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Stepping into June, tentatively

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AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 01:03:53

Cats, Zoo, Arti, Bessie, Scout, anyone else?

How are things going, Sinks shiny?

Plodding along here at Chez Adora, sinks have remained shiny, laundry under control, most rooms still presentable, garden battered by a storm but house remained dry. My back is giving me gip and estate agents are bringing the hoards at the weekend, open house.

educatingarti Wed 19-Jun-13 11:54:50

Hello everyone!
Just found you again on Good Housekeeping when I was avoiding work taking a break.
Today as well as the obvious (but still takes energy in my fibromyalgia'd state) breakfast shower, dress, dry hair, I have taken car to the garage to get it MOT'd and done an hour's lesson prep. Just about to get another hour done! I've also been and sat in the sun for 10 mins. Any longer and I would burn, but I am determined that I will get outside for 10 minutes on every sunny day this summer as I usually suddenly realise that the summer (such as it is) has gone and I've not been outside as much as I wanted! It must be doing something for my Vit D levels anyway!

AdoraBell Wed 19-Jun-13 13:31:31

Hello arti <waves> How are things? I fell off the decluttering wagon and lost track.

Glad you are getting a few minutos in the sun, I have to take DD2's turtle out Today if the míst burns off.

Usual rutina done, plus prepping ('orible) packet soup for DDs packed lunches. Had my breakfast and am now contemplating another coffee.

Still to do,

Copy all the notes on my iPad, Then reset the bleeding thing completely
Bring Pirate in on lead to help me find a missing turtle -DD1 left hers unattended, it's been a saga!
Go talk to someone at the equistrian centre, didn't manage it yesterday
Few other things that I can't think of right now

liveinazoo Wed 19-Jun-13 14:33:06

<waves to arti>
<hugs adora>-oh lovely what a pain in the dd prone to bed wetting or is it just a one off?id be veryangry after all that that didnt come to view!

its been very humid here last couple of days and i get really lethargic and dizzy when its like thatsad

as far as im aware atticus is ok-he still avoiding me for all but food<not unusual when he been shouted at> tho he is rub and purring while waiting for his nosh<cupboard love!>

scrabble did occur and i won 3 out of 4 <losing by just 2 points> was a lot of fun win or lose and im hoping to arrange another session asap<even better is that we play til its time to get the kids and then she gives me a lift on her way home to the school so i only have to walk back!>

on flying front-
yesterday i sat and slowly worked way around the front room srting hotspots<more forest fires reallygrin> and moving furniture/wash floor as i went.took a good 4+ hours but im very happy with the resultsmile

yet more washing/dry/folding
and fed and watering of kids and animals!

today im in a school they have been advertising a book fair for the past week,poiinting out all books half price and will be gifted books to the school by the company depending on sales.the leaflet showed some books that they wanted so we got ready for school in super speed mode and went to look before school started-id already promised certain books.none were at the price on the leaflet and i felt pretty irked as the school were left to run it so there was no representative to rant at the unfairness of it as my kids champed at bit for new storiessad
ds was most upset he didnt get all the books promised especially the hobbit-i told him our lovely friend MR AMAZON will out it right nextweek when i have more funds!

fed kids
s+s bathroom
washing on
packed lunches
fed cats
washing on
early school run
quick bread and milk shop
my breakfast
washing in dryer<no washing linesad>more on to wash
crafty napblush-i waiting for blood results on aneamia thats the only excuse i have!
washed living room and kitchen floors

i have just been and put a load washing away and discover one my lagest irritations-drawers full of clothes all higgledy piggeldyangry
spent an hour going through everyones stuff folding and rearranging,tough i doubt it will last at least,for now,i can get all the washing thats clean into the damn drawers!

dd2 has girls brigade tonight and is having dinner at a friends that lives nearby venue so only 2 to collect form school and fed,without vegi nazi bemoaning ds request for fish for tea!smile

educatingarti Wed 19-Jun-13 14:50:28

So far:
Taken car to the garage to get it MOT'd
Two hours work
Packaged up batch chilli I made yesterday and put in freezer
Just about to get more work done!

