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spiderbabymum Tue 28-May-13 22:39:38

Have decided the only way I'm ever gonna get organised it to own less ....

I like the look of this

ThreeTomatoes Tue 02-Jul-13 08:37:50

I think I might give this a go although probably not as rigidly as every single day, as we are on the verge of buying the house we're renting so intended to do this anyway, fresh start and all that, but there are some very unrealistic bits of that list. 2 days for the kids' toys?! dd's room is going to take up at LEAST a week, and more than 30 minutes a day!!! Thankfully for e.g. we don't have a shed, and I don't need 2 days to sort her clothes, so I will re-type out that list so it suits me .

For now, I'm about to sort the kitchen drawer RIGHT NOW - although it doesn't contain cutlery, it contains random bits & pieces and has been doing my head in for ages. Will count what I throw out and report back.

ThreeTomatoes Tue 02-Jul-13 08:51:43

Wow, that was quick! The drawer looks amazing now!

Here's what I've thrown out!
- one of those bottles of smelly stuff and wooden sticks that we never used
- a lightbulb that i'm not sure actually works
- a set of thin white candles from a £ shop that doesn't fit in any candleholders we've ever found hmm
- the box that the foil came in
- £ shop bin liners that are so thin they tear as soon as you pick the rubbish up so we ended up buying new more expensive bin liners....
- a mini lightbulb that i bought thinking it would fit my lamp but turned out to the be the wrong size
- a set of clippy things for gardening, from when i had tomato plants
- a set of coasters that we don't use any more because they're all grubby
- a paper bag with wipes, salt etc in from some takeaway place
- a hoover part that i think belonged to our old hoover!
- a spare set of earphone rubber bits that are just too icky to consider saving now
- and some random little bits that i couldn't even tell you what they were- like,a button, a metal thingybob, plastic thingybob -you know the sort!

Here's what's staying IN the drawer
-knife sharpener, bottle opener, grill handle, ice cream scoop, can opener, pastry brush
- a set of mini recipe books that belong to dd (that we haven't used at all but were presents -will look properly at those when we get onto recipe books)
- cling film, foil, dustbin liners, sandwich bags
- cinema 3D glasses
- good coasters

man this feels good.

ThreeTomatoes Tue 02-Jul-13 09:24:30

I have just written a list to separate dd's room into 'zones'.
Came up with 15 shock
dd's room is really small but she has a ton of stuff and it's always a mess apart from the one day when I have a bit of a tidy (=throwing stuff into boxes and having a hoover). I have felt panicked and stressy about her room for ages, and intended this year to really get a handle on it - when she's not here otherwise she wouldn't let me throw ANYTHING out.


Well, at least it looks a bit more manageable, a bit at a time.

pumpkinsweetie Tue 02-Jul-13 09:47:02

Haven't done much but made a bit of a start, thrown away a bag full of crap from my closet and stuck all my hamster cages on fb to giveaway.

Next i must downsize my bed linen.
Need to start throwing the 10 things a day away and hopefully have a tidy house soon!

isleangel Tue 02-Jul-13 11:35:01

This thread has inspired me too (been lurking smile). our house has a build up of junk since we moved in after birth of DS2 5 years ago, and I have been inspired to get clearing.

Did the kitchen drawers, and haven't manged to keep to the list though, keep jumping to different areas of the house, so everything looks a bit worse now smile

Have got rid of loads though, and sold some things on ebay, and made enough money to buy a storage container for the cloakroom (or the cupboard of doom as its more commonly referred to), and i have managed to allocate everyone their own drawer to house hats, gloves, scarves and all the other things I normally can't find in the winter.

I'm now on the craft cupboard which has turned into 3 cupboards and the kitchen bench, and have thrown out loads of junk that i had thought they might use someday, but never will.

Thank you all for your inspiration thanks

ThreeTomatoes Tue 02-Jul-13 14:23:35

Well, I've redone the list to suit our house and including the 15 allocated to dd's stuff, I now have 41 on the list, so not bad smile
I do have a feeling it will take longer than 41 days to actually do it though (including days off at weekend...) grin

DearPrudence Tue 02-Jul-13 17:27:32

I don't follow a list. I just do an area that takes my fancy that day, and make sure I get rid of at least ten things.

