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Stepping through April and beyond

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BlackCatinChaos Fri 05-Apr-13 01:17:24

Hello and welcome to the shiny new babysteps thread.

This is where we have a go at following babysteps, support each other and just pop in to chat about our day and whatever life throws at us.

Old and new members are welcome. smile

The main thing is to take it one step at a time! wink

bessie26 Sun 12-May-13 23:20:01

good luck jumping through required hoops zoo - remember, they have these things in place for good reasons, however ridiculous they are in your situation.

Your breakfast sounds like what I take to work - half a cup of oats + half a cup of milk + whatever I fancy & leave in fridge overnight. <yum>

adora - I know nothing about hyper mobility - is it being "double jointed"? Is there anything they can do to stop the twisted ankles?

Am struggling with house stuff atm - am very tired & have recently started doing a keep-fit class every week, which is eating into my time for "getting stuff done". Did list something on gumtree this weekend though (although none of the 5 people who have emailed me has actually come to look)

DD2 has been sleeping ok the last couple of weeks & my getting-to-sleep has dramatically improved since "giving up" tea (** excluding first cup in the morning) so why am I still so tired & unable to do proper joined-up-thinking? (I know it is late now, but am usually in bed by 10pm)

Will stop winging now & go to bed!

AdoraBell Sun 12-May-13 23:55:56

Bessie yes, I think it is the same from what I've been reading. I hadn't actually heard of it until recently despite being 'double jointed' myself. Last night OH told me that as a child he was told his knee joint moved sideways as well is the normal movement associated with knee joints. All that can really be done to help is to strengthen the surrounding muscles, so leg muscles for DD1, which means doing more excersise.

Glad to see that DD is sleeping better, and you too.

On the housework front I've done nada today as it's mothers day here. DDs brought me breakfast in bed and OH took me out for lunch, I'm still full but DDs have done food, managed to persued them do to cheese and crackers rather than a full meal. I will do packed lunches a bit later.

Scout19075 Mon 13-May-13 12:01:39

I have jumped back on the bandwagon. I'll update and respond to previous messages/posters appropriately later. (If I stay on the computer too long right now I'll loose my mo-jo.)

AdoraBell Mon 13-May-13 16:01:58

Glad you've found your mo-jo Scout

My back is hurting today, no idea why, so housework is slipping down the agenda.

Morning routine is done, sandwiches hurriedly put together and chucked into lunch bags.

Family shoed out the door

All upstairs lights switched off after DDs left

DW has been emptied and breakfast things cleared.

Scrubbed rust spots of the sharp knives from DW.

E-mails checked, text messages sent, sorted out which brand of canned fruit to avoid. Pears were so hard we couldn't cut them with a knife, but DDs had served them so I had to sort through the cans for the name.

I really need to go through my cupboards and plan meals but that means bending so it may or may not happen today. Towels and underwear need folding, I should be able to manage that once I'm done MNing

AdoraBell Tue 14-May-13 03:24:24

Well, the towels are folded but still in the kitchen. Underwear is put away.

Laundry has been washed and hung out
Picked up DDs and dropped friend's DCs home
Back home
Laundry back in
Dinner has been done
DW loaded and switch flicked

I may unload and refil the DW when it finishes, or I might not - haven't decided yet.

AdoraBell Tue 14-May-13 18:21:53

Didn't do the DW last night.

Morning routine us done
Family shoed out for school
WM on
My breakfast
Made tea & toast for OH and sat down with tea
Told OH that he had to look after all four dogs when he's home. not sure he fully understands
WM on for 2nd, 3rd & 4th washes, 3 hung outside
Put chicken in oven for later
Cooked plums and apples for a crumble later
Tríed To have a bath, water not hot enough
Checked e-mails

Now contemplating lunch, don't know what To eat thoughconfused

liveinazoo Fri 17-May-13 05:47:11

adora little zoo had hyper extending kneecaps as a baby<is that the same thing?>-she couldnt stand as when on her feet<supported>her knees bended backwards<boak>little support boots gave her the help she needed and shes ok now.dd1 and i are very flexibe in the hip joints<she can bend her leg so foot touches bum then pull the foot round to teh frontshock> so i suspect these things run in families adn some "suffer" more than others

on the flying front i need a serious kick up the bum to reroutine myself.
i spent a substantial chunk of yesterday fighting with a cupboard full of antssad

i need to popto the website and then start posting at least once a day as this commits me not to procrastinate!!!

