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housework routines

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GROOVEYCHICK Sun 28-Apr-13 11:03:21

hi , im trying to work to a weekly and daily routine but if anyone would like to tell me about their routines it would give me some more ideas
thanks x3

Jan49 Mon 29-Apr-13 00:43:45

I'm not sure if what I do counts as a routine or not but here goes...

Wash up (by hand) at least once a day (no dishwasher here). If it's done last thing at night, leave to dry overnight. Wipe kitchen surfaces over after washing up. Sink and drainer gets cleaned more thoroughly after I've used it for something messy, about once a week or so.

Do a machine load of washing as soon as the last one is dry enough to free the airer up for use, so every few days. I haven't got a tumble dryer or airing cupboard but ATM I fold nearly-dry washing and put it in a pile on a chair by a radiator.

Tidy stuff away before leaving the house or going to bed.

I have a list of the main cleaning tasks that need doing - each floor (sweep or hoover and sometimes wash), plus bathroom fittings, and I note when I do it so I try to make sure each gets done regularly.

Bedding and towels are also on the list. I note the date I change them on the list so I know when to change them next. I have a small laundry basket per person (only me and adult ds here - he has SEN and can't really help with tasks but he makes his bed) and a large one for bedding, towels and anything that needs hand washing. Items in the large one stay there til I haven't got too much other washing to do.

Other things like dusting or cleaning windows or gardening get done when I have noticed they needed doing and about another five two weeks of me noticing this has passed!

I have a kitchen calendar where I note appointments and things like insurance renewals due and I cross them off when they're done. I also put lists on the fridge for shopping and one for freezer contents and often several more "to do" notes. I hate household tasks but love crossing things off lists! Hope this

GROOVEYCHICK Mon 29-Apr-13 10:59:32

thanks for that it did help
i am going to do little bits every day
yesterday i hoovered and dusted downstairs and changed the beds
today i am cleaning out the guinea pig
hoover mop and dust d stairs
deep clean kitchen
wipe over bathroom will deep clean wed and sat

DewDr0p Mon 29-Apr-13 11:40:55

I got an app called Errands which I now keep all my to do lists in, inc reminders about stuff needed for school etc.

Washing routine:
Monday - darks/colours/white clothes
Tuesday - bedding
Wednesday - towels
Thursday - delicates
Friday - swimming kit/school uniform

Housework routine:
Monday - kitchen, online food shop, bins
Tuesday - bedrooms, ironing
Wednesday - bathrooms
Thursday - dust/hoover downstairs
Friday - hoover/mop hall/stairs/landing

Daily morning routine:
Put wash on
Feed cat
Unload dishwasher (I find this makes loading the dw much easier)

Daily evening routine:
Put washing away (this one is crucial!!)
Tidy kitchen
Put dishwasher on

I also very vaguely follow Flylady in that I am usually trying to tidy/do extra cleaning jobs in one or two rooms each week. Although last week I tried a different tack which was 20mins in one room, 10mins break followed by 20mins in another room, 10 mins break etc. That worked really well for me.

BeCool Mon 29-Apr-13 14:21:21

I didn't really have a routine, but now I do.

It is:
1. get rid of as much stuff out of the house as possible - throw it out, take to charity shop etc
2. Wash up as I go or at least once a day. After washing up, sweep kitchen floor - it takes seconds & I feel like my Grandmother (nice)
3. Clean bathroom while DC are in the bath.
4. Get a cleaner in once a fortnight (new this).
5. Just try & tidy & clean as I go - so if I cook, I clean up. This is very easy now I have clear work surfaces (see 1)

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