AdoraBell Wed 19-Jun-13 20:03:45

I'm finding myself really tired today, after hareing around yesterday and no sleep the night before I just can't muster any energy. Going to bung some towels in the WM and decide what to do about dinner and then I think I'm done after collecting DDs. I do need to give the turtle his sun time but i can sit down to do that!

I shall be back later, DW has been on but not emptied and I've managed both breakfast and lunch.

liveinazoo Thu 20-Jun-13 14:53:50

i have finally got blood results back-very low iron,very low iron stores.shall have see g.p.1st appointment available is monday at 10 so stuck feeling like ive been hit by a bus a bit longersad

on these weary grounds ta dahs will be a bit lacking but i shall be sitting on sidelines at least looking at my pom poms as havent energy to wave the beggars!!!!

so todays tadahs

fed cats
fed kids
made packed lunches
school run
popped to local shop that wighs clothes and buys for cash
littl bit food shopping
my breakfast
ring gp for results
pop in here

it is now emitting large thunder style spots of rain form teh heavens and the omminous black clouds accompanying it are indicating that i am in for a soaking on the school run...the tiing of such things is impeccable!!hopefully this will alleviate the horrible humidity we have had here so i shall be hoping and grateful for that!smile
<<deposits some chocolate for all those also flagging today and trundles off to look for umbrella!>>

educatingarti Thu 20-Jun-13 15:06:39

Car failed MOT sad - will cost best part of £200 to get fixed plus cost of MOT. It is booked in tomorrow to get the work done!

Zoo - I've been taking a tonic/supplement called feroglobin plus which supplies iron and other goodies in an easy to tolerate form. I think it has helped me have a bit more energy. could you get some so that you are feeling you are doing something over the weekend to help? ( though I think it takes a few weeks for iron to build back up!). I got mine from Holland and Barrett.

AdoraBell Thu 20-Jun-13 16:28:41

Oh no, for the lack of irón and failed MOT, good luck with both, both.

Turtle sitting Today. DD2 wasn't home early enough yesterday to give Barry his daily hour in the sun, asked me to but I couldn't Get him out of his tank. So, trying again Today but it's only just crept over the zero C mark -11am, so I can't take him outside yet.

Ta Dah, not impressive so far.

Morning rutina
Prepped soup ( from a packet) for packed lunches
Cleared away and had my breakfast in peace
Got dressed and went outside in the freezing cold to Get loo roll from our stockpile in the garage.
Currently sitting on my Bed squinting with the turtle buy the Window because I rememberd that this Window has the wrong glass, hence the bleached carpet.

Last night I collected DD1 from school, numero 2 was at a classamate's studying. Came home and brought in dry ítems from the línea.
Did dinner
Emptied DW
Made a tea and sat down, then DD2 finally got home. I had Said she couldn't go because collecting them meses up things like meal and Bed times, but the other mum kindly Said she would drop her off at 7. After números phone calls they set out at 9pm, so DD2 was home just after 9.30.

I'm feeling a little moré lively today.

liveinazoo Fri 21-Jun-13 13:45:19

oh dear arti-cars can be an expensive nuisance<bit like kids reallyhmmgrin>

well i slept best part 10hours last night,thus oversleeping and having wolen "foggyheaded" i kinda staggered around in a daze this morning.good job everyone knows the routine and ive proved today i can do it all but asleep<ha ha>

ta dahs
fell out of bed in a fluster!!!
make zoolets breakfast
fed cats
made packed lunches
brushed little ones hairs,braiding little zoos as nits are doing the rounds<again>
school run/stagger
my breakfast in peace
2hour napblush
put some rubbish in the outside wheelie bin
hot spotted front room
declutter some chocolate<purely for energy purposes>

i have been pratting around on net for 30mins hunting for egg free muffins as i hav found i have a bag bananas hid from ds<he can at all but his body weight in the damn thngs if left to own devices>that are just this side of black and in desperate need of baking with<like i need an excuse for cake!grin>,but i have no funds or eggs til sunday!

i finally found one here at MN-typical!i shouldve started my search here!!!!

i am now going to eat some marmite toast<hmmm toast> and then set about making banana muffins for after school snack as the zoolets seem to have lost their apetites and found a <? what the collective name for a group of donkeys?brains failing!> donkeys each!

