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Sofa recovering - help !!!

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BirdFromDaNorf Wed 22-May-13 08:40:09

So, we have a sofa, cost DH £2K ten years ago. With new covers and with some more squishy stuff for under our bums, I think it could give us another ten years of service smile)

Where do I go to get the sofa recovered? Does someone come to us? Do we want someone who is prepared to come for free or do we pay? Is the former going to be more expensive to make up for free visit?

Don't want it to cost more than £800 - any more than that and I think we may as well buy a new one. But my Q there is, is there DFS type stuff really badly built - do you get what you pay for with a sofa?

So many Q, sorry for them all, but really just want to get it done and dusted! Thank you smile)

quoteunquote Wed 22-May-13 11:16:22

DFS type stuff really badly built

Well if one of my children produced such shoddy work both their father and I would disown them, we couldn't cope with the shame.

It's amazing how bad it is, they work quite hard to make it so bad, it must be deliberate.

buy quality, restore, reupholstery and you will never lose money on sofa again,

check your local auction house, DH has banned me from going, as there is always a sofa or chair of extremely superior quality, going for a price that would be rude to ignore, I have a high turn over of sofas, as I can't keep them all.

I always get far more than I pay for them, and the cost of paying someone locally to recover, re upholster, and the fabric.

it's addictive, the thing is once you have sat on the quality ones, shoddy ones won't quite cut it again.

BirdFromDaNorf Wed 22-May-13 18:32:46

Thank you QuoteUnQuote

Sorry for the really bad grammar in my OP. It should have read "Is the DFS type stuff as bad as everyone says it is" but I didn't think about what I was writing !!!

Am going to spend my night looking at the link and similar. That's a really good idea! Thank you grin

quoteunquote Wed 22-May-13 20:19:55

I advice when recovering, go for something (pattern/fabric) you like(statement/or subtle) , but try to reflect the decade the furniture was made, take clues from the original fabric, the nearer it is to original (but new life) the more exciting for the next buyer. 60's look on 60's, 30's on 30's , and you will have your hand ripped off.

Have a look at all the trendy vintage shops online, it's not hard to emulate, you can do an evening course and you will be excellent before you finish the course,it is really easy, and you can do your own sofa as part of the course, but someone local will do it well, if you can't be bothered,

you can't lose money on a vintage sofa if you make sure you restore with quality in mind, I always make a massive profit, and get the use of it for a few years,

I have a fairly constant rotation of three seater and two seaters,I hate matching furniture, but they are all in tune with each other, I'm on a very lovely feather one at the moment.

since you tempted me to look on ebay, I have bought two, which were too cheap to leave, and remember to do nearest first on the search, then if you pick it up, you save money,

do check the auctions, as a lot of the house clearances often go through them,

If you look at the framework on a quality for life sofa, it's built properly, by a joiner, you can move it around, and the joints will not move,

DFS and the other shit companies, nail gun shit wood to shit wood, the first time you pull it out, to vacuum you move the frame work moves, and it starts to deteriorate, it waste of the earth resources,

Buy quality, buy vintage, restore,it's also very green and unless you have a stately home you will never have enough room for all your finds, I have far too many.

It's not hard repairing frames, just find a decent joiner, furniture person, but you will soon find it doesn't scare you to do a fix.

Oh I can't see spelling and grammar mistakes, far too dyslexic, this is a second language, and just don't give a monkeys, life is far to short.

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