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Anyone got a Dyson DC35 Digital-Slim Hand Held Cleaner??

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CrimeLab Tue 21-May-13 14:57:34

Would you recommend? How is the suction and battery power? We have a DC25 which is heavy, plugs in, can be a chore! Thinking maybe the Slim Handheld would be easier to use and handier for everyday and in the car? Most of our floors are hardwood!

PeazlyPops Tue 21-May-13 16:08:58

Yes, it's fab!

It is fairly heavy ish though, but much lighter than a "proper" vacuum.

The suction is good, it can be boosted but that uses more battery.

CrimeLab Tue 21-May-13 23:00:25

Great thanks

LegArmpits Tue 21-May-13 23:01:06

It will transform your life!

Urbanvoltaire Tue 21-May-13 23:31:17

I love mine grin

Mainly used on wooden floors, a few rugs, stairs. Saves me getting out my big vacuum cleaner. Also great for the car interior.

CrimeLab Wed 22-May-13 13:36:47

sold! thank you ladies!

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