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What's the best washing powder?

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LyraBelaqua Tue 14-May-13 16:17:51

I know this is a bit of a strange question but I am totally fed up with my washing coming from the machine looking almost as dirty as when it went in. We are hard on our clothes and currently live in a very dusty house which is having loads of work done and I currently use morrisons own non-bio. I don't mind spending more if it actually gets clothes clean! Any recommendations gladly received, also tips on how to get clothes clean very welcome thanks

chocolatespiders Tue 14-May-13 16:20:28

I find if I overload my machine it does not clean properly

You may need to do a maintenance wash with an empty machine on a very hot wash with white vinegar in the soap draw.

I use Fairy and Lidl formil, I have 2 girls one who loves to get very very grubby!!!

alienbanana Tue 14-May-13 16:22:39

Aldi almat is as good as persil.

You probably need a bio washing powder - I've never found non-bio to be that good

Frontdoorstep Tue 14-May-13 18:23:12

I use persil but agree about not over filling machine.

Rattitude Tue 14-May-13 18:29:32

I got a box of the Aldi Almat washing powder, and I have not been impressed. I don't like the smell and it leaves some white residue on coloured clothes. I will finish my box but I won't buy it again

I quite liked the Lidl Formil washing liquid I got in the past though, and I do like Persil too.

somethingscary Tue 14-May-13 18:34:37

Is it just me or doesn't the Aldi stuff dissolve? I had to throw it away. Watching with interest (use Ariel but buy from Booker when on special offer)

MousyMouse Tue 14-May-13 18:38:22

just put the powder directly into the drum.
in our old flat the water pressure was very low, so the powder wouldn't dissolve and clog the drawer. but putting it in directly solved that.

Rattitude Tue 14-May-13 18:46:21

I put my Aldi powder directly in the drum too. Still not great though! My highest washing temperature is 40C though, so the washing powder might work a bit better if I chose a higher temperature.

LyraBelaqua Tue 14-May-13 20:10:35

Thanks for your help will give these a try. I have had the Aldi one before but it seemed to bring us all out in a rash, could have been any number of things though I suppose. Think I will swap to bio powder and give that a try smile

AnaisB Tue 14-May-13 20:14:54

dd and ds often get a rash from more expensive washing powders. i think its because they have more perfume and musks. we use tescos biological and i've got no complainants. i was using another brand that was cheaper, but after a while mu whites were greying.

ilovepowerhoop Tue 14-May-13 20:19:18

I use persil or ariel bio powder but only buy it when it is on special offer.

napkin Tue 14-May-13 21:26:37

I found persil non bio to be best and soak items if coloured only a hour in vanish before you wash. Do you use liquid or powder? Can't use bio it is too harsh for me.

peachcake Tue 14-May-13 21:57:53

Persil for me smile

MolotovCocktail Tue 14-May-13 22:02:15

I'm a big fan of Surf and Daz bio liquids - they're good cleaners and I'm a sucker for their smell lush lush lush! (I'm the weirdo who keeps sniffing the laundry when its drying, and loves to smell freshly-washed bed linen, towels, etc grin)

Showtime Tue 14-May-13 22:17:41

Problems finding something suitable for silks and woollens, so been using plain soap flakes, with additional soda crystals for whites or white vinegar
as softener if necessary. Easy to add oil or Zoflora etc if scent required and very pleased with results.

Rattitude Tue 14-May-13 22:38:47

I use Woolite for silks and woollens although it has become more difficult to find it in some supermarkets.

Rockinhippy Tue 14-May-13 23:35:51

I'd second the maintenance wash, especially if you've been washing extra grubby clothes as a result of the building work, you probably need to do it more often & clean your filter too.

We like Aldis non bio here & have found it to be one of the few powders that doesn't bring DD out in a rash, Persil being the other, but if its not dissolving properly it could be down to you living in a hard water area & needing to add a water softener too, vinegar, soda crystals or Epsom salts will all work for that

karinmaria Wed 15-May-13 03:25:08

Always used Fairy non-bio as I'm allergic to the others (well, I was as a child and don't fancy risking it). Luckily very happy with it. I tend to use soda crystals with each wash and do a maintenance wash with the crystals once a month.

rubyrubyruby Wed 15-May-13 04:10:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pudden Wed 15-May-13 09:39:18

Ariel bio; it makes the clothes smell nice as well- very 'clean' smell

Aldi powders don't dissolve for me either, just remain in a big lump inside the soap drawer. If i bung them in the drum, it leaves white marks on the clothes

amothersplaceisinthewrong Wed 15-May-13 09:40:37

Areil Liquitabs. I avoid Persil like the plague as it rots clothes,.

noisytoys Wed 15-May-13 09:41:27

I use Lidl Formil but about a quarter of the recommended dose because if I use too much the clothes don't rinse properly and come out sticky. It is great though and a big bottle lasts months smile

GROOVEYCHICK Wed 15-May-13 12:32:53

I use aerial and I always go back to it
The powder seems to smell stronger I find
It cleans really well brings the muddy dog towels up lovely

theninjabreadma Wed 15-May-13 12:38:24

I love Ariel bio too, find it makes everything sparkly clean but it can fade the colours.

I also avoid Persil because I find it leaves tiny pin prick type holes in my clothes.

georgie22 Wed 15-May-13 12:47:50

I use Aldi liquid which is great - Aldi washing powders / liquids came out best in a test on performance, smell etc. on a BBC programme last week. Didn't like their gel but the liquid seems to suit us all and works! Previously only used Fairy or Persil but no discernible difference other than price of course!

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