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Minimal cleaning

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Jan49 Tue 23-Apr-13 20:33:34

Do you find there are certain household cleaning tasks that really need to be done reasonably often as otherwise the items or surfaces won't ever come up clean? I don't mean from a hygiene POV or just to look clean, just are there some things that if you left them for ages and then did them in the usual way they wouldn't come up clean?

I'm asking because I have just moved after over 10 years in the same house and I felt that some things got neglected - dust on the edges of the stair carpets (where you don't walk) which wouldn't come up clean just from hovering and a toilet which had bad mineral deposits (hard water area) and I couldn't get it clean. I'm turning over a new leaf in my new

BastardDog Tue 23-Apr-13 20:38:41

Many moons ago, before we had kids and pets, we lived in a house with a white carpet. Where the Hoover didn't quite get up to the skirting boards, over time the carpet got dirty around the edges. By the time it was noticeable, it was ingrained and awkward to clean. I never did manage it.

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