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Hob dead?

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lizzywig Fri 03-May-13 08:12:01

We have an integrated electric hob and oven - last night I turned on one ring, put the pan on top and heard a sizzle. I assumed that the pan might be a bit wet underneath, it wasn't and moments later thick grey/black smoke came pouring out from under the hob (seeping through the crack that connects to the work surface). I turned it off and the smoke stopped. I tried again later and more smoke. DH went down in the middle of the night and to try it again, he said there was no more smoke but the ring wouldn't heat up either.

I'm assuming that the ring is now dead but was wondering if anyone had any experience of this so I know what I'm dealing with?

I'd rather know if it's written off so we can just cut our losses and get a new one without paying out for an electrician to come out and diagnose it as dead first. Alternatively perhaps it's just a blockage of some sort or a part needs replacing...

Clutching at straws!

e1y1 Sun 05-May-13 21:17:21

It depends, the entire thing could be dangerous now. We had a halogen hob split level that was set into worktop. My grandmother switched it on and it completely caught fire under the glass, so needless to say it had to go.

It might not be worth forking out to fix it, for it to be unusable/something further going wrong with it later down the line. On other hand it maybe completely fine when fixed (depends on how much it costs and how long you have had it).

Probably not saying what you already don't know - don't know what would be for the best.

Jan49 Mon 06-May-13 14:15:09

You could try phoning the company that makes the hob for advice first.

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