshock wink

educatingarti Wed 03-Jul-13 11:01:15

Morning all.
Adora you've done loads!!

Update on yesterday
1. Do at least 6 hours work
2. Empty dishwasher and hang out washing to dry when it has finished in machine.
3. Find some time to pray blush
4. Back exercises hmm
5. Either more ironing or vacuum hall.

Today's top 5

1. Do at least 6 hours work
2. Do dishwasher
3.Have a general tidy up and take out rubbish
4. Pray
5. Back exercises

bessie26 Wed 03-Jul-13 21:11:44

Hello again!

Glad to see you are keeping up the good work while I am drinking gin relaxing on holiday!

Zoo I just did some googling on iron & dairy - it seems like a little dairy is good, but too much is bad (sadly it appears to also the same with cocoa <wails>) linky here

AdoraBell Wed 03-Jul-13 22:09:11

Hi bessie hope you're having a good holiday

Ta Dah's

Morning routine
4 loads of laundry
S and S'd bathrooms
Excersise, I did about an hour and twenty minutes brisk walking, although I may have slowed down just a little during the last 20 mins, just a little bit.

Now I need to get things off the line as it's beginning to get dark, shower quickly and do school run.

AdoraBell Thu 04-Jul-13 02:33:19

Forgot the DW,

Emptied this morning, breakfast things in, then lunch, flicked switch.
Contacted old pilates tutor about re-starting
Collected DDs and OH took us out to eat

Have taken bread out of freezer, the poor deprived DDs are having sarnies for lunch Tomorrow.

Have just squirted Veet in DD's bathroom basins, they appear to be using Those as binsangry

Tomorrow I need to prep the house for estate agentes to show lots of people around on Saturday, Friday they are coming to tell us what still needs getting rid of. DDs have a hockey match early Saturday, natch. I need to call the vet to book dogs in for Friday night/Saturday. I also need a few moré days between now and Friday if someone could arranged that for me please, TÍA.

liveinazoo Fri 05-Jul-13 13:48:15

im sorry adora no can dosad-sounds manic,hope they actually turn up this timehmm

its been insane at chez zoo
little zoo had sports afternoom<loved the welly wanging!grin on Thursday
dd2 was up all night thurs sniff and cough.made app see gp just before lunch and packed her off to school assuming sport day cancelled as pouring down...sadly this was not the case nd I stood in the chuffing rain for best part of an hour until I lied we had to go down and wait to see a gp and we cleared off!gp not sure a cold or hayfever so gave antihistamines and packed back off to school.i then went twn with dd1 in search something to do with little zoos best friend who was coming for tea <and I had hoped to go to the park>.picked up some cafty things and dashed back to collect them!
lil zoo had great time making paper plate masks with friend,decorating fairy cakes dd1 made and making pizzas with pitta bread ofr bases as well as play half toys they possess!when friends dad arrived to collect her the house was a total bearpit,buried in a sea cake sprinkles,sequins,chibbled paper and many toys!!!he visibly breathed out when commented mess meant fun and was nothing a broom wouldn't fix!ha ha
saturday we went to te farm.lovely day out together with dp
sunday was shopping day and took zoolets to the park as was hot and sunny

liveinazoo Fri 05-Jul-13 13:58:52

Monday-dp had day off so went out for a while as still sunny
Tuesday-ta dahs
attacked now huge mountain washig<did 4 loads,dry,fold and put away>
fed cats
fed kids
school run
pop shops
hot spot front room
s+s bathroom
baked-banana muffins and rock cakes for a heavily pregnant friend,fairy cakes and choc cookies
cleared off for a walk for a bit with friend as STILL sunnyshock
school run
decoratd fairy cakes with zoolets
took zoolets to the park
made tea
collapsed in heap!

spent all morning deep cleaning front room til almost immaculate

one place didn't go<behind 1 sofa> engineer wanted to go as thought connection was thereblush<cue mountain crapulence uncovered.sigh>

dashed to pick up lil zoo as was late
made gingerbread cookies together<peppa pig make and bake magazine recipe>

<<dd2 was at a friends for tea then onto girls brigade.ds had 1st invite to tea at a friends so we had some lovely time on our own[grin>>

fed lil zoo
ds and dd2 returned bubbling over with excitement and managed to stay awake til 9.45 running amok upstairs!!!!!

#woke very tired ds and dd2
tantrums galore getting ready for school
made lunches
breakfeast for kids and cats
sang happy birthday to cats!!!
school run
hot spot front room
wash up breakfast things
spent day playing scrabble with friendsmile
picked up kids
donned hardhat for multiple rows and various tantrums
declared early night at 7-all akip by just after 8
watched tv in peace for an hourgrin

liveinazoo Fri 05-Jul-13 14:08:02

I have finally worked out how to get back into MNgrin and it takes mere seconds rather than 40 minutes to get in here now I don't need the dongal-i now have no excuses I don't have a minute to pop in and update ta dahs!grin

tahdahs<so far>
#cleaned out cupboard above toaster
#empty surface toaster lives on.cleaned thoroughly and returned necessaries back to position,put away stray items that been cluttering
#made breakfast
#made packed lunches
#little zoo hair braided and brushed and contained ds hair in bobble
#drew humorous pictures on paper lunchbags
#school run
#scrubbed 2nd kitchen surface,having removed all items
#put back necessaries and put away clutter
#wiped all cupboard fronts
#cleaned microwave
#cleaned oven
#cleaned hob
#wiped exterior WM and TD
#cleaned "cat food corner"
#changed cat litter
#bins out
#hovered stairs,wiped baseboards/lightswitches/hovered up cobwebs
#went down for a stroll to shops with dd1<who came to show off car as passed test Tuesdaygrin>
#washed kitchen floor
#washed living room floor

still to do-clean bathroom before collect zoolets and congratulate myself on a good days flying with declutteringof chocolategrin!

educatingarti Sat 06-Jul-13 12:35:45

Afternoon everyone! I am struggling to get going today!

