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Stepping through April and beyond

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BlackCatinChaos Fri 05-Apr-13 01:17:24

Hello and welcome to the shiny new babysteps thread.

This is where we have a go at following babysteps, support each other and just pop in to chat about our day and whatever life throws at us.

Old and new members are welcome. smile

The main thing is to take it one step at a time! wink

Scout19075 Wed 10-Apr-13 09:24:02

SB put himself on the toilet last night then pinched his bits and sobbed to get off for his bedtime nappy. He clearly knew he was going to pee but panicked. Have started over today with rewards and so far dry pull up and one pee in the toilet. We're going to do errands and SB has said he wants to take his toilet seat to pee at the cafe. We shall see what happens!

AdoraBell Wed 10-Apr-13 12:12:26

Aw, bless. It's all so new and confusing for them isn't it? Just take it slow and keep rewarding SB with stickers, he'll get there.

Mine have been shoe'd out the door, with lunch, and I now need to blitz their rooms. Had my breakfast already, blueberry waffles (shop bought) with maple syrup grin.

I'll update after the agent's been, but the kitchen is looking bee-yoo-tee-full today.

Scout19075 Wed 10-Apr-13 17:13:23

We seem to have made a break-through of sorts this afternoon. There were pees in his pull-up to/from town, but I wasn't surprised given the distance/time we were out. However, he quite happily sat on the toilet at the café, even when someone used the hand-dryer. This afternoon he told me "uh-ho, I'm wet, Mater's gone (the disappearing character on his pull-up). I need to pee on the toilet!" and off we ran upstairs to the toilet and sure enough, as soon as he was on the loo he peed. Wahoo! Later this afternoon I suggested going upstairs and he said "The flowers are still there, I'm dry!" and ran upstairs. Mid-flight he said "I need to poo in the toilet!" He did a pee and a poo in the loo (and proceeded to tell me he had more poo to come when I asked him if he was done).

Sorry, I know this is boring for everyone, but I'm home alone and the thought of toileting SB gives MrScout the heebee-geebees and makes him feel a bit queasy so I can't share the little triumphs with him the way I can other mums (I do anyway, but I can tell he tunes out because it really does make him feel a bit ill -- why, I don't know, but it took him six months to start changing nappies so to me this is slightly easier than that).

Other than toileting stuff I have:

gone to town to the bank, the pound shop, and Tesco
at Tesco we did the recycling and got dinner stuff
SmallBoy and I have done a shedload of arts & crafts today
we dug in the dirt
kept up on the washing up
chatted with neighbors, watched diggers & ride-on lawn mowers

Hasn't been a productive flying day.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 10-Apr-13 21:46:42

<Wanders back into thread>
Sorry about my abscence, things have been a bit full on here and we have had a couple of internet hiccups (hopefully getting sorted).

Scout You're not boring us at all. it's not that long ago I was training DD and we still have a bit of work to do with her (gaining confidence to go on big toilet) --she still likes her potty chair-- She is in big girl pants now though all day but I use night time pyjama pants as she still not cracked that one. I have just learned to be layed back about it all --after nearly having a breakdown for various reasons-- They all get there eventually.
Sounds like you are and SB Scout are doing fine. smile

Still in holiday mode here but doing hoovering and washing fairly regular. wink hope to get more done next week with the return of back to school etc.

BlackCatinChaos Wed 10-Apr-13 21:51:17

zoo we are also having sibling issues with fighting, hitting climbing on each other etc. Hope things calm down next week otherwise I may need to seek some guidance!

I do find though that things seem to be worse between them when we are indoors so trying to get out and about with them when possible.

AdoraBell Thu 11-Apr-13 02:38:36

Wow Scout, SB is doing really well, what a star, give him another sticker from megrin. My OH also doesn't "do" bodily functionshmm

So, the agent couldn't make it today, and I've been hyper all bloody day. Did 4 loads of washing, plus 1 of handwashing before driving into town to meet OH for lunch, arrived 30 mins late. Then topped up groceries as I was there, straight on to school then home to bring washing in, sort the shopping, do dinner and prep for tomorrow's packed lunch. Also plonked some beets in a pan to do that soup of Zoo's, haven't seen them pre-cooked here, and finally sat down at 10.15 pm and no, my sink is not shiny!

OH has made me a chamomile tea and I'm trying to relax before going to bed.

<wanders off mumbling about bloody estate agents and bloody selling bloody houses>

Scout19075 Thu 11-Apr-13 11:34:48

So far so dry, including a massive pee this morning when we took his night time nappy off and a pee & massive poo when we got home from taking MrScout to work. I'm running S&N club most of the afternoon so I'll see how the rest of the day goes.

AdoraBell Thu 11-Apr-13 15:20:12

Mr Tidy Up put the alarm clock away yesterday. He remembered this morning when he woke up, 30 mins late. I don't wake up without the alarm but wasn't about to go hunting for something which doesn't need to be put away when I went to bed last night. He was already asleep.

