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I am lazy!

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twoofakind Thu 04-Apr-13 16:43:02

I started my 'spring clean' last week, did the skirting boards,doors, frames windows. seems like Ive only just finished and it all dirty again and the house just looks untidy and dirty.
This is my house at this moment:

Kitchen, dishes and pots need washing, a mountain of easter eggs in one corner taking up half the worktop, dirty floor, rubbish bags (as my bin is broke) washing in the washing machine which needs to be hung up but I HATE doing that!

Living/dining: dirty plates on table toys all over floor, BIG pile of ironing taking up a 3 seater sofa, DUST DUST DUST!

kids room: CLEAN and tidy!

Bathroom: OK!

Master room: dont get me started!

Last week, all this was non existant. all was clean but this week, its like ive not done anything!

I do try to keep on top of things but it can only be 1 day and theres dust on the surfaces you dust everyday? am I just a lazy a**e!

I would much rather spend time with my kids than clean, as anyone would! but my husband comes home from work and I bet he thinks ive done nothing all day.....which is another thing I would like to ask you all to....all you SAHMs who have a working partener, do you expect them to do anything once they come home from work or is that your job, I know some people think SAHMs have it easy, but its not a 9 - 5 job, its 24/7!

Any advice for a frantic and maybe a little crazy mummy! xx

noisytoys Thu 04-Apr-13 22:29:41

Sounds like you need to declutter and have a blitz to get on top of it. I'm. SAHM and I do all the housework but there is zero clutter so there isn't much housework to do it takes max 1.5 hours to have it looking like a show home

wendybird77 Thu 04-Apr-13 22:41:13

Yes, DH does most of the cooking when he's home, hoovers when he thinks of it, does dishes upon occasion. I'd kill him if he didn't pitch in equally when he's home. My kids (3 & 1) also have to pick up after themselves - take dishes to the sink when done eating, shoes off at doors, toys and books put away, dirty clothes in basket, etc.

I keep on top of things by building it into my routine. I have one laundry basket and do at least one load a day, so it doesn't build up and overwhelm me. I caved and bought a large capacity tumble drier, which makes the laundry so much less work as it isn't hanging up all over the place. We've now got a dishwasher, but before that did dishes right after meals so it was never too much to cope with. Clean bathroom when kids in the bath. I don't iron anything. I often don't separate laundry. I don't dry clean anything. If something gets wrecked then I feel it wasn't up to the job - a thing has to earn it's place in my house grin

Mostly now I aim for simplicity and prevention. Declutter so there is less stuff to take care of. Get rugs and flooring that don't show every mark / minor spill. Keep things where they are used and put away right after use. Shoes off at door so less dirt in house to make dust / dirty floors. Toys / games with lots of pieces which DS2 likes to throw around are stored in a cupboard and we have a rule of only one out at a time.

It takes a lot of work to get things working well / organised. However, once you have a system it is so much easier to keep up with it all. I don't think it will ever be easy though, particularly with young kids.

AdoraBell Thu 04-Apr-13 23:14:43

You're not lazy, you are overwhelmed. My OH would like to do nothing and has had the audacity to say so too, but he's learnt the hard way. I do the laundry but if he doesn't put his socks and underwear away there's no point asking me where it is. He really can't get his head around cooking, but he'll suggest eating out on weekends when money isn't so tight. He cleans the windows, isn't adverse to ironing.

Start by decluttering. If you can't get DH onboard with this then he doesn't get any say in what goes or stays. Teach DCs to put away this toy before getting that one out. Sort out a kind of rota with DH so that he helps when he is home, yeah I know he works, so do you, but his work day has a definite finish time, so should your's.

Timetable the DCs, tell them after this job we can play for x time. Also, get them involved in little ways, wiping the wash hand basin while you clean the loo, passing you pegs for the washing, folding dry towels/sheets.

Give them little rewards for putting toys away, placing thier shoes neatly instead of kicking them off. It doesn't have to cost money, a hug and well done, you did X really well.

Do you live in a very dry dusty area? How do you dust, just a cloth, furniture polish, damp cloth?

Tomorrow try to get your bedroom looking nice, for you , so that you have a nice place to retreat to in the evening. It will take a few days to make it a habit, but do it for you and you'll start to feel more like decluttering other rooms.

twoofakind Fri 05-Apr-13 09:04:59

Thank you for all your comments...We do need to have a de clutter....and I'l need to be ruthless! Me and hubby both have lots of c**p collected from over the years, things we don't need....he's probably forgot half the stuff he has so he wont miss it if it goes 'missing'!

He does our ironing...and I do the kids....

My 2 year old likes to 'help' mummy, she hangs socks on the airer and dusts...and I use one of them yellow dust cloths and polish....on the odd occasion if ive not dusted for a while I use a damp cloth, then a dry duster.

My room as MORE ironing in there and a treadmill which is never used! so that takes up room, but hubby wont get rid cause he's only just got it and he wants it in our lounge/diner....don't know where like!!

I don't think I live in a dusty area, im in Lancashire!

Thanks for your help..xx

PaulaJason Fri 05-Apr-13 20:57:00

Nooo your are perfect housekeeping ,lot a woman call me everyday and paim for this job (spring cleaning) so congratulation don"t say "Am a lazy" smile))

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