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Domestos toilet gel

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Knusperspatz Sun 05-May-13 00:54:04

I absolutely love the smell of Domestos toilet gel in Ocean Fresh. I wanted to scrub the whole bathroom with it when we move to our new home. It used to be rented out to students and is quite dirty.
Today I read on the bottle that it's for toilets only. Does anyone know why I can't use it for bath tub, tiles etc.?

Grumpla Sun 05-May-13 03:19:16

Because it will take the enamel off everything. Then, when you sit in the bath, instead of gently sliding under the bubbles, you will end up sand papering your nethers.

I speak from bitter sore arsed experience here.

Knusperspatz Sun 05-May-13 06:54:58

shock Oh Grumpla thats's horrible!
Do you think it ruins toilets as well? After all, they are probably made from the same material as bath tubs. If the surface gets damaged, surely it would mean that dirt sticks easier to it, making it more difficult to clean.
What products do you use? I know white vinegar etc is probably the most environmentally friendly choice but it's soooo boring... I love enjoying a strong clean smell after all my hard work.

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