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How to stop everything going into a black hole in my handbag!!

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Jemster Sat 25-May-13 07:44:28

I use a largeish cross body bag but am getting so frustrated with it as it's so deep I can never find anything! I don't use a separate bag for work as I like to know my purse etc is in the one place and I can just grab the bag and go. I like the cross body for when out with kids although I do find it pulls on my bad back a bit.
It's just so deep and dark though that I can never find anything quickly! Even when I empty it out before long it's stuffed with child related things and then paperwork from work, letters etc as well as random bits if makeup, handcream etc.

I also use a changing bag for 1 year old but often find I'm lugging that around when all I really need is a drink, snack and spare nappy. I daren't be without it though just in case!

How do you organise your bags and keep them neat, tidy and organised?

DorisShutt Sat 25-May-13 07:53:25

Bags within bags I'm afraid. I love my cross body but it's just too unorganised.

Like you, I still like a nappy out with me "just in case" plus I end up with everything else. I have different coloured make up/toiletries bags to help. I've also sewn a loop into my bag to hook keys on.

So I have a
- DS bag with nappy, disposable change mat, wipes and tube of cream.
- Snack bag with snacks and a bottle of water (I bought a pack of those mini flavoured waters for DS - they don't leak and are smaller than any other bottles I've found)
- my essentials bag - tissues, plasters, paracetamol, lipstick etc.
- my purse
I then have bought an A5 plastic folder for any paperwork that comes my way.

It doesn't lighten the load, but I then know I need the red bag for DS in the changing room. My essentials bag is black. Snack bag is spotty.

It also means that if DH is taking DS, I can lob the red bag and the spotty bag into a rucksack and he's good to go.

DevonCiderPunk Sat 25-May-13 08:01:17

A few years ago someone showed me their "handbag organiser" - a white fabric cube with lots of pockets etc. she'd spent £40 on it! So I added it to the mental list of "things I won't shell out for and probably won't get around to making."

However last time I was in Primark I noticed they had them in there.

I think bags should have a light-coloured lining, not the ubiquitous black, or worse still a busy pattern - makes it so hard to see what's in there.

Showtime Sat 25-May-13 15:56:32

I just make handbag organisers - mainly from cereal packets- doesn't take long at all, and I've extra bits to paperclip together when using a tote.
Agree somewhere near top for keys is really useful.

Muji clear plastic cases are good.

Urbanvoltaire Sat 25-May-13 23:58:30


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