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Baking /oven help please!

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StaticSockMonster Sat 25-May-13 11:35:51

I am today going to bake a cake for my DSs birthday. I have always used an electric oven before but we have had a new one which has a larger gas fan assisted oven and a smaller electric oven.
What would you amazing ladies (and any gents) say is the best one to use?
I am leaning towards the gas as I can get all the things to cook in at the same time but if its going to end up rubbish I'd rather do them separately.
OH is sucking air through his lips when I say I'm gonna do it in the gas oven........
Please help!

StainlessSteelCat Sat 25-May-13 14:57:28

Hope this isn't too late smile I'd go for the gas oven. If you are baking multiple items you'll want to heat to be able to circulate and so a larger oven would be better. Also, if it's fan assisted then that will mean all the items you are baking will bake evenly. If you cook on multiple layers without a fan then the lower items take longer. If you are worried about temperature or timings then reduce the temperature by 10 degrees for fan assisted and check after 20 mins or so. I've never ruined a cake by checking it a bit early, I have had to rescue them by carving off the, err, well done bits grin.

StaticSockMonster Sat 25-May-13 18:01:01

Thank you smile
Used the gas oven.
Followed the recipe to a tee. Burnt them.
Second time was better and managed to do some little cup cakes too.
Just doing the topping for the cupcakes.
I absolutely did not lick the bowl after whipping the cram for the Victoria sponge ..... <big fat lie>

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