Last night I did a corner of DS's room that had four big storage/toy boxes with loads of other things stuffed behind/between/on top of them. Looks tons better.

Well done everyone else!

ThreeTomatoes Tue 02-Jul-13 21:33:18

I'm not going to be following the list from 1-41, I will be cherry picking the bits that i feel like doing or that make sense at the time. No doubt the more daunting ones will be left till last!

ThreeTomatoes Wed 03-Jul-13 09:46:05

Bathroom cabinet done! (albeit it's a very small one).
Threw out old toothbrush heads that don't fit my latest electric toothbrush; an old floss; a couple of loose batteries; empty toothbrush packet; a rusty razor; the end of a roll of plaster; expired Hedrin lice thingy; expired talc...

ZingWidge Tue 09-Jul-13 10:51:32

hi everyone, I'm back with a new name.
less letters in this one - does that count as decluttering? grin

I did a bit of tidying an throwing out stuff in the kitchen and on the clutter mountain that is our hall windowsill yesterday, that was Day 3 for me.

I have sorted my handbag today, threw out lots of old receipts, tissues and a rotten apple.
that's Day 4 done.

ZingWidge Tue 09-Jul-13 19:20:28

I was on a roll today!
I tidied one tall bathroom cabinet in our family bathroom and chucked away a lot of expired things and bits of rubbish.
Then I tidied the mirror cabinet above sink, sorted toothbrushes, and got rid of stuff on top of cabinets and windowsill too!

I took me about 2 hrs as I was also swapping things round from upstairs shower room's mirror cabinet - which needs finishing tomorrow - but I feel I finally started the decluttering properly!

v happy with progress!

owlini Wed 10-Jul-13 00:03:31

Oh can I join? We are in a tiny flat and stuff has been accumulating again. I need a proper clear out so I feel like I can breathe! Yesterday, before I found this thread, I did the top part of the airing cupboard. Bedlinen sets sorted into a pillow case each so all I have to grab is one bundle rather than rummage round for the odd stray pillowcase. Towels sorted. A couple of baby towels, two cot sheets and 2 big sheets to get rid off.

ThreeTomatoes Wed 10-Jul-13 08:18:43

owlini that's a great idea, the pillow case! I'm going to do that when i come to sort the linen...

A few days ago I went through my books and clothes and took a bag to charity smile
Yesterday DP & i threw out some glass jar thingies that we used to use as candleholders. Not really on the declutter list but, still.

Also tidied & hoovered dd's room, so as long as it stays tidy hmm that's step 1 of making a start on her stuff!! grin

pumpkinsweetie Wed 10-Jul-13 11:57:14

Whole bedroom cupboard emptied of old unfashionable non fitting clothes, dvd boxes and useless toolssmile, just gotta wait for charity bags to come to my door then its all gone (don't own a car!)

Very pleased with myself just as i was getting lazy too !

ThreeTomatoes Thu 11-Jul-13 14:44:06

Just done the kitchen cupboard under the sink. It was gross. Threw away a whole bin bag full of various bottles of cleaning fluids that have been here since before we moved in, and some manky plastic bags, a couple of useless random pipes/other devices, an old dustpan & brush. It's nice and (sort of) clean now with only what we're currently using, and plastic bags bunched together in one bag instead of just chucked in now smile

ZingWidge Thu 11-Jul-13 22:58:14

yesterday I finished tidying and cleaning mirror cabinet in loft bathroom (we call it shower room) and started decluttering/tidying kitchen worktop.
if each 30 mins counts as a day I finished Day 12 yesterday! wink

today I cleaned microwave - inside, under, behind and on top pkus sorted tp drawere of bedside table.

also I started putting all my jewellery in one big cake tin as I walk around the house- I have loads. everywhere.

I'll sort them later. I need to figure out how to store them.

ZingWidge Thu 11-Jul-13 23:00:22

I'm guessing time wise I've done up to Day 14.

