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What do you think of Artificial plants ?

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Gunznroses Sun 21-Apr-13 16:12:35

After 1 yr of carefully tendering 6 medium size indoor plants, 2 rather exotic! Two of them have now died. I'm fed up and don't want to start all over again, i've always thought artificial flowers and the like tacky, however recently i went for a conference and in their lobby area had the most gorgeous life size plants, until i discovered they were artificial shock.

I'm now thinking this might look quite nice at home, not to talk of no watering, pruning, watering etc bliss! So should I ?

FaceLikeAPickledYonion Sun 21-Apr-13 16:22:30

I used to work in a place many years ago with artificial plants, they look nice, for a short while but they accumulate copius amounts dust! Then they don't look so good. I remember painstakingly wiping down each individual leaf with a damp cloth every few days.

Earlybird Sun 21-Apr-13 16:27:03

They do collect dust after a while.

I take the few I have and periodically give them a gentle rinse with the hand held shower attachment. Shake off excess water (into bathtub), and let air dry. Put them back into the containers, and they look lovely/fresh again.

Gunznroses Sun 21-Apr-13 17:36:03

Im thinking of large potted ones, so i won't be taking them out to rinse iyswim, will have to consider the dust.

DorisIsWaiting Sun 21-Apr-13 18:25:27

I have a BIG arrangement in our chimnety breast (we avoid real flowers for health reasons)

Every so often I wash the flowers by hand on a sunny day and leave them to dry outside. (I've done this for the last 3 years at least with no problems).

DorisIsWaiting Sun 21-Apr-13 18:26:12

I don't see why you couldn't rinse a potted one.

MaryIngalls Wed 24-Apr-13 17:14:59

Can anyone recommend good ones, at prices that won't break the bank?

WildThongsHeartString Wed 24-Apr-13 17:20:49

Are you near a Costco? They have some lovely indoor and outdoor planters that look really nice. I have my eyes on a couple of the outside ones for the summer.

MaryIngalls Wed 24-Apr-13 20:24:22

Good idea, will def have a look there, thanks!

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