<ps i know its early,ds has a "dress as an animal day" and will be doing craft activitites allday and we have a dragon that you step into and slide braces over your shoulders and he is very excited!!!!
next week he will be doing SATS and he is starting to stress over them-i dont think school help by telling them they will be hard and they arent allowed to use any equipment and have to be silent.hes only 7 for goodness sakesad

<<notices cats absence of late>>

bessie me time is important,can you not deligate anything to dh?on the tired front have you been tested for low iron/thyroid problems?

i shall pop back at lunchtime,hopefully with a decent ta dah!!!

bessie26 Fri 17-May-13 12:25:00

<give zoo kick up bum as requested> I need to re-routine myself too - sink has not been shiney for a looooong time

I've felt a lot better the last couple of days, perhaps it's just taken me a while to 'catch up' on my sleep? Thyroid was ok when tested 2 months ago & iron levels are always high (was congratualted on them during both pregnancies!), but will defo get tested to check if I get tired again.

As for getting DH to do more ? <snort!> He is very good at doing washing up & putting the bins out, but asking for anything else is a waste of time - for the amount of mess he generates, I do wonder some times if it's worth having him around!

liveinazoo Fri 17-May-13 14:11:12

<rubs sore butt and passes bessie a bar of g+b chocolate for the motivationgrin>

<wishes i had a washer upper and bin emptier-that said i agree men<and kids> generate ridiculous amounts of mess!!!>

<im so envy you have good iron eat my body weight in green veg,dry apricots,rememebering to eat a bit vit c with meals,avoiding tea/coffe and wholegrain bread to prevent inhibiting phylates.stamps foot!!>

ta dahs
made breakfasts<bagels with cream cheese adn dry apricots/banana>
mae packed lunches
helped little zoo get ready<bit tired and not in full co operation mode today>
braided her hair/wrestled ds unruly mop into a pony tail<makes note his hair needs a trim,we like it long but its tatty at the ends>
school run
grabbed milk/bread/cat food from shops
my breakfast in peace
hot spot front room
attacked cupboard under stair for an hour<beat a path in there,may need a few more goes but its too soul sapping to do in one hit>
cleaned bathroom
made all beds
cleaned outside kitchen window<cats paw it with muddy feet to get in and snort all over it and was disgraceful!-typically rained as soon as it was done!>
locate recipe for baked syrup sponges for pudding tonight and messed around on net for a bit
i am now going to wash the floors<hall,living room and kitchen> as both moggies have cleared off out for a bit beofre i go get the zoolets!i shall also shine my disgusting sink!!!!

Scout19075 Fri 17-May-13 16:19:28

I've run hot and cold this week. Today has been wasted other than spending a lot of time playing & reading with Small Boy. So not a waste, really, but not attacking the clutter & crap.

AdoraBell Sat 18-May-13 17:30:21

Zoo yes, I think the hyper mobility us the same as your DD. my DD2 can lick her own elbow <eeeuwww> and her hip was a bit loose as a baby but no actual diagnosis until DD1 saw the Doc a few weeks ago.

Bessie hope you feel better soon. I'm tired too from too much pressure trying to keep the house spotless because of selling, the 4 dogs and 2 DCs plus school runs with OH away for three weeks. I'm embracing my exhaustion and leaving OH to get on with thingsgrin

So, today's TA Da's got up and dressed
Made tea while OH moped outside the front door, dog's muddy paw prints
Ate breakfast, OH put yoghurt in a bowl and I chopped nuts,

Yesterday I tidied in the morning for an agent to visit at 9.30
Did some laundry-not much- then headed in to town on my quest for arch supports and bunion correctors for DDs. Picked up DDs, russled up dinner for DDs before out for business dinner.

Scout time spent reading and playing with DCs is time invested / not wastedwink

I'm very envy if that G&B chocolate.

We're off out to do errands and get food for a BBQ tomorrow.

AdoraBell Tue 21-May-13 03:29:02

BBQ was a success, house still okay afterwardsgrin I must vacuum tomorrow but the last couple of days I've just been keeping on top of things. OH started building a pen for the dogs today. Laundry is half done, no rush this weekend as DDs are off school until Wednesday. Need To do some deep cleaning too.

AdoraBell Tue 21-May-13 23:09:48

Laundry is finished, bathrooms are sparkling, plug sockets, light switches and picture frames are dust free. Kitchen looks like a laundry due to short damp day and OH has yet to find a home for the dozen steak knives & forks that came free with car insurance. He has finished the dog pen though so gets a gold star for that. I was going to vacuum but DD's school bags are piled on top if the vacuum cleaner, so I swept instead as was angry at everything I need to use being under clutter despite me throwing almost everything away decluttering.

DDs are back to school tomorrow so I need to prep packed lunches, do dinner and then collapse. Oh and put DW on for 2nd time today.

How's everyone else doing?

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