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Raising the game, now I've got time

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amigababy Sun 21-Apr-13 16:41:11

I've cut back work to a 3-day week, and finally have time to address the cleaning a bit better, but could do with some suggestions as to what's needed to lift things from "generally tidy and ok-ish" to "super-sparkly-clean".
I guess frequency is one thing - I'm a clean as I go along and see it kind of person, which seems to mean nowhere ever looks fully clean, just topped and tailed. And I have a 3 year old steam cleaner which I never got to grips with but would like to try again with, perhaps to tackle the slightly grubby fully tiled kitchen.
I don't mean I want to spend my new found freedom cleaning full-time (and can't, as half of one day is spent visiting elderly parent in a different town) I'm just seeking a few ideas as to what really makes the difference and gives that lovely fresh top range B&B feeling.


VitoCorleone Sun 21-Apr-13 16:49:36

Watching with interest smile

Ruprekt Sun 21-Apr-13 16:52:07

Maybe tackling one room at a time and really thoroughly going for it.


Tidy....throw stuff away
Empty cupboards and clean. Throw away old food.
Blitz fridge
Move stuff off worktops and scrub
Wash paintwork
Sweep, mop and polish floor

SilentMammoth Tue 23-Apr-13 20:29:03

Own less.

This really works!

educatingarti Tue 23-Apr-13 20:46:54

Yes to what silentmammoth said. Declutter ruthlessly!

SilentMammoth Tue 23-Apr-13 20:49:21


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