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Car Cleanliness

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ShirazSavedMySanity Mon 08-Apr-13 10:28:42

I've cleaned and hoovered the car out and I want to try and keep it clean.

Any tips on keeping the car clean with two small people desperate to do the opposite?

Also please can I have some recommendations for those dangly car scented things? Or ways to keep my car smelling anything other than a skip?

I've tried a few but either they make me heave or the smell lasts for a couple of days yes Yankee Candle Freshner, I'm looking at you


AnonymousBird Mon 08-Apr-13 10:43:56

How old are the children? Make sure they don't have stuff that causes the really bad mess. And make them collect their stuff each time you get out of the car - we used to have all manner of toys/bits of lego/books lying around and now we just make sure it all comes back in the house. If they do have a biscuit or whatever, then they give me the wrapper or at least put it in the door pocket so it doesn't just drift around....

I despise the car scented things - they are vile IMHO. Maybe febreeze the carpets (not too much!) when you've vacuumed them?

NumTumDeDum Mon 08-Apr-13 10:50:59

I keep babywipes and a dustpan and brush in the boot so I can flick the crumbs out as and when and baby wipes seem to get most sticky things off. Saying that of course, my car is a disgusting crumb, mud and dust pit at the moment. If stupid tax office staff people would stop parking in front of my house I might have a fighting chance of hoovering it out. confused

ShirazSavedMySanity Mon 08-Apr-13 10:59:06

The children are 4&2. I swear we have half of the toy box in the car along with tissues, letters from school, books, crumbs, hair clips & bobbles, you name it, its in the car. I also have scratched CD's as they never seem to find their way back to the CD holder or case.

Fabreeze is a good idea for the carpets, and I have some in too.

almostanotherday Mon 08-Apr-13 11:08:04

Don't let DC eat or drink in a car which is easier said than done and at one point mine had a books, colouring book and pencils neatly in the back.

Now I have odd socks, shoes, jumpers, coats, mud, sweet wrappers etc.....

must clean out car today

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