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Soooo boring, but talk to me about pans please!

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wallpaperaddict Mon 20-May-13 11:44:21

I need new saucepans, I'd prefer stainless steel. I don't really use them often, as i use my Le Creuset for things like spag bol etc, and steam my veg in an electric steamer. Generally just use saucepans for making sauces or gravies or boiling up peas, potatoes, rice etc.
Any one have particularly fantastic pans? I'm bored reading reviews on Amazon now!

sparkle12mar08 Mon 20-May-13 12:10:37

We've had John Lewis Jonelle for about ten years now and love them to bits. Not cheap but we use them daily and they're still pristine. They will last you a lifetime with such slight use.

sparkle12mar08 Mon 20-May-13 12:13:16

The current equivalent of what we have is called Classic II I think.

wallpaperaddict Mon 20-May-13 12:15:03

Thank you, am browsing JL in another tab so will have a look!

TheSkiingGardener Mon 20-May-13 12:23:23

Why don't you go with Le Crueset again, either the classic saucepans or their stainless steel range?

MrGeresHamster Mon 20-May-13 12:24:02

I have Le Cruset pans... they are great! JL sells them.

kiwigirl42 Mon 20-May-13 12:30:22

we have Circulon pans, the dishwashable one. They are fantastic

PoppyAmex Mon 20-May-13 14:13:39

Another vote for Circulon - they are pretty amazing and they take a beating here.

ImperialBlether Mon 20-May-13 19:32:16

I've had some Brabantia pans for 25 years and they are literally as good as new. Easy to clean too, and look great.

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