AdoraBell Fri 21-Jun-13 15:21:14

Zoo, so, 10 hours sleep plus 2 hour Náp eh? Irón defiency will do that To ya! See if you can get the stuff Arti mentioned once you have some funds. I've used Floradix, but I don't know if it's as good as the other one in terms of irón.

My morning routine is done
Had breakfast while MNing
Toast & tea for OH post school run
Just rinsed a handwash sweater
Kitchen looks like a disaster as DW kept going wrong and switching off so second load didn't happen last night.

DDs Did micro wave choc cake last night, stank. I mean really bad, I thought one if the dogs had left a little surprise for meshock smelt better once they cooled and DD's said they where fine, but they are preteens and this was chocolate cakehmm

DD2 seems to have roped me into turtle care, she's supposed to be doing it herself.

liveinazoo Sat 22-Jun-13 10:07:27

steady with that adora-ds started with "help me sort my laundry"<whites/colours/darks> and beofre i knew it i was doing it and bring it down for washing-<now wise up and say if littlezoo can do it so can you!grin>

made another batch of egg free banana muffins for breakfast today<slim pickings til tomorrow>-kids are eating that and supermarket super cheap rice pudding as i type!<good job not a school day as we would be very late.not helped by some joker tail end our road having a very loud party til after 3 this am.dd2 woke at 12 when a fight spilled out into the street and lots drunken shoutinghmm-mustve been very loud as they all usually capable of sleeping with the dead!>

tadahs so far
made muffins
fed cats
fed kids
put some rubbish in bin outside
hotspot front room

we had lots rain yesterday evening and a bit more this morning.the air is much fresherand that haas helped perk me up a considering attacking the front gardenthis morning-i can sit on the path and pull weeds while dd2 ferries them to the wheelie bingrin-i got some slate chips before easter but have been waiting for lilly of the valley to appear and then go over so i can move them before i lay liner and slate chip and put nice log border round it<currently around 14 inchhigh jungle of weeds!>the soil here is very heavy and clay like so whilst takes time when wet when dy its solid and unyielding so now is the time really to deal with it as the weatherman says we may have a few pleasant sunny days 20oc heat approaching so it will return to concrete mud if i dont get a wriggle on!>

hope everyone has nice plans for the weekend-i may pop in later to catch up/update!

liveinazoo Sun 23-Jun-13 16:42:38

<<looks round for signs of life>>

i did attack the front garden-half filled wheelie bin with weeds and while i ran out of steam before it was fully cleared i can see where ive been!grin

dd1 came to visit.took stroll local shop and the little ones showed her a play that ds had done at school in assembly.all very cute!
she is making plans for college<i feel very old>-it seems such a short time ago i held her forthe first time and yet here she is all grown up and ready to go offinthe the world and lead her own life<sighs>

wwe walked her back to her dads,slowly as was sunny and the kids need to get out for a bit

dd2 was very tired and had an early night so had rare oppurtunity to sit with ds for a bit alone.we watch a tv show called wierd weather-all about firenados,lightening balls and volcanos having storms and smoke ringsshock!was amazing watching what nature has the power to do and we both really enjoyed it.a nice end to the daysmile

today we had to go shopping.ds has a fever and huge tonsils/glands so insisted riding in the buggy i take along to haul shopping on the way,and took much longer to walk each way so am very tired now,but glad we did it!


