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Cast iron hob things...

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steben Fri 10-May-13 16:16:33

How do you clean them?! First foray into this thread so would be grateful of any help. Have just moved into a place with big cast iron hob stands which have a lot of built up food on, I have put them through the dishwasher but that hasn't done the trick.

MrsBeep Fri 10-May-13 16:32:56

I would advise a nice soak in soapy water. One thing a dishwasher can't do is soak, so overnight would be best. Try this before anything else as you won't want to damange them. Lots of fairy liquid!

KatyTheCleaningLady Fri 10-May-13 16:39:34

I hate those things! I am thinking of getting one of those large rectangular oven rack soaking tubs for soaking these. But, I'm not thrilled to have yet another thing to lug around with me in my car!

steben Fri 10-May-13 19:04:52

Thanks I will give it a go - on the third time through the dishwasher the gunk turned green boak

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