Anyhoo, I had already prepped packed lunches so only had to assemble them as DD were encouraged to eat up and get a move on.

Yesterday's towels have been put away and I'm in the middle of sewing buttons on various articles of clothing. Apples are baking. I have some seedlings emerginggrin, couldn't get sage so I bought seeds. Instructions said to sow and leave, they 'll grow the next year. But they've sprouted after a month.

We have fog this morning and I'm hoping we get the sun that's forecast because the laundry yesterday used a lot of the water, but it needed to be done. Everyone's linen baskets were overflowing. Oh well, back to buttons.

liveinazoo Fri 12-Apr-13 12:08:56

<wanders in smiling>

well done SB-scout you are not boring him.toddler triumphs need to be celebrated!grin

i had 6 whole hours off yesterday<sighs with joy>-dcs went with dp to see walking with dinosaurssmile..i lounged around and read/ate chocolate.was just what i needed!

on flying front<yesterday>
2 loads washing done,dried and put away
kitchen surfaces wiped
litter box cleaned
kids fed and watered<breakfast and lunch before they went>
fed cats
hot spot front room
s+s bathroom

adora over here vac pack beets are with salad veg?bit a bugger if you cant get them,although roast beets are yummy!

zoolets got back just after 7 last night,tired and hungry.jacket potatoes were waiting,along with a bean stew, and wolfed down in a frenzied fashion that could put pirahnas to shamegrin!they then flopped into bed and that was that!

todays tadahs
fed cats
litter tray checked and sorted
fed zoolets
hot spot front room<still 2 piles kids drawings/toys etc to sort later>
s+s bathroom
wiped surfaces
snuck in half hour t.v while kids play upstairs
made snack<my kids must be growth spurting,permanantly ravenous no matter how busy we are>
wiped outside front door<*scoutcat*insists let himself in by leaping at the handle and as he comes down wipes muddy paws down white front doorhmm>
wrote and posted a letter<had a bag revels with 3 "naked" raisins-i felt cheated of chocolate!
printed some maths sheets for the kids and checked their attempts

its dd2 birthday tomorrow<9> so i need to start think some fun things to do for the others to enjoy a sshe can be quite demanding and wont let anyne touch new things<dads diva gene>

will pop back later if get a mo!

Scout19075 Fri 12-Apr-13 12:30:33

SmallBoy only had one small pee in his pull-Ups yesterday, dry the rest of the day, and we were out most of the day. He's been up since 4:30 <<cries>> and told me this morning when he needed the loo. He's now playing Lego In BIG BOY PANTS. He wanted them (I was going to wait until after my biopsy on Monday). Eek!

AdoraBell Fri 12-Apr-13 14:05:03

Sounds like SB is embracing this new stage in life with gusto Scout grin

Zoo glad you had some free time yesterday and hope DD's birthday goes well tomorrow.

Not much done this morning, feel like I have the latest cold doing the rounds. Really need to go back to bed but I'm waiting for a delivery and no idea what time to expect.

Morning routine done, made sarnies this morning to fling in the lunch bags. DD1 was at a classmate's last night, another parent dropped her home just before 9, so that's when she had dinner. Too late for everyone and she struggled to get up this morning. Tomorrow we have a forced fun day at school to attend. This school isn' just a school you see, it's a Big Family.

Scout19075 Fri 12-Apr-13 14:32:40

So far so good but I have been constantly asking him or suggesting the toilet. But he's done a pee every time I suggest it. I wish I was brave enough to leave him to it.

I feel like I've been hit by a truck. SB and I have watched a lot of television and eaten junk. My brain hurts so much I can't even feel guilty.

AdoraBell Fri 12-Apr-13 17:42:22

Delivery arrived, still can't go back to bed as too close to school run now. Currently watching chefs on TV

Hope you feel better Scout

BlackCatinChaos Sat 13-Apr-13 11:20:39

Morning all, so need to get out of "Holiday mode" ! <still sat in pyjamas>

I have lots of washing to do today, at least the sun is out.

We all seem to be on the verge of catching another cold. Need to stock up on orange juice.

This may be a short and sweet post as DD is wanting my attention.

I think I may need to visit Flylady. <in need of inspiration>

Just gonna do what I need to do over the weekend and hope to get back into flying mode next week.

Happy birthday to zoo's DD < hope I have that right. x > smile

< Leaves party snacks and drinks for all > grin

AdoraBell Sat 13-Apr-13 23:01:28

Hope the birthday went well Zoo

Hi ya Cats i agree, do only what needs To be done over the weekend. We have a cold too, OH is asleep and I'm kinda cooking, potateos are in the oven and the bol part of spag-bol is on the stove.

