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Stepping into June, tentatively

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AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 01:03:53

Cats, Zoo, Arti, Bessie, Scout, anyone else?

How are things going, Sinks shiny?

Plodding along here at Chez Adora, sinks have remained shiny, laundry under control, most rooms still presentable, garden battered by a storm but house remained dry. My back is giving me gip and estate agents are bringing the hoards at the weekend, open house.

educatingarti Tue 25-Jun-13 20:23:49

1. Do at least 6 hours work (again!)
2. Make bed - meh!
3. Tidy ironing and mending stuff from living room ( got half way there and forgot until parent arrived - they survived!!)
4. Get washing (currently in machine) out on line and bring in when dry. ( will do before bed!)
5. Time for prayer

AdoraBell Wed 26-Jun-13 03:55:55

Finally mustered up the energía to collect DDs, one of whom had to go and study with a classmate.

Had a snack with DD2
Got shopping for dinner
Back home
Brought in yesterday's towels
Made dinner
Ate dinner
Went to collect DD1
Back home
Fed dogs - OH working late
Sent DDs to Bed
Packed up food for Tomorrow's lunch
Had a tea
Sent DDs to Bed again
OH arrived home
Did him a tea and nuked food for him, then did a cheese sarny as he was still hungry.
finally Sat down with my tea at 10pm

Earlier I did a face mask, just need to wash the day's sunblock and grime off - air is filthy this time of year.

AdoraBell Wed 26-Jun-13 04:22:25

And I put DW on.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 26-Jun-13 10:00:13

<Wanders in>

Hi all, had quite a long break away from Mumsnet but I may return ?

My house is a tip but I'm kinda managing --not really a tip just not as good as it could be--

DD is still full of mischief! Nursery are taking her on her first visit to school this morning so I hope that goes well.

I still have days where I find it hard to be motivated, am still on the AD's and counselling. Trying to get going but some days if seems harder than others.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 26-Jun-13 10:17:44

Right I am going to try today but I won't post lists of what I have done unless I feel like it wink .

Gonna start with 15 mins at a time with breaks in between doing whatever.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 26-Jun-13 10:41:59

Things seem to have changed on Mumsnet. I can't see anyway of logging out. --fears I will be logged in for ever-- Also the inbox seems to have vanished!

<Feels a bit worried> shock hmm

I have missed you guys though! smile

educatingarti Wed 26-Jun-13 10:52:43

Morning everyone!
Welcome back Cat. Great to see you!
The in box is still there - up at the top right hand of the page by the purple thing that says "my mumsnet". It also gives you the opportunity to log off there too!

Struggling to get going this morning. After two not such bad days I feel like I've hit a wall! Just about to get started on the caffeine!!

My top 5 for today:
1. Do 6 hours work <exhausted smilie>
2. Cook sausage couscous thing at lunchtime and freeze remaining portions of casserole.
3.Put in a repeat prescription
4.Find an item to declutter
5. Empty dishwasher and fill with more dirty stuff!

liveinazoo Wed 26-Jun-13 14:30:31

<<hugs cats welcome back!>>
arti im very impressed with tuesdays ta dahs<passes gold star>
<passes another star to adora for managing to wash a large dog with a cup!shockgrin>

so tuesday was manic-heres the ta dahs
rushed round like an idiot to-
#make berry breakfast bars
#feed cats
#make beds
#make lunches<when bars had cooled enough to handle without crumbling>
#fed zoolets
did little zoos braids
#school run
#my breakfast
#attacked front garden

since easter i have had the necessary stuff to overhaul at least part of my front garden but have been waiting for reasonable enough weather and the donkey power of dp to merge together and finally here we are!grin
#square patch to left of the garden path<full view from living room window that i weeded satiurday>had had lily of the valley dug out by dp and couple other copius ground covering,deep rooted suckers have been evicted,along with roots of several bramblesgrin

#dp dug out a rouge fence post thats not attatched to anything and an egde so i could follow behind and tap in a nice little log border
#covered with binbags and tipped over 12 sacks of plumcoloured slate

<discovered that wasnt enough
#trip to homebase for 3 more sackshmm
#tipped and spread.lovelysmile

i now have splendid tidy view from living room window--but need to turn a blind eye to the other side of garden path where the weeds and hedge merge as one!-- as fly lady says baby stepsgrinwink!!!!