AdoraBell Sun 07-Jul-13 02:24:37

Congrats to DD1 Zoo, and glad you now have broadband.

I am shattered.

Yesterday I sorted and cleared, to the boot of the car, anything that didn't fit neatly into wardrobes, general clean around, collected DDs from school, had final meetings with estate agents anead of today's thing and then went out for a business dinner. Home must after midnight but slept very poorly.


Up early for hockey
Breakfast and prepped snacks for hockey
Took DDs to school
Back home to pick up OH and leave house in the hands of estate agents
Back to pick up DDs
Stopped for snack post hockey
Went home
Went out again, had a bite to eat and DDs met and played with a classmate
Back home again, agents were finíshed and clearing their things away
At tended to D2's ingrown toe nail
WM on
Watched a movie with DDs
Did food, cheese and crackers
DD1 hung her washing and DD2 put her's on to wash, then hung it

Estate agents were pleased with the event and a couple of people have shown an interest, we have our finges crossed.

bessie26 Sun 07-Jul-13 16:53:36

Great you've had interest in the house adora, and that you have broadband zoo!

I have been decluttering the garden today! Am, sweaty & dirty, and have HUGE pile of stuff for DH to take to the tip! (Will have to wait until next weekend now)

Am just enjoying a few minutes peace sitting in the garden with a cold drink while DH & DDs watch the tennis (the girls were getting so hot I sent them all indoors)

I'd better go get tea sorted now. Need to do meal plan, online shop, drink wine and get to bed early tonight!

AdoraBell Mon 08-Jul-13 03:06:35

Had a much moré relaxing day Today.

Up late, OH brought me a coffee when he got up for the F1, it was cold by the time I actually woke up.

Ta Dah's

Harranged DDs to shower
Did 1 load of washing and hung it out
Hand washing, hung that out
Cooked lunch
Ate lunch and loaded DW, flicked switch
Brought washing back in damp as OH decided he wanted to Go out
Went out and mooched around shops, he bought what I thought was birthday presenta for DDs but gave it to them Todayconfused
Back home
Cooked dinner
Dealt with DD2's ingrown toe nail, it's a problem now
Got DDs to Bed
'fridged food for packed lunches
Sat down with vino

Currently catching up on MN

Bessie Well done on that decluttering

Tomorrow I have pilates at 9.30

educatingarti Mon 08-Jul-13 11:04:08

Morning all

Today's top 5
1. Pray grin
2. Do at least 6 hours work
3. Make the most of the weather to get washing done.
4. Book hair and Dr's appointments
5. Do a packed tea to take out with me, rather bhan buying unhealthy stuff from the cornershop!

AdoraBell Mon 08-Jul-13 16:38:11


Ta Dah's

Morning routine
Assembled packed lunches
WM on
Cleared away breakfast things
Just coffee and fruit juice for me as going to pilates and prefer to eat later
Got dressed for pilates, t'is freezing where the clases is held
Hung washing inside, thick fog outside
Pilates grin
Back home
Breakfast in peace.

Still to do

Get changed out of excersise gear
Empty DW
Compile shopping list an plan meals
Loads of other stuff

educatingarti Tue 09-Jul-13 11:07:47

Morning Adora (and anyone else around!)

Update on yesterday

1. Pray
2. Do at least 6 hours work Just!
3. Make the most of the weather to get washing done.
4. Book hair and Dr's appointments
5. Do a packed tea to take out with me, rather bhan buying unhealthy stuff from the cornershop! - forgot about it until it was too late blush

Today's top 5
1. At least 6 hours work
2. Tidy and vacuum living room and hall
3. Empty bins and recycling
4. Cook at lunchtime
5. Find time to pray

Adora - you seem to be doing loads - especially exercise!

BlackCatinChaos Tue 09-Jul-13 12:18:20

In need of motivation here. Really struggling to get going. I don't cope well with the hot weather. --I must stop making excuses--

HELP ME!!!! someone. <drinks more tea>

--dd has got me addicted to xbox--

liveinazoo Tue 09-Jul-13 13:27:48

cats this pointy stick is for you----------------------------------->>grin

<<waves motivational chocolate medals also>>

just 15minswink

we had a fab weekend out and about in the sunshine.dp was off yesterday also so we had some time together and went out for a walk which was nice

ta dahs over weekend were basic with laundry<of course>

Monday made a start under the stairs-an hour in and I had had enough but I can at least now enter about a foot and nothing is toppling out so a good startgrin

todays tadahs
#fed cats
#fed zoolets
#packed lunches made
#washing on
#hunted for a clean t shirt for little zoo<scoutcat had laid on the laundry waiting to be put away with muddy oawshmmin this weather I have no idea where he found any mud!!!>
#braiding to prevent nits of little zoos hair
#pop shops<trailing kids as ran out cartons as been hot they are taking extra drinks>
#school run
#my breakfast
#washing into drier/washing on
#cleaned bathroom windows
#cleaned all tiles in bathroom/shower/bath/sink
#washed bathroom floor
#decluttered empty shampoo bottles etc from window sill box in bathroom
#cleaned windows in both kids rooms
#washing folded and put away,more into drier,more on to wash
#hot spot front room
#wash living room floor
#wash kitchen floor
#change litter tray

I need to sort back gardena nd invest in a washing line.its all but criminal to be using my drier in such lovely weathersad

my stratergy in the heat is to work hard and fast til 12 then chill all pmgrin

ive also adopted the patented hot spot in an ad break approach to cleaning!grin

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