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Flylady - how long do you spend on the detailed cleaning?

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Tournament Wed 15-May-13 15:06:37

I've been doing Flylady on and off for a few years. I can't say I stick rigidly to it, but I know I'm happier and life runs more smoothly when I'm more or less on top of it.

However, I do find that if I do all the prescribed detailed cleaning in the zones, I spend more hours a week cleaning than I want to, or than Flylady suggests I should. What am I doing wrong?

Tournament Wed 15-May-13 17:41:45

Must all be still hard at it grin

DinoSnores Wed 15-May-13 18:42:50

I do 15 minutes a day. It doesn't all get done every month, but over a few months, everything is done. I think something is better than nothing, which is what it was before!

Tournament Thu 16-May-13 09:07:14

Ah that's much more like it, thank you!

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