Had a bit of a set To with bloody preteens DDs this morning. Getting ready To go To the school thing, they showered and left their detritus all over the bathroom, then DD2 got narky over the fact that DD1 had inadvertantly put the wrong towel in the linen basket. I wasn't going To go with them but OH can't get his head around that concepto, I'm going To have To spell it out for him. Anyway, i had a delicious beer there. A neighbour is from the Chec República and has started making Chec style beer, it has grapefruit and has a really fresh taste.

<ignores the party snacks because of already consuming a 200 g bar of choc after this morning's argy-bargy>

BlackCatinChaos Sun 14-Apr-13 19:18:10

<counts down the minutes till bed time> grin
Just about hanging on to sanity here! --don't care if that makes me sound like a bad mummy--

Scrap that they are tipping me very close to the edge!

<remembers the washing in the machine>

BlackCatinChaos Sun 14-Apr-13 21:05:32

Both DC in bed asleep grin grin

See ya'll tommorrow --if anyone returns to thread-- wink I'm off to play!

Scout19075 Sun 14-Apr-13 22:45:51

Biopsy tomorrow so I expect I'll be out of commission for a few days (notes from the hospital say no lifting for 48 hours). SmallBoy doing well with his big boy pants -- a couple of accidents but nothing major and it hasn't deterred him (he was upset yesterday and kept telling me he was sad at being wet but he asks for his pants in the morning and may say "no" when we ask him about the toilet but he always runs to it when we mention it). It's nice having a boy -- makes pee-ing at the park (with no toilets) easier.

AdoraBell Mon 15-Apr-13 02:29:34

Good luck for tomorrow Scout

Did the laundry today, only 3 loads so as not to use up the hot water. OH has worked out that the system is circulating the hot water back out and around the solar panels over night, so we currently only have properly hot water in the later afternoon/early evening.

Not much otherwise. Walked the dogs, after a fashion, did meals and then had my own walk on my own terms after dinner. Too hot before dinner so I went out at twighlight. Showered and sent DDs off to bed. Tomorrow's packed lunch is prepped, just needs to be assembled in the morning. I'm almost ready to crawl into bed, just need another tea firstgrin

BlackCatinChaos Mon 15-Apr-13 12:36:58

Afternoon all, < wipes away cobwebs >

I'm here if anyone else is. < sips tea brew and makes lunch >
bit late in the day but I think I'm ready to get started. --have been awake since two am--
I had a cat nap this morning and was almost late to pick up DD blush
also been out to do shopping.

BlackCatinChaos Mon 15-Apr-13 12:38:15

Scout hope everything goes well today.

AdoraBell Mon 15-Apr-13 17:15:22

Hi Cats

Just thinking about my lunch here, think I'll have an omelette.

Morning routine is done
DDs shoe'd out the door
My breakfast
Dogs fed
3 loads of laundry done, one still to hang out
WM done and ready to onload
Vacuumed upstairs, worked around pre-teen detritus today as CBA sorting it.
Just showered - waiting for water to warm up
Squirted Veet down the shower plug hole

Not much more needs to be done today as I tidied and vacuumed over the weekend. DDs wound me up so much with their nit picking that I decided to cancel the weekend and leave them to it.

AdoraBell Tue 16-Apr-13 15:25:50

Today the estate agent came to do photos, she was impressed with the changes we've madegrin

After my morning routine I had a quick whizz around,
Towels are washed and ready to hang
DW is nearly finished
Fridge has been sorted and cleaned
Case of Czech beer put away in said fridge grin grin
Dogs fed, leftover chicken added so I had to help Pirate guard her food from Teddy Bear. He's getting too big for his boots, second day he's nicked food off the Pirate.
Old bottles of sauces etc from fridge emptied and rinsed ready for DW later
I've had breakfast and am now on elevensies, a twixblush

I think DDs both forgot their gym bags today. Both left them here, but I'm sure they needed to take them today. Oh well, that'll learn 'em not to sneakily watch TV after I've sent them to bed.

So, how's everyone else doing?

Scout19075 Tue 16-Apr-13 18:09:11

I didn't do much today but SmallBoy and I went to the park to play on the playground and play Pooh Sticks.

AdoraBell Wed 17-Apr-13 02:01:31

That sounds like my kinda day scout

Quick update

Emptied DW and put emptied glass bottles/jars in
Went out because the house vibrating due to local army base testing makes me uneasy
Had a snack
School run
Shower - water finally hot
Cooked dinner- I wasn't hungry
Collected DD1 from classmate's house, joint homework
Back home
Nuked some food for me, DD was fed at classmate's house
DD2 realised she had neglected to bring me her gym gear when I did the laundry on Sunday, so I put the WM on before eating, at 8.45
Spilt food down myself, whipped my jeans off and flung 'em in the WM
Tried again, actually finished my dinnergrin
Decided to not bother cooking chicken that's marinating for packed lunches, they can have tonight's left overs.
Emtpied WM
Cleared away and out DW on
Made a tea and swallowed a multi vitamin, feel like I have OH's cold thanks Hun

Finally sat down, just before 10pm

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