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bosch washing machine boiling clothes

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GROOVEYCHICK Wed 15-May-13 09:29:26

hi yesterday my washing machine was on a 40 wash and it started to boil wash and steam was pouring out
im waiting for the man to call back but has anyone had this happen and it was repaired or is it going to die ?

blue2 Wed 15-May-13 09:34:38

Hi Groovy

Yes, I had this problem earlier this year - thought I was putting on weight when all I was doing was quietly shrinking the clothes!

The circuit board had gone, and I had a reconditioned one in its place, and its been fine since. It cost about £100 all in.

Bosch machines are considered to be worth mending, I was told.

If you're anywhere near Farnham, I can recommend a man to come out and fix it.

GROOVEYCHICK Wed 15-May-13 09:37:00

thanks thats good to know im not near you but thankyou
better get down the river untill its mended lol

Manda472 Wed 15-May-13 09:42:44

Check the little door at the bottom of the machine-it's a flap door. If u open it a load of yucky water comes out. There might be something trapped in it like a coin.
We have a bosch machine and the exact same thing happened. I googled it and that's what it said to do and out popped a 20pconfused. Problem fixed grin

GROOVEYCHICK Wed 15-May-13 09:53:29

oohh i just did that and lots of water and a broken biro came out so i have put old tea towels in and see what happens

GROOVEYCHICK Wed 15-May-13 10:13:53

So far so good

Manda472 Wed 15-May-13 10:59:57

It's like magic wink

GROOVEYCHICK Wed 15-May-13 12:20:08

Well the 40 wash with tea towels was ok just a bit of water on the floor
I have just put 60 wash on with towels so watch this place x

GROOVEYCHICK Wed 15-May-13 14:24:35

Update . It washed at 60 but still leaking water put the flappy bit
I've unscrewed it again and it wa I'm properly
Off to wash some clothes next

Manda472 Wed 15-May-13 19:41:05

I assume u meant it wasn't screwed in properly- that was why it was leaking?
Glad to hear that it solved the problem grin

blue2 Fri 17-May-13 17:10:49

For future reference, my machine has a little hose pipe on it, and you can pull it out and then the water can leak out into a roasting tray. It took about 5 mins.

The when you go to unscrew the filter bit, you only get a few ml of water leaking out.

PigletJohn Fri 17-May-13 20:48:45


that seems to be provided on Bosch and similar machines, don't know if other brands outside BSH provide the little rubber hose.

educatingarti Fri 17-May-13 21:39:44

My Zanussi has a little hose - but it is so low down that it is tricky to find a container low enough to use it!

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