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Help me - to dry my washing!

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WittyNickname Wed 22-May-13 21:03:06

Apologies if this question has been on here before, I'm rubbish at search engines (yes seriously - it's possible to be rubbish at search engines.. :\)

Anyway, I'm looking for tips on drying my washing in a typical british cold, damp house. I can't afford the heating or a tumble dryer right now and I'm out at work all day so can't leave the windows open much.

Also, my house has a problem with mould so I am limited to the bathroom and kitchen to dry my clothes in. Does anyone have any tips? There's quite a bit on the internet but what do you think actually works best? And what do you do to dry it? Any "wierd" tips?

Potterer Sat 25-May-13 11:42:31

I will second the spin speed of your washing machine comment, I had a very old bosch washing machine with a 1200 spin, it died and I replaced it with an AEG 1400 spin because it was the one they could get to me the fastest!

Sod's law then my tumble drier broke, it was a no name thing that had served me well. I bought an AEG (because I stack one on top of the other) and it is a 8kg condenser sensor tumble drier.

For a normal 7kg load of washing, say school uniform trousers and jumpers (I am sure we can all relate) it is only in the tumble drier for just under an hour literally. I know because the thing beeps at me and I can see how long the next load of washing has left to go. I put it on "storage dry" and leave it sitting in the heat. Then I take it out and run an iron over it all.

For a wash with jeans in it does take longer, up to 1 1/2 hours but I never do a wash with just jeans, it is either a dark colours wash or a blacks wash with jeans in too.

Having had 2 babies with reflux I couldn't have been without the tumble drier in winter. I couldn't dry clothing on the radiators and have that much water released into the house.

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