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How do you find a good cleaner?

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RoomForALittleOne Fri 26-Apr-13 11:21:12

I don't know how to pick a good cleaner or where the best place to look for one is. I don't want to pay the price that some large companies charge but I do want someone who is reliable and happy to work around me as I'm being forced to rest after being treated for threatened pre-term labour at 27 weeks.

Merguez Sun 28-Apr-13 10:59:59

First ask your friends for recommendations.

Next, have a look in newsagenets etc for ads people have placed - or place your own ad. Do check references very carefully, always phone the referee up.

You might have to do a few interviews before you meet the one who is right for you.

I have never used an agency, but have always found good people this way.

crossparsley Sun 28-Apr-13 14:33:52

I hope you and the LO are well and benefitting from the rest. If you have friends who could recommend one, that's always a good way. Even if their cleaner is too busy, he or she will only recommend someone good, because good professionals in any line of work tend to do that IME.

If not, and I know it's a bit of extra expense, we used an agency and were very grateful when (a) one lovely cleaner had to go off for mat leave and her replacement turned up seamlessly and (b) we did have one pretty awful one. It would have been very stressful sacking her direct - just her face and body language when she gave us the keys back was enough to make me very pleased that "we" weren't letting her go. Ooh she was scary. We have had a wonderful cleaner for many years now, through the same agency - and recommended her to friends with nothing but success and joy resulting.

Friends' rec definitely best but if you can't get that, an agency might reduce any stress/anxiety at a time when you should be serene.

Best of luck

Sofia89 Thu 16-May-13 13:21:49

If you are in London I just used this company - that was recommended by my sister. It's incredibly easy to book a cleaner really quickly and you can just do it all online. Look out for some of the discounts they offer too. They were really good and I have booked them on a 3 month contract basis now.

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