#food shopping<hurrah as dp had car no drag it back home!>
#late lunch
#read paper with dp
#collected dcs
#made pizza with dd2,cooked and ate it-yum yum

that was as far as i got.back was seizing a little and was totally wrecked but so pleased with what achieved!

liveinazoo Wed 26-Jun-13 14:43:24

rogue? ment rogueblush

todays ta dahs
#fed cats
#fed kids
#made packed lunches
#put washing did yesterday but forgot to dry into drier
#washing on
#braid little zoo hair
#school run

<ds has been invited to have tea and play at friends house next wednesday-his first invitegrin>

#my breakfast<in peace>
#started tidy hot spots front room til scoutcat opened front door and dashed in making it very clear wanted some attention NOW and climbing all over me purring,shedding,rubbing he deposited himself on me so had sit and fuss himhmm
<cat vacated to kitchen for a snack and resumed flying>
#ds room-polished,cleaned visible paintwork,wiped grubby light switches,doors and handles
#dds rrom-polished,cleaned visible paintwork,grubby lightswitches and doors/handles.tightened screws on little zoos toy kitchen doors<all but hanging off!>
#swish and swipe bathroom
#bleach loo
#washing into dryer
#cleaned outside downstairs windows
#late lunch

dd1 then text me from driving centre all excited as had passed test<4th attempt>i then rang her as she was gong on to work some overtime from there.bless her-she was so happysmileim very pleased for her naturally and also glad as she is accompanying me to ds and dd2 sport day friday and if had failed wouldve scared small children with her thunder face!!!

finally finished hte front room hotspot
rubbish in wheelie bin
recycling out in to crates

have now officially run out of steam!am making pasta bake for tea<easy> and other than that i suspect very little else will happen!

tomorrow pm is little zoos sport day so am hoping ot have time to squeeze ta dahs in before i go.friday i shall be literally flying before school as i have dd2 sports day in morning,ds in afternoon so most chores will have to be done before i leave the house!shock

keep up the good work

<looks for *bessie,the phantom pastry snatcher but to no availgrin>

AdoraBell Wed 26-Jun-13 15:14:40

Hello Cats <sends hugs> welcome back. when you log in now there's a tick box to stay logged in, untick that and you'll log out as before when finished.

I didn't get much time out of the house yesterday, so I'm going out today. We have fog and it's 5C so I'm going to the swanky new shopping centre. I don't mind cold as long as it's not damp.

Morning routine done
My breakfast in peace done
Breakfast things cleared
Toast for OH post school run done

Need to empty DW and look for recipes but t'internet is playing up, posting this on phone.

Zoo congrats to DD for her driving test and hope the sport days go well.

Arti hope you get over your wall soon

educatingarti Wed 26-Jun-13 15:35:24

<wears gold star proudly and tries to pretend she is working not browsing MN >

1. Do 6 hours work <exhausted smilie> -done 1 1/2 hours - unlikely to meet target!
2. Cook sausage couscous thing at lunchtime and freeze remaining portions of casserole.
3.Put in a repeat prescription
4.Find an item to declutter
5. Empty dishwasher and fill with more dirty stuff!

AdoraBell Thu 27-Jun-13 03:57:56

Went out, had a mooch around nice shops and bought some socks, now I can Get rid of worn out ones.

Other Ta Dah's

Emptied and reloaded DW, flicked switch
After shopping, back home
S&S'd bath room
Had a tea
School run
Back home
Made and ate dinner
Out again to collect DD from classmate's house, working together again
Back home 10pm by this time
Fed dogs - OH went to Bed at 7.30 with a headache
Fed DD1 who had told me 15 minutos before that she wasn't hungry
'frdged food for packed lunches
Emptied DW
Cleared away dinner things and sorted pots from lunch bags
Put DW on
Made a tea

DDs are in Bed and I need to put the dogs in their penn before I Go to Bed

Going to try and see a woman about a horse Tomorrow, not buying one though. And pilates tutor, also need to put spare dosh in bank, practicaly next door to pilates.

<leaves out fresh coffee / tea and pastries with a few extra in case Bessie the pastry bandít is about>

educatingarti Thu 27-Jun-13 10:44:38

Morning all!
Drinks coffee and tries to ignore pastries as really Needs To Lose Weight!