made sunshine breakfast buns<pineapple,carrot ad sultana rolls>
planned menu,wrote shopping list
cooked now proved buns
fed cats
fed kids warm buns with butter<big hitgrin>
went shopping
made lunch<wraps>
decluttered some chocolate<purely for energy giving properties!>
put shopping away
hot spot front room
supervised dcs doing home work
washed school uniforms<now in drier and will be folded and put away as soon as it stops>
put dcs bedding into wash<near broke neck on ds dinosaur strewn rooom.had squawking mum moment<be tired doesnt help me be patient/rationalsad>made then tidy rooms!
am now really wanting to have a nap but i have baths to run soon and hair to was and nit check...
tonights dinner i am going to have first attempt at making falafel and will serve with nutty couscous and green beanssmile

<<wanders off to find recipe.>>
had lunch

AdoraBell Sun 23-Jun-13 21:16:07

Had a day out today, just heading home so will try To update later but, I found DD1's turtle grin, been missing since June 14th, that's 9 days out of water.

AdoraBell Mon 24-Jun-13 03:28:48

Well done on the garden Zoo no wonder you need a náp. I've never made falafel, How did it turn out?

Not much flying here Today, got up late and collected DD2 from a sleep over Then headed into town for bowling, lunch and a little shopping. DDs bought tank decorations for the turtles and OH splashed out on electrónica.

DDs have done their laundry, under duress
Dinner done and cleared away
DD2 made a microwave choc cake for school Tomorrow
Packed lunch is sorted but needs assembling in the morning
Swept the kitchen, after the cake making
Put DW on and bruised my knee on the córner of the door as I closed it

Currently sitting with an ice pack on my knee and a tea at my elbow.

<leaves fresh coffee and pastries for brekkies>

bessie26 Mon 24-Jun-13 07:28:01

<nabs pastries and runs away again>

educatingarti Mon 24-Jun-13 10:44:13

<grins at bessie and hopes she is going to share>

My top 5 targets for today:

1. Do at least 6 hours work
2. Do a bit of ironing and tidy ironing stuff away so living room can be used for parents to wait in tomorrow.
3. Find some time to pray
4. Make bed and tidy bedroom
5. tidy kitchen and clear some of the surfaces that have become clutter magnets!

educatingarti Mon 24-Jun-13 12:23:09

1. Do at least 6 hours work (done 1)
2. Do a bit of ironing and tidy ironing stuff away so living room can be used for parents to wait in tomorrow.
3. Find some time to pray
4. Make bed and tidy bedroom
5. tidy kitchen and clear some of the surfaces that have become clutter magnets! (a little bit done!)

liveinazoo Mon 24-Jun-13 14:01:47

<wishes had strength to chase bessie for a pastry!grin>

<hopes she returns with something yummy from her blogwink>

ouch adora ive done that many a time!

well done arti keep plod on there!smile

i went gp today and horrible doctor ive never met before demanded i eat meat with my iron tablets despite me telling him i veggiehmmam so cross ive posted on am i being unreasonable!

other than that to days ta dahs

#fed cats
#put recycling out
#fed kids
#made packed lunches
#s+s bathroom
#made beds and cleaned dcs bedroom windows
#washing on
#hot spot front room
#braide little zoo hair
#school run
<can you tell ds was up earlywith his sore throat by my chore level by 8.30!>
#doctor appointment<including 40min walk each way>
#late breakfast/ brunch/pig out
#napped<like glutted piggygrin
#folded dry laundry
#put more on to wash

* our foray into the wondeful world of falafel was goodgrindd2 wanted to help and i needed to add cumin and as i onlly have seeds i entrusted her with my beloved marble pestle and mortar<break it and i will break your legs<joke>>she lovingly ground some up and grated the carrot.together we mashed everything together with a brand spanking new potato masher and somehow we have bent the handle to a right angleshock-i shall be returning that to morrisons tomorrow!!!
i havent the patience for shallow fryin-someone always starts a fight and i end up burning either myself or the food,so i sprayed them with oil and bunged them in the oven for 15mins...they were excellent and very easy to make ,so much so that dd2 has requested be allowed to make them next time<one less job for me although i suspect eh kitchen may suffer as a result!ha ha

AdoraBell Mon 24-Jun-13 17:08:27

Zoo if I were you I'd post in Food-Recipes for veggie típs. I do know red meat gives us irón but if you are vegetarían you need some thing diferent.

