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vacuum cleaner for stairs?

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postmanpatscat Thu 09-May-13 08:28:34

My upright cleaner is a bit of a nuisance now we live in a three storey house!! Any recommendations for a small, bagless cleaner that's perfect for stairs? Thanks!

janey1234 Thu 09-May-13 13:03:39

I'm not sure if the battery will last for all your stairs, but I so far love my new dyson for my stairs...

janey1234 Thu 09-May-13 13:04:01

ps obviously use a normal dyson for everywhere else!

specialsubject Thu 09-May-13 17:49:14

if you have space, get three vacuum cleaners - get some ebay cheapies.

then clean each flight with the cleaner below - you must always be above your vacuum cleaner, it is all too easy to pull it on top of you.

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