I keep finding stuff to chuck out.

owlini Fri 12-Jul-13 10:45:35

Threetomatoes I read about the pillow case thing on here, love Mumsnet!
Yesterday I did one of two junk drawers in the kitchen and today I did the bathroom cabinet. Very satisfying! Staying home with DD today( 1st day of potty training) so hoping to get more done.
I'm not following the list, just working my way round the the flat as I think of it. Luckily I did most of the kitchen cupboards a few months ago and they have stayed tidy.

ThreeTomatoes Sun 14-Jul-13 11:17:15

dd's wardrobe done. Took me a fair while - everything was just thrown in! Have stuffed a large plastic bag full for charity in my wardrobe, and thrown out a bag of surplus hangers and a few other bits. The first thing me & dd have to do this summer is go clothes shopping though, she doesn't have enough summery clothes! Or any socks that fit her other than school socks...

ZingWidge Mon 15-Jul-13 10:34:57

On Saturday MrZing and I tidied up the desk where the pc is.
the desk had to be pulled out as the tiny watch strap holding metal bit fell behind it, so it was a great opportunity the clean up behind desk! then tidied the top just to make it look better.

today I'm attempting to sort the kitchen worktop and box of baby bottle parts.

no idea which day I'm on anymoregrin

ThreeTomatoes Fri 19-Jul-13 12:08:37

Well , this week's been hot innit!! Been a busy one too so haven't had a spare minute when I actually felt like doing anything until today.

This morning I've sorted through our box of chargers/wires/etc, chucked out broken fairy lights and old cleaning fluid bottles, stuffed DP's mystery wires & plugs into one of his bags for him to sort later, and the box is now neat & tidy smile

Also looked through coats & jackets, 2 are going to charity, one in the bin. Sorted shoe rack, chucked my old pair of boots, found new-ish slip-on shoes that I'd forgotten I had, very happy about that! smile

Also hoovered the downstairs. feels good.

Still hot though!

ZingWidge Fri 19-Jul-13 12:53:59

I agree tomatoes, just too hot.

I've just checked when all my kids go back to school - they haven't even finished yet, that's telling, isn't it?

they will have 6 weeks holiday, we are away for 2.

some of those days we have friends over or they are going to grandma's.

so I have about 3 weeks when I can get them to help me - my plan is to do 1 hour housework with 4 oldest right after breakfast, they can choose which chore they want to do.

I sat down yesterday and drew up a plan that suits us.
downstairs plan done.

We'll sort their books tomorrow - I want to make sure that all school books are returned before they break up.

ThreeTomatoes Sat 20-Jul-13 08:28:13

Zing I hope to get a bit of a handle on dd's room over the summer, but tbh I think it would be easier to do it without her, she won't want to get rid of anything. Still, we can start sorting all her stuff into categories at least - I'm going to have to have a box or bin liner for 'broken bits/stuff that needs throwing away', a box for bits that need to find their mates, hopefully a box for charity (that's the bit that dd won't go for!) and probably a box or two for 'things that need a home'. Oh, and a box for recycling! It's going to be a big project!!! You wouldn't think it, she has such a small room, which is part of the problem really, it's not easy to keep things tidy & organised in there.

Yesterday I also sorted the bed linen, I have a few pillow cases of bedding sets now! smile

ThreeTomatoes Sun 21-Jul-13 16:31:40

Done dd's books today. Took at least a couple of hours!! We literally went through every single one of them, we're sending about 15 to either friends or charity, that's out of MANY but still, better than I thought. Her book shelves look neat now smile

ThreeTomatoes Wed 24-Jul-13 16:50:47

More of dd's room done - yesterday I cleared all the surfaces in her room of bits & pieces, ornaments etc, just all chucked into boxes, and then today I've gone through the airing cupboard that has toys in, chucked out a broken noah's ark, a sweety shop counter thingybob, old playdoh + bits, old moon dust set, toy cooker that no longer works... so the cupboard is now neat and you can get to everything.

Sorted through canvass drawers of toys -tea set & shopping set all neat & organised now (threw out old useless bits). Have somehow wound up with two spare empty canvass drawers now!

Also went through the two filing boxes stuffed with papers, most of which has gone in the recycling, one pile into her memorabilia box.

Man this feels good! Not looking forward to going through the 4 boxes + doll's cot + drawers of random crap though!!

Oh, also went through our medicine box and chucked out several expired packs/bottles.

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