Glad the falafels worked out Well, I may give them a whirl even though I don't like beans. Really trying to Get good things like beans etc into my diet.

Not much to reportblush

Morning routine, plus-

Got DD1 to put a load of washing on, I loaded the machine
Had my breakfast in peace
Did second breakfast for OH post school run
Thought about putting towels in WM but decided on another coffee and discovered the leccy had gone off. Had to do my coffee the old fashioned way, pan on the hob.
Emptied DW and put breakfast things in
Emptied WM and rinsed hand washing ítems, put that lot outside, kicked a dog out of the kitchen five times during the process of hanging washing.
Leccy came back on so towels are now washing.

I really need to Get the dogs showered, they pong, then Get some shopping and collect DDs.

arti hope you've found the time and energía to Get your things done

Ahem, Bessie, Those pastries were for sharing wink

AdoraBell Mon 24-Jun-13 18:57:51

Teddy Bear, biggest and smelliest dog, is now clean but my back is sore from trying To keep him still while using a cup To splash water over him. OH has done something with the hose pipe fittings and it won't attach. The other dogs got let off today.

Towels are clean and ready for haning out
I've showered and am having yet another coffee while I decide if I want some lunch or not.

AdoraBell Tue 25-Jun-13 03:29:22

Got DDs from school and dropped off friend's DCs
Went shopping
Came home
Brought in nearly dry things to dry inside & put towels out as too soggy for indoor drying
Made dinner
Cleared away
Un packed shopping
Sat down with a tea
Decided to do packed lunch in the morning as too tired now.

See you in the morningsmile

<leaves out extra strong coffee and raspberry filled pastries>

educatingarti Tue 25-Jun-13 10:32:06

Morning all! <injects caffeine intravenously and munches on pastries>

Yesterday's achievements:

1. Do at least 6 hours work done grin
2. Do a bit of ironing done smile and tidy ironing stuff away so living room can be used for parents to wait in tomorrow.[not done - will have to be done today before 5.00pm]
3. Find some time to pray - hmm sort of
4.--Make bed and tidy bedroom-- done
5. tidy kitchen and clear some of the surfaces that have become clutter magnets! - not really - maybe a bit!

Today's 5 most important things

1. Do at least 6 hours work (again!)
2. Make bed
3. Tidy ironing and mending stuff from living room
4. Get washing (currently in machine) out on line and bring in when dry.
5. Time for prayer (already done smile )

AdoraBell Tue 25-Jun-13 13:25:58

Ooooh, look at you Arti numero 5 already done, way to Go grin

We all over sept. just a bit, DDs still left for school with enough time and a packed lunch
I'm on my second coffee and have had some cereal
Still need to clear sandwich making detritus and breakfast things, empty DW and Go round opening curtáins to let some light in, among other things

I'll report back when I have something to report.

educatingarti Tue 25-Jun-13 14:04:13

1. Do at least 6 hours work (again!)
2. Make bed
3. Tidy ironing and mending stuff from living room
4. Get washing (currently in machine) out on line and bring in when dry.
5. Time for prayer

AdoraBell Tue 25-Jun-13 16:23:10

I seem to be unable to leap into action, despite the caffeine.

DW has been emptied and reloaded with breakfast things, tea has been drunk, too much coffee dehydrates me and so I was feeling parched. Curtains are open and sunlight streaming in. Swept up crumbs from kitchen floor. Last night's shopping has been put away

I could do laundry, maybe. Meh. I want to go back to pilates, will text the tutor and see what can be done. Need to get a bit more shopping, forgot a few things, and just generally get out of the house.

Zoo how're things today?

and where's that Bessie, anyone seen her since the pastry incident?

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