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Washing a silk top- do u have to use special detergent?

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lizardqueenie Fri 03-May-13 19:37:11

Have discovered a silk top that

lizardqueenie Fri 03-May-13 19:38:33

Ah posted too soon!

Have found silk top in my wardrobe which didn't used to fit bit have love wearing it this week. Just checked washing label & it says use special detergent for silk/ wool! Must I really or is there any other way around this? Will normal detergent ruin it?

Startail Fri 03-May-13 19:40:14

Persil silk and wool works well on gentlest program.

Neat biological power to try and shift sweat stains made holes.

lizardqueenie Fri 03-May-13 21:42:09

Ok thanks star. Will see if I can get a small bottle in the supermarket tomorrow then

orangeandemons Fri 03-May-13 21:47:48

Wool detergent is liquid, as the abrasive action of powders can damage the fibres. Also proper wool detergents have either less or more alakali than normal as these are gentler on silk fabrics. looky here

However, I always wash mine in normal detergent with no probs

Showtime Fri 03-May-13 23:24:36

I keep box of plain soapflakes for silk and wool items, cheaper than detergents as well as safer, but most important -for both fabrics- is to keep washing and drying temperatures low.

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