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Ironing Board for taller people

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fivecandles Sun 21-Apr-13 09:07:21

Please can you recommend me a really good ironing board that would be suitable for my height (5'8'')? While I'm about it, also interested in recommendations for irons. TIA

Runningblue Sun 21-Apr-13 09:42:43

Hi me and my husband v tall, we bought an own brand wilkinsons ironing board which is the tallest I've found. I think brabantia also do taller boards..

Chocolateporridge Sun 21-Apr-13 13:14:27

I'm 5ft 9" and I got a great one from B&Q smile

Chocolateporridge Sun 21-Apr-13 13:19:08

Oooh, forgot to say that I love my iron. It's a Philips Azure and I've had it for at least 6 years so I know that there's newer/improved versions available now too. It has a long cable, fantastic steam pressure, is a nice weight and has an automatic cut off if you don't use it for a while. The only slight disadvantage is the water tank, wish it held a bit more.

My MIL recently gave me one of those steamer iron thingies with the huge seperate tank of water but my iron is honestly better than that so I ended up giving it away (with her permissionwink ).

peachcake Sun 21-Apr-13 13:31:40

Brabantia every time!! John Lewis stocks one Brabantia make for taller people I think. I have one its fab not even used it on its higher setting!!! Have a look on Brabantia website at specifications. More expensive maybe but so well made, had ours about 15 years now and as good as new!!

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