Yesterday's updates
1. Do 6 hours work <exhausted smilie> Ha ha - managed 5
2. Cook sausage couscous thing at lunchtime and freeze remaining portions of casserole.
3.Put in a repeat prescription
4.Find an item to declutter
5. Empty dishwasher and fill with more dirty stuff!

Today's priorities
1. Sort computer problem done ( hopefully)
2. Go to this morning's appointment
3. Put in repeat prescription that I should have done yesterday
4. Put on a load of washing and put out to dry after
5. Do 5 hours work!
6. Find a couple of items from spare doom to declutter

BlackCatinChaos Thu 27-Jun-13 13:55:40

Hi all, not much done here yet today as I been out up until lunch time. Gonna have a cup of tea then get cracking! .

BlackCatinChaos Thu 27-Jun-13 13:57:28

Thanks for the welcome back smile x

educatingarti Thu 27-Jun-13 20:38:36

1. Sort computer problem done ( hopefully)
2. Go to this morning's appointment
3. Put in repeat prescription that I should have done yesterday (about to)
4. Put on a load of washing and put out to dry after
5. Do 5 hours work! (Only managed 4!)
6. Find a couple of items from spare doom to declutter (about to!)

AdoraBell Thu 27-Jun-13 22:52:34

I didn't manage to see the woman about the horse or the pilates tutor, t'was blowing a hooley this morning and I didn't leave home úntil just before school run time. Will try again Tomorrow as I really want to do it this week.

Still need to do dinner and sort out DDs for school Tomorrow. Laundry is pilling up but no point washing úntil the rain stops, it's all heavy things I don't want making the house damp.

Managed to Google a few brekkies Recipes but have neither ingredients ñor energía to do anything about it Today.

AdoraBell Fri 28-Jun-13 14:45:41

And the rain continúes. I'm going back to Bed for a while.


educatingarti Fri 28-Jun-13 18:40:06

Raining here too Adora - and this is midsummer!

bessie26 Fri 28-Jun-13 19:06:05

<shuffles back in looking embarrassed, but with huge plates of chocolate chip cookies & breakfast cookies>

educatingarti Fri 28-Jun-13 19:28:51

grin Thanks Bessie!

I need to start some work tonight but I'm finding it hard to get going. I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and then I must get on!

AdoraBell Fri 28-Jun-13 19:46:32

Oooh, Thanks Bessie , just the thing after my rather long napsmile

Been tired all week and last night I was disappointed when it remembered it was Thursday. I so wanted to not have to get up this morning.

So, other than snooze I've managed to

Complete morning routine which included prepping a packet soup for packed lunch
Have breakfast with lot's of coffee, it didn't work
Make an omlette for a late lunch

Nearly school run time now. Rain has abatatad for now but is forecast to continúe later and over night so my Montt Washmore is still looking impressive.

bessie26 Fri 28-Jun-13 21:42:13

Sorry for going AWOL for so long, I am struggling to find the time to get on here lately!

I have pretty much fallen off the fly-lady waggon. I'm still doing some things, still S&S, laying out (kids) clothes & doing a load of laundry every day, but my poor sink hasn't been clear for a long time!

We're on holiday next week, so I'm hoping that will give me chance to rest & attempt to get back on top of things when I return.

zoo you've said before about your iron levels being low & I don't understand how they can be when you eat so well!? Do you have much caffeine? It can stop you absorbing iron (sorry, you prob know all this!), whereas Vit C aids absorption. Have you tried floradix? (Possibly spelt wrong) - my acupuncture lady recommended i take it to boost my iron levels after a MC. It's supposed to be 'natural' and nicer than the pills the dr gives you, perhaps you could take it as well?

AdoraBell Sat 29-Jun-13 01:35:22

Hope you enjoy your holiday Bessie

Zoo, Bessie's coment re Vit C has reminded me of something I read in relation to irón. Having Vit C at the same meal with your irón Rich foods dobles the amount of irón absorbed, but dairy halves it. So, fe, a spinach based salad followed by a yoghurt gives you very little irón, swapping the yoghurt for an Orange = much moré irón.

bessie26 Sat 29-Jun-13 22:17:21

oooh I didn't know dairy did that too adora! the DC are going to have their yogurt puddings reduced!
<prepares to be unpopular>

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